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SWRB Social Work Practice Competencies

Student Self-Evaluation Table of Social Work Practice Theory & Skills.


SW Practice Standards

Level of Skill


Competence to practise social work with



Competence to practise social work with

different ethnic and cultural groups in
Aotearoa New Zealand.

Competence to work respectfully and

inclusively with diversity and difference in




Competence to promote the principles of

human rights and social and economic
Competence to engage in practice which
promotes social change.

Competence to understand and

articulate social work theories,
indigenous practice knowledge.
Competence to apply critical thinking to
inform and communicate professional

Consider the theories and models of practice that you have based your rationale on .

I have continued to be sensitive to any cultural needs that

have arisen among those I engage with (particularly tangata
whenua) on placement and have a deep-seated respect for
the role of culture in many peoples lives. I will continue to
espouse these qualities as I move into professional practice.
I believe the same fundamental principles of respect and
cultural sensitivity that I strive to practise as I engage with
tangata whenua can be universally applied to any culture or
Again, while not yet perfect, I have a strongly inclusive
attitude that does not prejudice any client based on factors
such as, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic
status, etc.
I feel I have been able to remain true to my values of social
justice and equality for all as I have navigated my way
through various scenarios while on placement.
I hope that I have made a positive impression on both
students and teaching staff. During my time at SSTS I
strived to promote the values of goal setting, optimism,
using a strength-based approach with the students, etc. If
even a few people with whom I interacted have been
influenced for the better than I feel my time was worthwhile.
I was able to shore up some of the theories and models that
I plan on incorporating into my practise. These include a
combination of both indigenous and western theory.
Through productive supervision sessions I was able to glean
some of the wisdom my supervisor has in this regard.
Through this process of self-evaluation and critical reflection



Competence to promote empowerment

of people and communities to enable
positive change
Competence to practice within legal and
ethical boundaries of the social work
Represents the social work profession
with integrity and professionalism.

Level 1 Beginning

Level 2 - Introductory

Level 3 - Intermediate

I was able make some gains.

Through my engagement with students I was able to
observe some positive changes come about with several
students. For example, one girl through participating in my
music programme made significant gains in confidence
which positively affected her in other learning environments.
I was able to practice with increasing professionalism as I
found the appropriate balance between approachability and
a overtly professional demeanour.
Through my efforts as highlighted above, I was able to settle
into my role as a social worker. I have derived a significant
boost in confidence in working with youth of this age group
which is of immense value as I contemplate starting a new
job where I will work with youth of a similar demographic.
Level 4 - Advanced

Level 5 Professional