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Pamela S.

131 7th Avenue CT NE Altoona, IA 50009 pamela.harshbarger@dmschools.org
Home: (515) 554-8891 Work: (515) 242-7788

Education and Certifications

Specialist in Education (anticipated graduation 2015) Drake University, Des Moines, IA

Principal Licensure (certification: December 2015) Drake University, Des Moines, IA
Master of Science in Literacy Education (2014) Drake University, Des Moines, IA
K-12 Reading Specialist (2014) Drake University, Des Moines, IA
Secondary Reading Endorsement (2006) Drake University, Des Moines, IA
Bachelor of Science (2000), Major: English Iowa State University, Ames, IA

TLC Instructional Coach CoordinatorSecondary Schools, Des Moines Public Schools

Orchestrate the implementation, facilitation, and evaluation of the TLC plan to insure
the proposal is implemented with fidelity.

Coordinate all program evaluation data collection and reporting

Monitor implementation data and make program adjustments based on findings

Create and facilitate professional development based on Marzanos Instructional Framework

Provide feedback to TLC Instructional Coaches

Structure opportunities for teacher leaders to practice newly-learned skills with peers
Reading Intervention Coordinator

Facilitated professional learning opportunities about reading for teachers.

Created lesson plans for forty intervention teachers.

Modeled best practices for teaching and assessing.

Collect, analyze, and report student achievement data.

Lead professional development each month.


English Teacher, East High School, Des Moines Public Schools

Implemented Iowa Core curriculum in regular education classroom for ninth grade.

Worked cooperatively with a co-teacher to plan and differentiate rigorous lessons.

Supervised three student teachers.


Second Chance Reading Teacher, East High School, Des Moines Public Schools

Implemented SCR curriculum in regular education classroom for grades 9-12.

Worked cooperatively with other reading staff for coordination of placement and
sharing of lesson plans and strategies.


Second Chance Reading Training Cadre

Facilitated training sessions for reading teachers.

Analyzed student data to determine effectiveness of course.

Provided training at the request of the Iowa Department of Education and

Heartland AEA.


Second Chance Reading Coach, East HS/Hoyt MS, Des Moines Public Schools

Worked cooperatively with reading staff to incorporate SCR strategies into

English I classrooms and into Second Chance Reading middle school classes.

Developed lesson plans and a teaching schedule for the reading program.

Worked one-on-one with students and teachers in the training of reading strategies.

Provided assistance in the implementation of the Second Chance Reading program.


Reading/Language Arts Teacher, McCombs Middle School, Des Moines

Created lessons for variety of texts using content area reading strategies.

Developed and implemented curriculum for an advanced reading class.

Implemented SCR curriculum in regular education classroom for grade 7.

Served as team leader for the seventh grade team of teachers.

Provided instruction for the 7th Grade Language Arts curriculum.


Related Experience

DMPS Standards Referenced Grading Task Force

Facilitator, Instructional Leadership Team, East High School

Instructional Coach/Mentor, East High School

Create and facilitate district-level professional development at Ruby Van Meter

Contribute educational articles to weekly newsletter, East High School

Participated in the writing, monitoring, and reporting of the SIP

Create and facilitate district & building-level professional development


Noelle Tichy, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning, DMPS

(515) 242-7938

Jeri Moritz, Director of Teacher Development, DMPS

(515) 242-7644

Steve Johns, Principal (retired0, East High School

(515) 357-4247