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TEKS: Students understand, make

inferences and draw conclusions about
the structure and elements of fiction
and provide evidence from text to
support their understanding
Objective: The students will complete a
missing part of a passage using their

2. Big Understanding
- Student can draw conclusions, identify
character feelings and motives, use
context clues, and make predictions.
- Student use prior knowledge to make
an informed guess.
- Students find clues in the reading that
will provide evidence and support their

6. Assessment Evidence:
Teacher will provide students a passage with either the text evidence or the inference and have
students fill out the missing part. Alternatively, the teacher may provide the students with
sentence stems to complete inferences based on the passage.
7. Opening Hook:
Teacher pulls out several items from her purse. Teacher will model identifying the item, using
prior knowledge about the item (schema), and making an inference as to why teacher has this
in her purse. Once students have been hooked through the teachers modeling, they will try
5. Instructional Strategies/Activities:
Model inferring through opening hook activity. Draw an inferring chart on the teachers reading
journal and project on the board through the Elmo projector (Technology element). Teacher
models completing first two rows based on opening activity. Pass out a handout with the same
inferring chartone per student.
- Divide class into groups and hand each group a paper bag full of items. Have group pull
out item one by one and make notes about item on their chart. Infer what those items
may tell them about the owner of the bag. Write information on chart as teacher
modeled. Reconvene.
- Conduct Read Aloud and pause 3 times throughout to ask students to stop and jot
their inferrences of what will happen next. Have 2 students share their inference each
time. If students struggle provide the sentence stem: I think _____ because ____.
- Pass out a paragraph to each student and have each student make an inference
independently. Once all students have inferred have them write a sentence explaining
their inference and draw a picture of such. Student will then share their inference with
their elbow partner.
6. Materials/Resources:
- Items for whats in teachers bag activity.
- Copies of Handouts.
- Paper Bags.
- Items for paper bags.
- Paragraphs for inferring activity.

7. Grouping Patterns:
Work in whole group during opening activity. Then split into heterogeneous groups to complete
paper bag activity. Convene again as whole group for read-aloud. Finally, work in pairs to
conduct share with elbow partner paragraph activity.
8. Ending Summary/Reflection:
Exit ticket question: How can you use clues in your text to make predictions of what might
happen in the book/reading?