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Working the Word

Matthew 8-11:1
Christin Winata Halim, Nadia Eliora, and Tadeus Azriel Kartawijaya

Jesus Heals a Man with Leprosy

The Faith of the Centurion

Jesus Heals Many

The Cost of Following Jesus

Jesus Calms the Storm

Jesus Restores Two Demon-Possessed Men

Jesus Forgives and Heals a Paralyzed Man

The Calling of Matthew

Jesus Questioned About Fasting

Jesus Raises a Dead Girl and Heals a Sick Woman

Jesus Heals the Blind and the Mute

The Workers Are Few

Jesus Sends Out the Twelve

Jesus and John the Baptist

What does the text tell you about the first century Israel?
They dislike tax collectors and people who are untrustworthy
Parts of the crowd adore Jesus, while others (like the Pharisees) loathe

What does the text reveal about the nature of God?

God is kindhearted and loving. He does not look at our social status (Matthew is a
tax collector), our nationality (Roman Centurion), or economic status (not with
rich but with the peasants)
God is our helper
God is our healer
God is our teacher
God guides us to be more like Him

What does the text portray Jesus as a rescuer of sin?

Jesus is merciful

How does the text reveal Jesus to be the King of Life?

He can heal those who have faith in Him

He can do the impossible
He is the one who can provide for our lives
Demons recognize who He truly is

Where did the events take place?


What groups of people were involved in the event?

Israelites, Galileans, Tax Collectors, sinners, Disciples of Jesus, Pharisees,
Sanhedrin, demon-possessed people

How did people respond to the ministry of Jesus and His Disciples?
Positive & Negative
Positive: They decided to follow Jesus, leaving their old life and their bad habits.
Negative: mocking, denying, rejection etc.

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