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a Jamaluddinug Woven = OS99F fram,the . _____afigagainaspireeser We are pleased to introduce ourselves as one ofthe leading manufacturer ‘of 100% export oriented Knit Garments. and WevellSbric in Bangladesh ‘Our headquarter is in Motijhee!, Dnalea and faeteryis lotated in Narayangong which is only 27 KM away from Dhakalirpomt We are manufacturing a wide range of products both for waven and knit Segments of Teatiélindustry by ‘ensuring better quality and timely shipment for our customers. When we execute orders, we pay highest attention to meet quality, specification and timely shipment with a view to retain satisfaction of our valued customers, The core business of Jameludcin Group started in 1981 with the flagship trading company “Tania Overseas Limited’ and later on, moved to manufacturing of export oriented Woven Fabric under the platform of "Jamaluddin Textiles (pvt) Limited! in 1994 as a part of business diversification strategy. The latest adeition tothis strategy stepped into manufacturing of Knit Garments along with backward support of Knit Dysing {and Kit fabric production in 2007 under the platform of "Zaheen Kritwears Limited * Gur commitment tawards customers , society and work forces includes improving & shaping the future of Ready-made Garments (RMG) sector of Bangladesh. With this view, we have set our strategic planning for further expansion of our factory fo adopt with the eontinious changing and competitive environment of global texte market and broadening our partnership with the business communities of export orientad textile sector of Bangladesh, M, Jamal Uddin FACTORY ‘CORPORATE OFFICE: [NATURE OF THE COMPANY: SSTYLEOF THE COMPANY: BUSINESS AREAS: NAME AND ADORESS OF BANKER ; [LAN AND BUILDING YEAR OF ESTABLISHMENT NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES ‘OUR ASSOCIATION'S cEamenay kyefile eodala, Madarpur, Bandar Narayangan) Te 880-2 7477409, Fa: 80-2 7687T89 sna terdhaka nel! raheenkigmail com 2% Disha CA 1th & th Fer, Motel, Da-1000, Bangladesh ‘Tes s880-29551127, 667334, 9571641, 951636, Fax 880.28864075 E-mail jude et esinsnbd net Website: worajaaddingroup om 4100 Exgort Oriented Knit garments and Wien Fabric Manufacturer rivet Limited Company Jamal Tati Lited Coating of ies eyes Yam ing Weaving Zaheen et wears Led ting, ying & Garmens _ Enivedaya Pring Tania Overseas Limited - Tete Leather Chemical ating Teale achiesyand Spares Trading Chemical for Pomerat IsianiBank Bangladesh Lined Foreign Exchange Carprate Branch 4, ihusha Ci, Ohaa-1000, Bangladesh ‘St Code: I2BLBDDHKUS ‘0Atresof Land ‘200,000 Sef Floorspace Tasia Overseas Uc 1981) Jamalain Tetes (Pet) Lid (198) ZaheenKtnars id ‘eon 10 2001 ,2TWA, DCCL, BRNEA occ ‘Our knitting unit is being operated in a floor space of 9100 Sqft and total manpower engaged for funning the unit is 45, By dint of quality, timely delivery and professionalism, we have become a reliable source of all kinds of Single Jersey Cotton, TC, Pique, Rib, Lacost, Interlock procucer in Bangladesh We have latest models circular knitting machines (Pai Lung) from world class manufactures having added features, ithas become one of the renowned Cotten and TC knit fabrie producer in Bangladesh We have latest models of circular knitting machines (Pai Lungyirom world class manufacturers, having added technical features. Our Machine Details Are Following stn] wuc Type Ge | No.of Feeder |aty.(Pe)| TR | Remarks or 2 54 oe (02 | Single Jersey 2 60. oot (03 | Single Jersey 28 ee or) ot 08 | Singio Jersey 28 2 oo 05 | Single Jersey 24 ve 08 | Single Jersey 2a ee (07 | Single Jersey | 30" | 2a 7 oa | Single Jersey 32" | aa oe “08 | Single Jersey ave) 102 10 | Singte Jersey aaa) 108 11 | Single Jersey 2ar2e 114 32 | singe versey 40" | zarza 120 13 | Ribvinteriock 32" | T0128 oe 14 | Ribvinteriock 36" | 18124 rz 15 | Fi /tntertock aaa) 1. 10 | Rimvintentock 40" | 16/24 80 a7 | Ribvinteriock 42" | 40/24 oe Note : All Machine are full feeder Lycra attachment 06 Flat Machine-14 GG with double bed (Kauo Heng) Our per month production capacity is 125 M. ton (Our entire Dyeing unit is being installed and operated in a floor space of 60,000 S4ft and lotal manpower engaged for running the unit is 195. By dint of quality timely delivery and professionalism, we become a reliable dye house ofall kinds of Single Jersey Cotton, TC, CVC. Pique, Rib, Lacost,Intetleck producer in Bangladesh. We have latest models of Dyeing machines (Fong's) from world class manufacturers having added features. ee sue Descition of Machine Brand (Origin | Capacity | DysingMactine 0 (T] Set Safe Kom | 12K? 2 | Wasting Wace 01 Set Stet Koa | 100 0g) Weseaer Ot St SOL. UK 14 _| Tunide Dyer 01S SDL UK 06_| Ovenner $0 UK 6 Ora meter ‘SDL TK F_| Ugit Ba Arable ightsouces SL uk ‘08 | Spent Probes |CompasrzeeCatr Mach) 18a We Bah | US @_| Dita Blace Ot et Fern Goren stn ‘SLA]_Deseriton oftarine Ot | FabieTurig Mecine Ta [ Weighing Blrce 8 [Cheek Ssing tine) Our per month production capacity is 250 Metric Ton, Desaton otnns SL#) MWC # Atmospheric Model Ne. No. of | Brand Capacity Condition Tubes. 01, [Wineh# 1) High Pressure! HS J 17 |FONGS, (02, Winch# 1) High Pressure) H Sd 17 |FONG'S 03. |Winchi 1) High Pressure] HS J 17 |FONGS| Oi Vine ga Bsson) HS) -2Y FOIE 05. Winch ee Eco-38 | 1T |FONGS 06. [winch a Amaschenisc | Eco-38 | aT [FONGS TT nos gape | tw | 3 rons 08. |Winch# 1 aaa Eco-58 | 4T |FONGS on fancir e | tose | 37 pees 46. [Wincha y] Atmospheric | Eco-a8 | 37 [Fons 7 Re | Aa we nee [eee [DT Sot Setfing Calender Heat set Machine O1 set . | Compacting Machine Description of Machine ‘Gas Generaio 950K AOI Sa ‘Ar Compressor sn00usinute x2 Unt ‘Wis Pur sue Se (Sa0-14Ke")No- 01 System ‘Seam Beer (62 Ts pneadeg Condessee wt Recovery ‘Wiser stering Plan 4,00 000 ists ‘Bfuent Teatrert Pint Our Garments unit is being operated in a floor space of 60000 Saft and total manpower engaged for running the unit is 450. Currently we have 6 sewing lines with oil-free dry head machine with the capacity fof 350000 - 400000 pes in a month. We have latest models. of Sewing machines (Brother and Pegasus) from world class manufacturers having added features Cutting and Finishing division are also well equipped with mast modern steam blowing and vacuum table ‘and conveyer J hand - held type needle and metal detecor. We alse have Product Development and Design Department which provides our customers not anly execution of customers given design but also with aur in-house new design andideas, Qur embroydary and printing section under garments unit is under consideraton which is aimed to set up shorty. ‘Our Machine Details Are Following | Descriptionotmachine ~~=C«Y”~S*«“‘éi a ral edi (Pan ac) = [ee _[ Two need Feedetti rm | tater | [es [ate | tr | [oe_[ —atonsiies der | [re oo a robe Fad or [oe | ive xis reas | | o@_] Two Newco Chain Stich | regs [to] Gleth Cutting kT [| en cans | rs —] 72 | Fusing press Hasina 73 | _RbCutng a 7m [ie [ce ee =e Teas ah Beamon [a5 [ vacuo being Tie Ls] EMBROIDERY : This unit is under process for Procurement, We are sourcing embroidery job from the best outside factories to fulfil our requirements. A group of professional people are engaged to ensure the best quality of the embroidery. LEAD TIME OF KNIT GARMENTS ORDER PRINTING : This unit is also under process for procurement. We are sourcing printing job from the best outside factories to fulfill our requirements, A group of prafessional people are engaged to ensure the best quality of the printing SQUID KNITTED First Order 7ODays Repeat Order B0Days YARN DYED RNITTED. First Order 90 Days Repeat Order 80 Days FLEECE FABRIC First Order 80 Days peat Order 60 Days Jamaluddin Textiles (Pvt) Limited started its commercial production with one of the modem and dynamic setup of personals and technology for 100% export orinted woven famisric manufacturer in Bangladesh in 1994 with a factory space of 60,000 sqft and 260 dedicated work-foree it has become on of the renowned Cotton and T/C fabric proclucer in Bangladesh. Speciay Twi, Canvas, Sheeting, Polyester, ‘Bedford Cord Poplin etc Weaving Machine Details: Production Capacity Name of MUC Gountry oferigin No.of IWC Ishikawa (Rapier) Jepan 0 7000 meter Saurer $400 (Rapier) Switzeriand m 3800 meter Tsusakora (Aejet) pan 2 6000 meter We are sourcing woven fabric Dyeing and Printing job from the best outside factories to fulfil our requirements. A group of professional people are engaged to ensure the best quality of the dyeing and printing POWER GENERATION : Jamaluddin Textile (Pvt) Limited has its own stand-by pawer generation system in case of power failure Two such generators are always ready to meet the power failure. mere faa Name of WIG Country of Origin Benninger Germany Samsung Korea Sizing Machine Details: ame of t16 CountryofOrgin No, ot We Sucker Muller Germany Rut Snitzertand ‘Samsung Korea ‘TEFLON COATING - With The technical assistance of South Korea, We have started Teflon Coating in Cylinder on Commercial basis for the first time in Bangladesh. Use of Teffon Coating in Cylinders in cotton Sizing, Dying and finishing industries is very essential. In fact, the Gylinder becomes unusable because of decay after long time use. In order to facilitate coating of the Cylinder, We have started Teflon Goating with the help of experienced fareign trained Engineers for last couple of years. The characieristics of our plant are one siep ahead fo your service, As to Teflon Coating, your association is most welcome. The following are the special features of our Teflon Coating Good Quality Long Durability Very High Efficiency Compentitive Improved Service Timely Delivery Mutat ia oPvs TeyporhMartet “As early as its infancy , JAR DDIN ¢ { sets its goal to be a.distinguished.enterprise.in garments industry, home and even abroad ad and as to/promote itself to become a d well-known name in the wor! | Our Target Market Product PORTFOLIO Bedford Cord Vil Check Print Fabric ‘Sheeting KibeSeop Contact Information Shahriar Chowdhury Md. Misba Huddaza (Finance! Executive Director Call : +88-01911-361-385, 01711-695903 Tel: +88. E-mail : zkl@msnbd.net E-mail : jutex@dhaka.n T647748-9 { huddaza@yanoo.co. in HEAD OFFICE Pra ter tel ene er ee aaa ca) De Uae Sn See a Ie eo ee Cena ee er earned Cee rates Coe ed coe eee Te) ee ee co ee ell