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Red Cross

Doctors Without Borders

Green Peace


Citizens for Local



Goodwill Industries

What They Do



The Canadian Red

Cross helps
communities in
Canada affected by
emergencies and
They help people
worldwide where the
need is greatest while
also delivering
emergency medical
aid to people affected
by conflict, epidemics,
disasters or exclusion
from health care
They defend the
natural world and
promote peace by
investigating exposing
and confronting
environmental abuse,
responsible solutions,
and advocating for the
rights and well-being
of all people
They help Improve the
health of individuals
While also Promoting
child and youth
They wanted to
oppose provinciallyimposed municipal
amalgamation on
seven Toronto-area

Located All over


The Canadian Red Cross is at work in a local

community planning for the unexpected.
They Also build relationships with local
government and make sure we have supplies

Located 70 countries
around the world

They run longer-term projects designed to

tackle health crises and support people who
cannot otherwise access health care

Over 40 countries
with headquarters in

They bring together diverse perspectives,

communities and individuals while working
together, they help stop the destruction of the
environment using peaceful direct action and
creative communication

Located All over


They provide opportunities for personal growth

and character development by providing
unique and contemporary programs for
everyone regardless of race, religion, creed,
ability or economic circumstance
over 600 anti-megacity activists were meeting
weekly to analyze government actions, plot
strategy, share information, and volunteer for
tasks ranging from distributing newsletters to
lobbying politicians and creating a Web site

Canadian law upholds

the general principle
that when it comes to
home purchases and
sales, it is up to the
buyer to find out all
pertinent information
regarding their
purchase. If a buyer is
unhappy with a
property after a
transaction, it is not
fault of the sellers
They Provide a nonprofit social enterprise

Located in the City Of


Located in Canada

Located All over

This leads many home buyers to hire

inspectors prior to finalizing a purchase. Home
inspectors can search and review a property,
thereby giving buyers all the information they
need before deciding.

Goodwill likes to help meet the needs of all job

that provides work

opportunities and skills
development for those
who face barriers to

Located throughout

seekers, including programs for youth, seniors,

veterans, and people with disabilities, criminal
backgrounds and other specialized needs

Street Kids International

They work across

borders to help street
kids help themselves


They strive to help street youth worldwide

develop business skills and health knowledge
to better their lives

National Association for

the Advancement of
Colored People

They work to ensure

the political,
educational, social,
and economic equality
of rights are of all
persons and to
eliminate race-based

Located all Over


They help to ensure the political, educational,

social, and economic equality of all citizens


They work to mobilize

the power of people
against poverty. And
Womens rights /
overcoming inequality

They have 17 Oxfam

affiliates working in
more than 90

International PEN

They campaign on
behalf of writers
across the globe who
are persecuted,
harassed and attacked
for what they have

Located across the


They support and facilitate womens leadership

in partner organizations and communities that:
address the root causes of local poverty while
also helping women and men gain more secure
incomes, greater access to water, basic
healthcare and education, and address barriers
to development
They provide intensive training to over 50
teachers through its mentoring network

Amnesty International

They undertake
research and action
focused on preventing
and ending grave
abuses of the rights to
physical and mental

Located around the


They take all kinds of actions from signing

online and offline letters and petitions, holding
public demonstrations, meeting with local MPs
and getting local media attention to critical