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s Loader Backhoe Operators Manual This symbol means ATTENTION! BECOME ALERT! YOUR SAFETYTS INVOLVED. The message that follows the symbol ‘contains portant information about your sefey. Carey road Ie message. Make sure you fully understand the causes of possiseinjary or eat Soa IF THIS MACHINE IS USED BY AN EMPLOYEE, 'S LOANED, OR 18 RENTED, MAKE SURE THAT THE OPERATOR UNDERSTANDS THE TWO INSTRUCTIONS BELOW. BEFORE THE OPERATOR STARTS THE ENGINE: GIVE INSTRUCTIONS TO THE OPERATOR ON SAFE AND CORRECT ‘OPERATOR'S MANUAL FOR THis MACHINE. . A WARNING IMPROPER OPCHATIONOF THIS HACHINE CANCAUSE RIURYORGERTT BEFORE STARTING THE ENGINE, 00 THE FOLLOWING 4. READ THe OPERATOR'S MANUAL 2 READ ALL SAFETY DECALS ON THE MACHINE. & GLEAR THE AREA OF OTHER PERSONS. [LEARN AND PRACTICE SAFE USE OF MACHINE CONTROLS INA SAFE, IPLEAR AREA BEFORE YOU OPERATE THIS ACHING ON A J09 SITE iia your repent ocbsene pein ave andsemiaions anda frarclacurers narcsons cn machin cperchon ana nactonanse, See your autores Case ceaerforadaonal operator iogs, anc serves nanvels, ‘TABLE OF CONTENTS TOTHE OWNER RIGHT LEFT. FT Ab REAR GF ACNE IDENTIFICATION NUUBERS MACHINE COMPONENTS, sarery SAFETY BEFORE Penni eine OPERATION PARKING THE MACHINE BUR PREVENTION FRE OR EXPLOSION Fi HAWTENAN: TAEELS AND TES HANTENANCE ROLLOVER PROTECTIVE STRUCIUE (AST OUCTLE RON SAFETY DECKS ALS! HAND SeNALS ii INSTRUMENTS AND CONTROLS LoADeR CONTA ROKHDE CONTROLS Wit FOOT SiN BACKHOE CONTROLS WT HAND SWING EXTENDAHOE CONTROL WITH FOOT SWING EXTENDAHOE COVTFOLS WITH HNO SWING AUXUARY ATTACHMENT CONTROX FOREACKNGES sTaNoaRo seat SUSPENSION SEAT SEAT BELTS AB CONTLS i Eaiopd) ‘OFcRATNG INSTRUCTIONS RUN PERIOD OF ANEW AG ENGNE OPERATION ENGNE STARTING ADS, MACHINE OPERATION TOWING & 1SABLED MAGN (OPERATING N COLD WEATHER DPERATING I HOT WEATHER {oADER OPERATION BACKHOE OPERATION Scogh wee. SES upacaTion anTENANCE CHARTS (GENERAL SAFETY BEFORE You SERIE ENGR HOURVETER = SUPPORT STRUT FOR OABER LUFT AAS FLUOS ANDLUDRICANTS LUeeIGATONUANTENAACE Cid SYSTEWSARD LUGRICATION ANALYSIS POG ENIFONMENT LWBRICeTIONLTERSILUIDS. ‘OPENING THE ENGNE HOOD LOADER GAEASEFTT@GS BACKHOE GREASE FITTINGS FLUOLEVaLS ALENT AB TEAPERATURE RANGES ENGINE OL RECOAMIENOATIONS ENGINE SERVICE SPECEICATIONS ENGINE COOLNG SYSiEN OESEL FUELSYSTEN sroaxLLiC syste "TRANGMSION FAR MLE owt oun Wize Bie A CABAIR FTE WADITENANGE AND ADJUSTUENTS LOADER RETURN TOG ADIUSTHENT FAN DAVE BELT REPLAGEMENT PLASTIC AND RESIPARTS ‘SPARK ARRESTER MUFFLER EGUPPED) FIDE CONTROL ACCUMULATOR (CAB AR CONDATIONNG FOLLOVER PROTECTIVE STaUGTURE FRE EXTINQUSHER. uecrmiga. ysTEM BATTERIES Une REPLAGEENT INSTRUMENT CLUSTE FUSES ‘ie aa i 15, ns 18 he 1 120 121 16 185 188 10 163 165 167 8 3 10 ce cine STORAGE REMOVAL FROM STORAGE SPECFIOATIONS “asl oF COMETS SOL SPECIFICATIONS ENGINE DATA- Sa sour ToRGUES AMIN REL VALVE PRESSURES” aL ‘TRAVEL SPEEDS sot (OPERATING WEIGHTS Se ORDER BUCKETS sen. BACKHOE BLOKETS se BASIC MACHINE omENSONS 50. LOADER OPERATING DATA AND OMENS. SL BACKHOE OPERATING OATA AND DIVENSIONS S80. BACKHOE LIF CAPAGAY oa BACKHOE LIFT CAPACITY 0.) EXTENDALOE OPERATING DATA AND DENG 58L EXTENORHOE LIFT CAPACITY “RETRACTED SeoL EXTENORHOE LIFT CAPACITY -EXTENDED SL EXTENOAHOE FT CAPACITY “58. (20 SPECIRCATIONS S80 SUPER L ENGINE DATA 660 SUPER L Bout ronaues ANI RELIEF VALVE PRESSES” 5 SUPER TRAVEL SPEEDS 0 SUPER L OPERATING Weis 580 SUPER LOADER SUCKETS- S60 SUPER L BACKROE BUCKETS. sen SUPER BASIC MACHINE MENSIONS -Se0 SUPER ‘LOADER OPERATING OATA AND OMENSIONS S60 SUPE ‘BACKHOE OPERATIVG DATA RAD DIMENSIONS 89 SUPER L BACKHOE LIFT CAPACITY $0 SUPER BACKHOE LIFT CAPACITY 589 SUPER Li) EXTENOAHOE OPERATING DATA AND ONENSING 865 SUPER EXTENOAHOE FT CAPACITY RETRACTED se SUPER EXTENOAHOELIFT CAPAGTY “EXTENDED 50 SUPER L EXTENOAHOE LIFT CAPACITY -560 SUPER L (2D) SPEGFICATIONS 80 SUPERL ENGINE DATA" 55 SUPER L BOLT TORQUES AAW REL VALVE PRESSURES” on SUPER TRAVE. SPEEDS 590 SUPER L (OPERATING WEIGHTS 500 sUPGAL {LOADER BUCKETS 880 SUPER L BnoKROE BUCKETS. 500 SUPER 0 1 tet ot 7] 185 188 0 6 198 383 ae ‘a eo ie aia zs 2 2 28 21 Ey 2 me 28 BASIC MACHINE DIMENSIONS -590 SUPER L LOADER OPERATING DATA AND OMENSIONS id SUPER BACKGOE OPERATING DATA ANO DMENSIONS 520SUPERL BACKHOE LIFT CAPACITY a0 SUPER L [EXTENDAO= OPERATING DATA ND DENSIONS 0 SUPER EXTENDAHOE LIFT CAPAGTY -RETRACTEDSD0 SUPER L J) BXTENDAHOE LFT CAPACrTY EXTENDED see SUPER L EXTENOAHOE IFT CAPACITY 500 SUPER L AFTER DELERY CHECK ALPHABETICAL NOE an TO THE OWNER on This anual contins inpcantifomaton stout te sale operation, aust ae sarice an aionance ef your Case mace. Do not eperat ce parm anyone bat ‘25610 apeae or sono his mache nt you oth oh porsons hae ea the 26 ‘manual Usa oy rao operators fo have emanated te abt 10 Oprate aed 28 Soc hsmactine comely an say, i, 2 185,287 2 “Ths mactine, with standard atacerts a equipment, Ie keene to be wed for tlw grund lev aging ad genoa eantmoung purposes, such 28 rencwng, fuckleaang, ard mata trending q oO backhoe sto be used to toads, for safety purposes i is recommended that he machine propety equ. Cotact your Case dear arg stl & “L088 oking Coto Devs” on your machin boom cy. This system events he ‘uae oweting fe loadin tha ever of false oa ya ose, ee ng ip te boom hyraue sytem, Suc a fare can cause personaly or doa ead Lg i the Backs" in tis mar and fol te nebucion and sey precaution, Soe page 108, Do net uo this machine for any apaatonc purpose other han those described in ‘hs manual Urautoraed dtc oan cause serous ny or ath, Aone raking sich wound modteaton is resparsie forthe onsamuentss. ‘This operator’ manual ise sora othe cepa in ont ofthe stoeng| wh! ad is aad wih anya Mak sets mara ico an mgood ‘elon. Cort your Cas doles obtain adatna mares, Contst your auherzs Cato door any furor ifeaation stots machine ‘You Cate dolor has gerne Case pas nd servos eh your uname (uaty and Perermance. ‘case Corporation Pacino, USA, To THE OWNER. AFTER DELIVERY CHECK Fens etc ae reerencte ren onccyn OD euanons copys rhe cir Hak suet yeur dale coes he Ar Daley hock the Wot 20 roure of machine operation NOTE: Your cost er his pocton wil be ers oer ter accesories. te tale comccto your mactre, tare abo be act forbs fms aed deta RIGHT, LEFT, FRONT AND REAR OF MACHINE ‘Rgnithand and et hare For, ad ear, when used thi man nd te ht And lt ses ofthe mastine ben rom the operas soa, Backhoe ® 5. Right sand Basic Machine and Loader @ Lot ans 2 Font ® | ake o 1. tether 2Fron 2.-RlghiHend 4. Rear oe a _TOTHE OWNER IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS Wit the Prout leniaen Nuerbe (PL) an the engine sei umber on Tinos provide below If recdea ive these numb o our Case del hen you ac pst or iformason for our machine Kap a ocot bose ambos and your Maracturers Salmon of Og na sal lane Whe machine sen, epow Ne ‘ros o youl law eroreomen agency MACHINE MODEL NUMBER PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION NUMBER — ENGINE SERIAL NUMBER, OPS CAB OPS CANOPY —_ ‘TRANSMISSION _ FEAR AXLE FRONT DRIVE AXLE (Four Whos! Dive Machines) “418-1 LOADER BUCKET Pant Nrbar) ‘STANDARD LOADER BUCKET (Part Nurber) BACKHOE BUCKET (Par urbe) Engine Serial Number TOTHE OWNER ToTHE OWNER oe a cae eee s ome ene Front Drive Axle (Four Whee! Drive Machines) ‘44in-t Loader Bucket (Part Number) —_ ee TOTHEOWNER _—__ __TOTHE OWNER MACHINE COMPONENTS Ce MACHINE COMPONENTS (Cont'd) ‘Londo Comve® 2 Lander Lit rms 9. Stabiter srot 3.800m 2 Backhoe Controls 4 Extendable Dpper C@ TOTHEOWNER — _ _ TOTHE OWNER MACHINE COMPONENTS (Cont'd) ) MACHINE COMPONENTS (Cont'd) S Fuel Tah snd Sep ~ 5 wSe a Beanie Tork 2: ROPS cob 4: Standard Loader Bucket 4 Baty Box ne cc TOTHEOWNER —__ — ‘SAFETY / DECALS / HAND SIGNALS Ce AX sarerveuies Z\ st scaéens nicking machice epsilon and maintenance can be avoid by folowing bac rubs and precawene, Raa a unettand lhe ay messages inh rary, tho Esl Salty Manual nd he sftydacl on he machine Blo {ou onal or sre he mine. Sao your Autharase Cate Gea or he C208 emotion # you have any questions Ao 1s mun, counterey rae yo sm Done rer fey eee re Scherer mo Senos = 1. Operator's Manual Storage fren pune cnteta cme say nenapeinte mn ptton. Soe ose ao Susan cereal Pei ea es Sa eset pion ol sega ne ate Fm ae ce ((@ Some Sees Sipe ‘This pagotet bank ‘Alona say messages appecrin iho manual > indesto spectic. sally | ar, SAFETVIDECALSMAND SIGNALS _ — [SAFETYIDECALSHAND SIGNALS. AX serone operanion AN, ‘ator you opcate a it, check ttf your mactine has cab make sre allarps turate ‘rata wrcous ae can end el he ‘The secondary ex on machines with 2 wna wears sk covey Avid 000 ting cing, ose oF 72 avid fang, always face the we we oer one ant see Cncoveedbnghasndjowsly. machi and Us thee asad cab. Avoye tor haar to te Dior oe il omare sires whan gang on organ bo Suntaee come sora rote men fave vast esha «Engne eshust tires cance ford at pris soe, nea) ot dea you operat hs machine in rood area, make au te Yoriston "to eplce the exhaust ‘mas wtf ‘Krow the Ts, laws, and salty feqlement necosary fe Yanspatng ‘hemacina on eos orga Gives, "role ype vest reepsor, ear prcten, and oj Drotocton ca be requted. Bele you ‘Sat te fb, determine what profscve faupment i requted Uae 180 prepares for emergencies. Amys Fw fete tarda working fe se each. See page. 173 for fre texinguisernspocton ones, ee ‘Kou the and sia used 9 Your eb. Follow tho nstuctens of the fogman, sis, o€. See pages 0 tvounh 3, + Ramovn alesse cots tom the ab ‘Cheat that al door, guards, and" Looe objec can jam cons ard ‘overs are inal corectyorclosoe. causa adores «Foran material or reason he siops Belo you set each dy walk round ee ie ee ee UD 1. and Rate Koop he sta an andra cesn. eae, Reptce al broken or msg pts snd othe recuied acaton nd rantorares ae shown in the Franua. ican al rah ane des tom the acing, especialy tom the erga Nok sia al porsns ave ss tom ‘ho machine ‘blow you stan the | ie. ‘Bor you slat the engine, vars ‘aston fe saab SAFETYIDECALSHAND SIGNALS + check all cons in 8 ear aoa and make sur the macs i opera conc 1 bo not alow aber przons to i on ‘he machina, ther pores ca lor fervon machine wen one cpestrs + Dust. og, sek, of, can decrease Sop the machine er decree the peed unl you can 808 everyting ‘ron you ho work ea Maka sre ‘2 macho lamps aro ON + Contac wih high vllage paver Snes, ‘ndowraund ees ot, ean ome yous ney oe dasth om Bote yeu dive o epeatinan ara ‘ith igh votaga es, eab08| or @ ‘owe san, al he power oF ky ompary what you ae gong o de Yor MUST HE. THE POWER DSOONNECTED OF KEEP A SAFE ‘WORKING DISTANCE: rm hens, ‘cables, orponertntion, Konp a prs (tne rnachine atleast 48 m (1 et) ‘nay rom the power sours. You ‘ust alo know ay fer, sa! Prova of tal sally codes oF ‘egultons fat apply oe jo sto. tte par of me macrne euces high vettage poner: 1. Nam therworers NOTTOTOUCH THE NAGHINE and to say away frm the acta 2 Wyouean beak eorac reverse ‘operation hat eaused contact wih the righ votage powes, and move tha machine away tothe canger are. you cennet break contac, Say inte machine ut the Uy Company doen the in and tote you tat tha powers ot Iyounave extreme constens such a8 a, ard you are forod 0 teave the machine donot stop of the machine. Jump a fa tom the machine as possi wih your feat Togo ane ol tc he rnd woh your hana. “The, hep away with yur oat togoter rl yeu are aso tance ‘rom th machine andthe eects! current. Do not tate large steps Because of ho volageaiforontil cross te ground, on oatcantoin {hes valage area than te ther foot Th elfeenco can lou ‘Do not operate the machine if you do rt feo wel Ts canbecangereus fer Yuan in peopl roan you, ‘You must make's door f wosther, roa reat onions wl peo Sparaton on a ik ramp To ound + Say aay fo hazadaus eras such 2" dies, ovenangs, fe. Walk ‘sound the work area Bloe you sat Stoker azar, 180 slot a lay know te ooston of al wears your area. Koop a ‘ter persons comply away Tom your maine nor death can resi youl at fol eve tons. | { | i moving around fe work area and Be aot whan yeu raise Ihe ood © ain. sOpeais te machine witha the spories capactes ard iis. Lite paces, agin dope, are Sow inthe Spectietens econ of therm. ‘Oporto machine cons tom the ‘SAFETYIDECALSAND SIGNALS. ‘hen woting in areas where tafe hay aways pave a poron dot the tate ana det oer parsons fr you. Hive gud val, wang sone ts reqed br your Stop eperaing the machine ta rrancion ccs, Vso tha inet sr wane res n the mace, tien ara sot figs ht ae ot mal on your machine perso seat on “Dive sound lage ote such ‘=Dagging trough undorgund cable, jes, nas oe, a cao ry ot Seah Loam the. leeaion ot Urdorround hazards bale you ‘pero Your maine mary are. lege rocks or oes. SAFETVIDEGALSHAND SIGNALS SAFETVIDECALSMAND SIGNALS. ZX Pankine tHe macine /\ t@e AX Fic onexptosion prevention /\, inenyouzerkthe michne andbeore sf yoo mist tempore park the you leave the oper area, aay "maine ona ie. pu tho Fert of poor or lower all alachmorss a machno lowed the Botom a he (tader, backhoe, ec) to the gud, ik Make sure tte mache f being pple. paning Brak, "sop the ance! hal wil ot move, Ps locks fngie ard romove th ay. In tont ofeach wl on te dour -Folow the ination In his manval Se, for"Pe hese" “sAuay aco the macro ard use ho hana als ae tape hn get a De not uh and not une ro he rece, AX surnprevenrion A\ + Batons conan sutuse aid whieh «When the Baten elacraha oven, cam cause saver bua. AvOd crtact "the bay can erode (1) you ty ‘uh sin, eyes or outing. Aveta - charge tho Eat, of 2} Yeu ty EXTERNAL” fish wth valor janpot ang run the. engine, To INTERNAL” wink fvge quantos of prover the bet. lctoia, kom water oF mie Flow win rk of feszng, kop the at a lehaege. Imognesia, beotn ogo vepetnle ci. you dona falta ttn, Cat'adastor mmodaley EYES: Tish your ers nw are can be nised wah ‘water for 15 mines ard gat «Hcl can sea of he rode Prompt mesa atenton, 2p romeved to qui. T erewe {he radabr cap, lathe coating sym to tu tho cap tothe rt nl, walt tri he presse i rleased, then remove theca. Spats or fame can cause. the hcogen gat ina bate explode, To proven! an “oxposon, aoe tohowe 1. When dearnecing te batiny ‘abies, laomect the nogave C) table fie: when connecting the tnt ables, connect the neva (Cyeatotast 2. Whan comet per obs sian the gin, us he procodire ‘Shown hs nual on page 7 2: Do nother out ne btn pees 4. Do retwoll gin, or sek nara btn Keep cpon fre avay fom theater, + Spake fom the elects stom oF ‘oni exhaust can cause an exioson rh. Before you oper ts machina fran aon wih fame dst OF ‘epar, use good vrai fo rerane re Tamme ds oF vapor Bore yous “Engine fel can case an expan fe, Do te el tar wn the forges uns, 100° NOT smoke whe etuing the + Use nentameable cleaning sohent to ‘lan pa. shfresan cao uy ordoah Away ave ate exingashar sear ron te machine. Make sue fo rangushor it soniond acorn 2 ‘he manulacures isusions. ‘fre exingusher nes een use, aways rochage or feplac tho eo Stinger Poor operating the machine Se page 173. ‘omove al ast oF debs tom the ‘machine as reqored. Espacaly chack ‘ha engio sree and extn sytam, ‘it machine has ay ol, Wel oF hydrate lea kaye fat tho aa ahd dean te sve bo operat, ‘Keep the cooing syst clean art ‘ran scorer cool va ‘ake sure that you donot sore oly raga oF ater fara rate on themactina, Stang Td (eho) can enlode art an cause pty oF death Do ot ‘rene tern ud vapors War ace Drolecon whan you remove oir Etaing fl corner or hon ou ie fan sotoat pay sleing Mud Use ‘Suring. fd according "to tne isco in his manual on pages 69 and70, ‘you wo ged or se acutng tor on te machine, avays remove the tng "Mad container tom. the machine. Uso compossed ae 16 ‘nove sry eherknes rm he eos ‘Boar wotng or ung & torch on fe Iechine, clan te area0 bo oped + Check the elena sytem fr lose ‘comocters orfajosnstliin Ropar ‘orrplace the geo damaged ars SSAFETYIDECALS/HAND SIGNALS. AX wawrenance AV 1 efor yeu sonico tha machin, put a De Not Operate tn te stern ‘wreck One Do Net Operate fog 2 eluded "wih "your new machine Aedinal Taps, pat numer 21 4514, ao aval frm your Caso POT | | Beer Crud | | Malia “improper sence a eps procesues ea eae uy oF death. #you Go not Uworgand sonic or ecient frooedure, see the sarice manual or {his machine or 09 your Case cele. ‘Unautnowod mecttons. 10 this machine can caso ry or deat. Do ‘otmake unsthorasé moaostons {te machine. Aways soo your Case Goal before you wold, ct, oF holesinyourmacin, 1 you must sone this machine with tho. ongine running, have andthe sen lp you. Folow fe neato Inte manu or be sonea mau Do not ave the operators sea ws Ihe eng unin. = Dsconect ho bates before wering ‘you are exposes 10 oF come in omc wth aawsous chemise you fan be soousty ied. The fs LUbreaes, pans, adhestes, coors, ste, used ih your machno ean Bo aor Safty Osta Shoots (MEDS) prowio (1) Womaton about the remeal substances win a prowet @) cae" hanang Prosedueo, (3) fst ié messi, fa (4) prozedue to be akan who tho pode feaceidenity sped or felessod. Maral Salty Dota Shoals (MSDS) are suatable fom your Case dee Before you sence your main, check the MSDS for ech fi hbreark usa in hie actin ‘Ts oration ideas a fo ‘ks avo an! row t senice the ‘machine. "safely Folew this ‘eran “when senicing tn rT) ‘Before you serice tis machine sr oor you dposo ofthe os us end eats, aaj remember the fenvrenmant Done pute odio the ground or iio containers ta can vo ‘choc with your at entenmeta or mojcing art or your Case ool for correct depdeal infor ‘han you sarc this machine, ays ‘wear face oF eyo protcion sae shoes, ent oer poe tm 28 rogues. sal eigs or eobrs can cause eye inury. Aways wear eye oF foes protacton when you ve a harms on this machine, Use hammer who fac, such a bras, ovo hardened SAFETYIDEGALSHAND SIGNALS ‘Lower the bucket rool othe ground or block up. the machine secu) Bofre wong a machina Flin he etucions In this anal when Yyousero the macho. Geant macnine gary Abu of goaso, cn. end die can cause postble Fiuy or mache esp your wor shop een ‘Bole Wolsey "on Te machine, dleconect he btn ound). ‘Fu such as Gooine,Kercene, Dose! Fue Hyeaute Oi conn ‘hema that can bo dangrous to ‘our hol sed er eae canara or brn aes Contact ether ‘tema or exter "ean cause econ © oer ny. any era or enamel cota oor, te yout Teel Pason Canto! Cot or dolor AX wees anotinesmawrenance — /\ "Do NOT wot fo wheel om when a nef instal Wl ll ue an fploave aifgas mature that ll bo ‘god wih hgh empeatree THe an hagpon © tos Wis o deste Femaung ner breaking bead nol doqatio. Tre MUST bo comply removed th ren porte wesing ‘= Eplosve sopraton ofthe te anor ‘When te sovico roses, rave a ‘ualioane mechanic somes ote AX rowovenrnorconvesrrucrune /\ + Do rot meily ROPS in any manne: Uneuzed modcaions such as welirg. ‘ing, cuteg, 01 adding aches can woah proteston. Replace ROPS Is sbjectnd to ro-over or damage. Oo tate 0 ‘opar. SSAFETYIDECALSIHAND SIGNALS Dat on his machine, make seo tho Dt ot eau aut Wen. See your ‘dear yu donot know #2 part fs ‘as duce ton Ako oe the olor ‘hotorap ores dt vor pars, 4. Font Ae 2 Storing tints 5 Stier: (hoa Dive) 8. Dpper oumpUnis,” 7. Sang Toner A\ castouemenon AX lore you weld ct oriole na «Unautharzed) modetons 10 cast uc ron pars ean eause uy oF fat Weld ating. or eling can aus cas cette won to beak DO a Wwe orci to ep rt aach Toms to cast cucle on pas on the Bucket Links an Couper SSAFETYIDECAL le A\ swevorcns A\ WARNING: Injury or dewth can esti you cannot read 2 safety dal or fa Say dca 8 ming. Replace any missing or camaged salty dal ara feop al safety decals cea. See yer Case dar lr esl dat t ie ‘| Mako sure that you road at he safety The folowing pages show tw acta! Soca andairsucionl decals. Check decal andthe leton othe cal onthe those decals every ay before you tar rachine Clan ose decals youcae ead HAND SIGNALS when you clean the decals, use only 8 ah Wale, and soap. OD neh wos ‘sohent going, te ‘You must replace a decal he decal amagod, missing, or carat be rat 2 doct e'on 2 pat at is verlaced, Soe you Case dalerfornew dees ‘SAFETYIDECALSIMAND SIGNALS, ‘SAFETYIDECALSHAND SIGNALS. oo “oro PRG ‘p3e10001 SAFETYIDECALSHAND SIGNALS er a pom 11220641 SAFETYIDECALSHAND SIGNALS te tence SAFETYIDECALSIHAND SIGNALS. ___ SAFETYIDEGALSIMAND SIGNALS. | PGRN) nessun ACCUMULATOR N | SSAFETVIDECALSMAND SIGNALS __ — SAFETYIDECALSHAND SIGNALS im Machine Left Turn Machine Right, HAND SIGNALS (1 @ Grectensicy losing aman commended that you end he Magan onthe job use hand signals for Face eradieeieren ene turrnuneatore, etre you stat make aurea ou both undead he sia aver oop movment op moving her gorerancatora * snarmahoa ia Start Engine ‘Stop Engine som co Roll Back Loader Bucket Come To Me Move Away From Me Move hand foneard ae rearward pans Move hands foward and earvard in. (pars | | | do & . alse Backhoe Boom & Bh SAFETYOEASHAND SENN — = — SAFETVIDECALSHANO SIGNALS | stop Emergency Stop ipper in ackhoe Dipper J, Move cne an back and forth ove von ands apidy backend — fj ) ron Backhoe Dipper Out toon “5 h NG? SAFETWDECALSMANO SIGNALS ‘Thi Page Lot Bark c@ 1 WARMING LAMP FOR ENGINE OiL PRESSURE: Tis wing lampiBumiatas (1) te ong stoppod andthe ay switchs ON, 2 ter no oro rau into erin Dont run he engine the warning ap arate. WARNING LAMP FOR PARKING BRAKE: This warning ae wl hennale when he tay swt is ON and th parking brake is engaged Do not ve he ‘actin wa he parking bra soled \WARNING LAMP FOR AIR FLTER RESTRICTION: This waring amp Mymiates when, 1) he kay sch sin the START positon 2) he a er ement rquros core, WARNING LAMP FOR ALTERNATOR: This lap liminatoet (1) he engine ‘lopped and the koy wih is ON o (2) tho aerator not charging Me 5. WARNING LAMP FOR HYDRAULIC FILTER RESTRICTION: Tis wing lamp iuminsts when, (1) he key sen iin tha START poston or (2) ho era itor requires orven ya i mut bet pering tmporae, see page 150, INSTRUMENTS AND CONTROLS Geers —_ eg vr en ein nok oma ary Mache cowrnoLs elon to reaice De iampeatre Unile lp saps anna See pape Direction Control Lever Ts 7 TACHOMETER: Tho lachoretr shows th engin sed in evolons per ‘rt (pm). Each number on te gauge ls equ to 1000 rpm, Each pace on ‘he gauge somal 0200 rpm I tooomenended ta he enges be fn ne ‘reo area otha gage ENGINE HOURNETER: Ts houmetr shows th hours ad oth fan hour theergnohas un ®8.O1 TEMPERATURE GAUGE (TORQUE CONVERTER} The normal operating temperature of ho converter cs in ho green aro of te gauge, gauge need goes into hero area, sect ower ansmson spose I Me toee romans in fered aa, stop tte machine, move the doco cone ove! os NEUTRAL posson nd un 5 engine al vo I procede Sas 2 ‘educa ts toportire cf cl one ho ol level an Geax or oben 8 {heradiator ara oe, 10. VOLTWETER GAUGE: Tis gauge shows the conden ho btn. Tho batery condkon is normal when the gauge needle nthe gear rem ofthe (gauge when te kay wtcn nto ON poalon ho gauge need he lower red area, the charge ofthe baliry foo low ofthe altematr fe Nl caging. the gauge needle moves wo he per red ata the aerator ‘agra to much. Damago othe bat can est te canon conte NTE: ent tay npn cna neem tot omer nev i) ne ate egy mt re oo np gran a an |. SBETEN CONTR LEVEN nero her t e tcegire starts, me neece wil move up tothe upper par ote geen area ard slay ‘push completely foward. To travel in reverse, lif the lever and pul completly. there, the gauge neede does rot move up ait the engine stars, chack the ‘rearward. Make sure the direction control lever is in NEUTRAL betore you start ‘condition of the batteryfatemator. ‘the engine oF belore you operate the backhoe. TAVELLEVE GAUGE: Tas cupeshomboamoatattaeetennena — | " — ‘ane WARNING: Uncontrolled machine movement can injure. Beton you un) +12, WATER TEMPERATURE GAUGE: This gauge shows the tomperature of the {the operators saat around to the BACKHOE ee ‘position, ‘coolant in the engine cooking system. The temperature ofthe coolants normal | ‘rection contra fever and iranemiseion contol to NEUT TAAL and py ine oes he od ara top te engine ane eck he nol ol oars Ehek or abi an th radar cose, fora themostl ha docs ot The desion cor eer dct cut hes an aed as wich lows “oom 9 move tear son sarc never te dete cova oe open conecty ‘tomes erat Sa sh efron etre Sroton cra Invert th oppose acon vel Ht dear, an be tne dese des tanossonvengage or spray 5 sna ‘This prced ito be used ony inte avert lan eraraey when be ui msde reo asaleloeaion Heh machine spared ited 96 INSTRUMENTS AND CONTROLS ‘Transmission Shift Lever and Clutch Cutout Button =r eps | TRANSMISSION SHIFT LEVER: The tansmisse ha syrchramash ina our ‘ea. You ean shit fo ay gear whout stopping he machine, Ph he ch ‘out buton onthe tranmion st aver before you ah aleve the Son toeengage the coh str th hi NOTE: When ching to alower gar educo tho rave speed toe you shi IMPORTANT: Aiaye eit tho tanemissio fo NEUTRAL bofre you operate the ck, [Wart Cncoibd matire mwa an rue Bab yo eno) {ponte col rts te BACKTIOE qty patent ton Ciro vd bounce son MEUTHAL are pa 2, CLUTCH CUTOUT BUTTON: Push hs baton blows you shit manerision fess. Te taremosion sn NEUTRAL when te but shod. ( INSTRUMENTS AND CONTROLS FOOT THROTTLE: Push down cnhe fc frotetoincease the engine peo. ‘eleanor odevoasa a eng sped, DIFFERENTIAL LOCK: The arerental eck ges acon bob ear whoo ‘Se page 7 forcorect operation. FIGHT BRAKE PEDAL: (Win Brake Ped Lock Osorgeoed) Pushthis pedo Fp une mactna oho gr LEFT BRAKE PEDAL (With rake Pedal Lo isang) Push is pelo hap une macinaot t INSTRUMENTS AND CONTROLS. Brake Pedal Lock E ness . Sako Pes Lock Engaged Brake Fed Lock Dsngiged [Warns Aine ako bat pda aro ble ya tave on rads Cron you apo e machine ts or a gear See he tuo ’hs mans for bake poss. Yau can cas nace fe 00 too ‘oo proces. o=| Turn Signal and Hom Control 1. DOME LAMP SWITCH: Push 2 race sch emblem mite he dome lamp Push be opps ond fhe rosa sh othe dome amp Of. The ‘ene larp sien ean bo reactod tom the greuna 2. FLASHER LAMP SWITCH: Push th rocker ach emblato urinte the ‘ashen Push he oppste end athe rocker sh in te Miers of ‘TURN SIGNAL CONTROL AND INDICATORS: Ps) the lt side of tho rocker sich enblom doun to saat um (1). Push fe rsd of rockers ‘wm oa aight um (2) Move the rokor seh oe coter sop he sa HORN: Push te onto into sour horn (3 | | InISTAUMENTS AKO CONTROLS _ Driving Lamps, Front and Rear Flood Lamps, and Rotating Beacon Switches 1. DRIVING LAMP SWITCH: Push he recor seh emblem otha cing lmps en. Push to opasto endo ta roach tum fe crving lamps 2. FRONT FLOOD LAMP SWITCH Push he eck seh omblem otha rent foot limps an Push oe oppose endo te rocher st oun the nt Rood ies [REAR FLOOD LAMP SWITCH: Push In rocker sch aren tote rear ‘loos amos on. Push te opaste end the reckon um the rar Hood larpcot, ROTATING BEACON SWITCH (fEquippe): Push ho rockor ach ombiom 2 {um he rlting beacon on Push he oppose enol recor Swe ou Ne reting banca of 5. AUKILARY HYDRAULICS SWITCH (i Equipped): Push tne rocker sch ‘mblom forthe ON eatin. This wt allow You 10 Use th conta ever nthe bncthoo concte to eontel tho Backhoe aunlanyhyaraues, Wn operating hand held aay hauls, pang he rocker sich inthe ON postin i pono the atacrmont Push the eppeas end fhe rocker sich forthe OFF Peston INSTRUMENTS INO CONTROLS. ‘Alarm for Engine and Parking Brake - Not Shown [ALARM FOR ENGINE AND PARKING BRAKE: Tis ala wil sun (1) the ng of pressures (2) he ang cele reat ig, he pring fake te aoped a you shit the Grecson com! Hever 19 The FORWARD REVERSE poston. NOTE: Te atrn t scund i he crecton conta levers nether ne FORWARD or [REVERSE poston ana he soa ied ram te cing poston to th baco3 aston S20 page 8. Control Switch for Front Drive Axle - 4 Wheel Drive pei 1. Fon Drv Axe Dssngsged |. FRONT DRIVE AXLE CONTROL: Tho fon! vo aes engages and i 2 Cn atu Bt ‘WARNING: Excesave speed cn cause bss afmachin canal Donatos Machine Direction For foruars vave, mt ‘dwn ain a tansmasin NEUTRAL ork he engin sped nevease| erie erga aces yerpaeey {tomore than 2500 RPM, Before aperaing or cring on ai, aways shi oa rower gow, You o abs arund you canbe fre. ‘ {oyna T travel n vero, Up the | | _raten contr bier and pat conplay ‘Sarwara The ceo postin The rel ck ges equ power 10 | NEUTHIAL. The vanamisen cecton tat fear wheel and "Swsod’ in Cent! iver must be te NEUTRAL condions whee acon poo, } poston beta jouean stat Menge. 1 ile Look Pec! (OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Four Wheel Driv Operation (tf Equipped) IMPORTANT: Hen the font ave ae [Bengaged, dre tho machine i frst or second goar ony “The root die axle Is engaged and eangiged. by a rocker such TO engage Be fet eve wl, push the ‘octe swch erie To dsongaga the Font ean, pusn the oppost end ch Iherecker sich dun 1 To Engage > Parking the Machine 1. Won the wor ays frished, make ‘sir the mactne parked on level ‘round. The machine must be on evel ground botore you ao ‘sthedued miter IMPORTANT: if you mst tempo park the mactine on a hsp Iron machine fd te bateof thal ake sur the machin is behind ‘a bc Pt i a move (OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS 2. Lower he nner bucket the sean. ‘5. Agpy be pain ake and shane ‘Seaton coilovers NEUTRAL 4. Move th backhoe one "TRANSPORT poston or lower the Decks buck to he ground and stoptheengne ‘WARNING: Jar on or of te machine can cause an nuy. Aways ac fo mactino, uo te Tard vals and sep, and get on of fe machine (OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS —_ = TOWING A DISABLED MACHINE Fe OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS ‘Transporting the Machine on a Trailer ZX SARIN: Pesan iy a can i whan you ow 9 bd LN traci one. Pose Pat ning corr. ‘one Wi your machine is dested, you mat Engine Stopped rato udgement fe machine ah be ‘moved vithet mre camage posable, 1 APY Pe prkingbreko and ise the loader Bucket Pu the backhoe repair the machine atthe ib te the TRANSPORT poston. 2. Riso tho loader bacon, st atactment as rqured. Use a hat And actuate the conto Tor gach tachment tthe RISE postion ae you sta adr i am ppt Seutas eae, 8, Atach a iid rabarto the machina. Mske sure the towing machine has enough power and braking aby to move ané stop bot rrscines. ser Engine Running 1. Ani heparin brake ad raison loader bucket. Put the backhoa in the TRANSPORT poston. 2 Shine decsen cont evar ae ‘remsion convo NEUTRAL- 8. Atach a ed dave tothe machine. Make sure the towing machine has enough powar and tratrg sty to move and Sth mechires 4. loose pakng tak 5. No ior aop aloo persone ‘onlay oct eae 6. Tow he dtabled mechine upto 16 Joh (10 mph Oo nt exceed his ‘Seed 4. leas the pasting bak, 5, Noridors-hamp a ete persons alee ut ofthe rea 6. Toute dsabiod mactine upto 16 kant (10 mpm). Da ot exceed tie speed € ) ) WARNING: The machine can lp and fal Fo a tale or am ant suse ‘nur or dou ake su te Ca andra are ret slopoy ome ala | frase, ee. Cart) move to machine oor om ho aor tt (Amescene ‘mache centered on fe er an ramp. 1. Ws! Blocks NOTE: Te machine shawn in the 6. fang proedive may be eer fom eur machin. The roca Pe sre. ‘Stop the engine and emve he oy ‘Sit the tansmison conta NEUTRAL, You must know the R868 oF 18 0° >. pe io ato ont and ear ct Safty ht are sed in each area th You ae vale in Mako sure hat your ruck ane SH talon ere-equpped wi the cored 0, Use chs and binder ofan the Pak cn @ Tove machin oth rao sty “equipment surson 1. Putablocksttha onan sara the ‘ror host 2. Putho tacit in TRANSPORT, ‘Menamstion 0 1s ger, and slowly ‘ve he mactna oro the tale, 28. Leth lode bake ont te {O NEUTRAL and apy to pang brake 4. Lower tna backhoe bucket ortear ‘tect he or of rari possble Down Lecatn «From Chases