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Job Sheet Photoshop

Before editing

In the middle of Editing

After Editing

1. What are the advantages software Adobe Photoshop
- Some of the advantages of Adobe Photoshop are its organizational tools and
ability to edit quickly


A Rectangular Marque Tool

B Move Tool
C Lasso Tool
D Quick Selection Tool
E Crop Tool
F Eye Dropper Tool
G Spot Healing Brush Tool
H Brush Tool
I Clone Stamp Tool

J History Brush Tool

K Eraser Tool
L Gradient Tool
M Blur Tool
N Dodge Tool
O Pen Tool
P Horizontal Type Tool
Q Path Selection Tool
R Rectangle Tool
T Hand Tool
U Zoom Tool
V Set Foreground color
W Set Background color
X Default Background and Foreground color
Y Change Screen Mode

By using Photoshop, I found that editing an image become much more easier
compared to the other image editing software