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National distribution of the new montreaux product line

$115 million in annual sales
Be in the top 25 in revenue (0.60 market share)

Targeting consumer:

Age: 45-64
College educated, married with children
Income $50.000+
Concerned about health and weight
Likely to purchase chocolate for themselves than as a gift

Marketing Strategy

Reach the $33.1 million rate hurdle rate, with an excellent product, high support and high ACV,
Focus on retail channel on supermarket and grocery focus
Introduce a premium product which is available in supermarket and groceries focus
Launch the montreaux product line by using montreaux as the product name
Use its large sales force to sell the new product
Promote the montreaux product line Apollo should definitely put the emphasis on the healthy
messaging in combination taste of fruit
Global confectionary market: $157,640 M in 2011 (3.2% growth)S
Strong growth expected up to at least 2016
22.6% of market is USA ($35,648 M)
Chocolate retail sales in USA: $17,664 M
o Expected growth of 2% per annum up to at least 2016
o Growth is driven by innovation