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English Pupils’ Q and Activity Book 7 __| PB | AB | PB| AB * Hello! 2 TH WW Review Units Sands) 46 148 @ Toys @)) 48 @ My family 48 120 8 Monsters 12 | 84 6 What's he We Review units iand2/18 90 wearing? = 5a yes eo Everyone's yy fe Review Units 7anc8) 60 132 different! 20/92 Halloween ea : _— “Tom Christmas 63 135 @ It’s magic! 26 98 —— — aa we | Easter 64 136 * Review Units 3 and 4/32 |104 Qyr World: Pets ‘6 6 T can do that! 9a l188 Our World: Letters 68 Llik hetti [40 ane Our World: Houses 70 e a 1 @ oe __ Picture dictionary nR { Hello. I'm Yasmin. What's your name?, eleven twelve fourteen fifteen © (2s Listen and on Then say. E eo 8 \2fo Listen and point. Then say. 4 1 computer =, ruler a ==, pen ee @ (So Listen and say. as Tues day Wednesday Monday Thursday Friday My favourite colour is red Cyellow blue green black white purple brown pink orange a - My favourite day is Monday Tuesday Wednesday Fhursday) Friday Saturday Sunday \ Se r Q O Takk about yourself. @ (&6 Look and listen. Then read. It isn't small. Ie’s big! @ fA Listen and point. Then sing. teddy bear dinosaur cowboy spaceman p it’s a teddy bear, ‘ -y, it's a dog, it’s a dinosaur, Deo Gacenan itra ball talbig red ball My toys, my toys, my toys! : © @ Listen and show. @ \&e Listen and read. A blue ball and a purple pen. Is it a spaceman? Is it a dinosaur? Ask and answer, t's big. It’s green. ) t's big. It’s green. ) Its lam Is it a dinosaur? © (Fo Listen and read. Then act. ®D Where’s my favourite toy? Ses ! {No. It's purple. “Here it is! My dinosaur! Pm 9. My favourite toy is red. It isn’t small, What is it? I'm 4, My favourite toy is brown. It’s small, It isn’t a car. What is it? computer game D = | OG @D Ask and answer. ' 29 8 \@Fo Listen and read. Then act. @, Pm a magician! Look! The ring’s ander the-cupl The genie’s in the bath. 30 My room’s on a boat. Look! I've got a magic room. It’s small | | Now it’s a bedroom. kt’s got but it’s a living room and a a bed. Where's the table? bedroom. Here's the living room. | | Where’s the big chair? Where's It’s got a table, a big chair and the small chair? a small chair. Where's the bed? C Talk about your room. 31 Draw your house. Where’s your bedroom? Draw a plan of your bedroom, Draw a picture of you. Find 8 different pictures. Choose a heod, a body, 2. arms, 2 legs, and 2 feet. Play ‘Head, Body, Legs, Feet’ with your friends. Look at the toys. Then close your 600k What's in the box? lui 4 7A monkey V§ a) @ (5 Listen and point. Then say. ae j Tcan walk. Yes, I can walk. Tecan ride. Yes, I can ride. Tecan run. can hide. Tecan dance and jump, too. T can sing and s0 can you! @ (o Listen and read. ohnny can juggle and jump in the jungle. @ [BB Read and guess the animal. 1 Lensatic: 4 I can't jump. 2 | can’t run. 5 I can climb. 3 | can fly. Q (fo Listen. Then say with a friend. Pm long. I'm green. | can’t walk. @ (ef o Listen and read. Then act. ¥ (— No, but I can ride my scooter. Be careful, \ Joel €an you run \ fast, Joe? © (6 Listen, read and match. 1 It’s got big feet. It’s green and orange. It can fly from tree to tree. 2 It hasn't got arms or legs but it can climb trees. It’s blue and green. It’s very long. 3 It’s got sticky feet and toes. It’s green and yellow. It can climb up walls. @ (2&5 Look and listen. Then read. D a Do you \ 71 don’t like bread like fish? and cheese. Good! I like chicken. OK .. J / Come back! We're hungry ATS: Weert eee ecte } (2%6 Listen and read. Chicken, chocolate and cheese in a sandwich, please! 42 43 8 as Listen and read. Then act. Pizzas and ice creams! Do you like pizza? atone favourite food. Lots of spaghetti and chips, please! A big ice cream and a chocolate milk shake. Spaghetti! Do you like spaghetti and cheese? 44 FUN FACTS seactxy oop © (D Read and answer the questions. Do you like healthy food? chips Do you like fish? 2 Do you like bananas? ‘3 Do you like chocolate? 4 Do you like peas? 5) Do you like bread and cheese? _ bread 6 Do you like salad? ‘7 Do you like milk? 8 Do you like ice cream? 9 Do you like spaghetti? oO ‘ A Do you like chips? Her 40 si-0 O05 pu my 10M 197 NGO CEO Foo REA ose pes Kony oH MoA THAI OS-SY ve got a sandwich, a banana and mil lens ey aah 806 nof sxoy S30u uous MoH 45 [ay /''m a princess. My dad’s the king | haven't got a dad. I’ve gota. Boom, boorn, boom, boom! My family’s crazy. My sister can wiggle her nose .. My baby brother ean sing and dance ... And my big brother can write with his toes. Boom, boom, boom, boom! My family’s crazy ... _ My granny can walk on her hands ... My mum and dad can juggle with fish Abd my grandad’s in a big band! Put the cards in order. 1 granny. 2 baby. 3 mum 49 : i », TN non a @ [Fe Listen and read. My sister’s got six big, pink fish. @ Co Look and say. She's got small, brown ears. She’s ‘6 Listen and read. Then act. This is my mum and eK] my dod. My mum <2 Sc \ can dance! Have you got a granny and [ Y Yes. My granny’s short and my grandad’s tall. He can juggle. Have you got a brother? Yippee! I've got four brothers. ® (2f6 Listen, look and read. ; ag ‘ footprints A wy , | Rosa e ei . @ Rosa Sharon 9 Rosa - I'm Rosa and this is my twin sister, Sharon. I’m tall and she’s tall. I've got brown hair and she’s got the same brown hair I've got a small nose and she’s got the same small nose I've got big, blue eyes and she's got the same big, blue eyes. . We've got the same handprints. We've got the same footprints. We haven't got the same fingerprints. | @ <© Look and find the differences. David and Paul are twins. David’s got long hair. Paul’s got short hair. handprints W,. footprints David Paul fingerprints € @ David Paul David Paul 53 He's wearing a big a And he’s wearing boots. Ned es youl [Vx A You're on TV. -] ey @ 6 Listen and point. Then say. DDE. 1 hat 2 T-shirt 3 sweater 4 dress 5 scarf « f 6 jeans 7 skirt 8 shorts 9 wainers 10 boots @ @ Listen and show. “fi Ja. What are you wearing? Tm Wearing a red T-shirt, A sweater ora T-shirt? A scarf anda hat, What are you wearing? Big red boots, “Blue jeans or shorts? And Pm — 3 shorts, | |74) A short shirt and a short skirt Oa D (eo Listen and read. GC a G0 Q 2% Listen and say. He’s wearing a hat and boots. It’s the cowboy. @ Dy Read. Who is it? He’s wearing a big hat, a scarf and blue jeans. He's wearing brown boots. He's wearing a yellow shirt. Q [Fs Listen and read. Then act. It's late! Quick, Joe! you wearing? ‘And I'm wearing) your T-shirt and A your jeans! A] What are you wearing? 'm wearing your shorts and your I'm wearing a hat a T-shirt, a scarf and boots! @ (fs. Listen, read and find. Tike my Tike my Tike my Tike my : yellow T-shint | | porple jeans 1 black T-shiet short blue anc my black | |“ andy white | |“ and ny black skint and small hot trainers. irainers pink bag ® Dy Read and match. Tr weaning Tim weoring Tim wearing Tim weaning grey shorts and a pink dress ae] grey trousers and | along green dress hat, a a panpla sweatten black shoes, grey shoes. and white shoes, a © © Ta about your favourite clothes. Talk about what you are wearing today. 59 @ (ee Listen and point. i . 6 ih ise a person in the photo. ¢ = \ \ 86 You are at a carnival. What are you wearing? | ey ees | @ (&s5 Listen and point. Then say. @ 26 Listen and answer, © [DD Read and say. Who is it? 1 Thaven’t got a hat. 2 | haven't got a mask. 62 3 | haven't got 2 eyes. 4 | haven't got a mouth, a nose, ears and hair. ‘tmas presents, tistmas tree. Do you like chocolate?!) 0 you like sweets? De you like chocolate eggs) And Easter treats? I don’t like chocolate. And I like sweets. T don’t like sweets. , Llike chocolate e995, I don't like chocolate eggs, And Easter treats. And Easter treats. 64 PETS @ OO book and say. In the UK lots of people have got pets. 8 hamster What's your favourite pet? Qe > Look at the pictures. Then look at Activity 1 and find. Aa horses. [@| dogs WS} cats be ish 7) eS SY hamsters 66 Anima Bas: Whiskers We live here too... come and visit! @ BT) Read and answer. Deaw aur WorlA, “This is photo of me and my Priends. Feotball is my Lavourite spovt. Ive got sherk red haiv ama ln wearing a blue Tshirt, cam you see we? | ke Saturdays. My Prienas ana | com play footwalll all day! Love rom : willium ‘ 2 . <— Tessa and | like computers, We Secaeiaseaessttiieen| 4 \ ‘an find a lot of interesting f ; things on the. internet, wle like ‘trails t00. ve got a computer in my room : ) Have you got a computer at home? Or at school? Mi, Our World! Kisees, Kate Hi, everyone! Do you like my scooter? 1 can ride very Fost! 1 can run fast, too. I like everything FAST! I like fast food, too - burgers and chips are yummy! Yours, Frankie Are you like William, Kate or Frankie? 8 Write to Our World and tell us about you! 68 In British towns there are lots of houses and fais. Most of them have got gardens or window boxes. There are big houses; small houses and strange houses! <> Which is your favourite house? 70 bag book computer HY car cowboy dinosaur dog doll spaceman —teday bea were os: ears chin eyes face hair mouth nose tee fingers corms hands head feet legs es J o ) 4 = o re al of [zi bathroom bedroom — kitchen living room aay | 7 4 | me bath bed box carpet chair cupboard lamp teble Ee oe < o dance fy hide ride o horse A ag Sa . iB wok Gh s a $ “vy & KE @ AB So, tide a scooter run sing swim welk ad cheese chicken chips chocolate _ ice eream BS sandwich spaghetti granny sister scarf shirt shoes ‘able sweater trainers trousers T-shirt 73 Qe ie a Read and match. Przeczytaj i potacz. Popatrz i potacz. one two three four five six seven eight | | | Qe Look and match. © 4 1 6 1 1 q 2 9 8 3 5 is 12 nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen _ fifteen Listen and write. e es Postuchaj nagrania i napisz. eo Read and colour. Przeczytaj i pokoloruj. yellow r AL A oS ‘ef dak white purple brown © A Find and write. Znajdé i napisz. 76 8 oP Look, count and write. Popatrz, policz i napisz. [ books pens _— pencils. + computer — rulers bags Thursday Méhday Wednesday Sunday Saturday Tuesday Friday 1 Mondex 5 F. a iT. 6S. 3 Ww. 7 Su 4 Th Q Write, draw and circle. Napisz, narysuj i zakresl. My favourite colour is red yellow blue green black white purple brown pink orange My favourite day is Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday 7 Of On 78 Read and colour. Preeczytaj i pokoloruj. 1 = brown 2 = yellow 3 = blue 4=red 5 = pink Look at A Popatrz na éwiczenie 1, Przeczytaj i zakresi. 1 [es a toy, (es) No 2 Its green. Yes No 3 It’s purple. Yes No 4 It’s big. Yes No 5 It's a computer. Yes No 6 It's a cowboy. Yes No ) Read and match. Przeczytaj i potacz. att |. inosour | "en tea bea, Qo What’s missing in Activity 3? Draw, colour and write. Czego brakuje w éwiczeniu 3? Narysuj, pokoloruj i napisz. Irs red. Isa 79 @ H Write and colour. Napisz i pokoloryj. dog ball dinosaur ted, ear 1 It’s big. It’s brown. It isn’t a dog. It’s a teddy bear. It's brown. It isn’t a teddy bear. It's a It’s big. It’s green. It isn’t a car. It’s a Iv’s big. It’s purple and orange. I's a a pwn It’s blue and green. It isn’t a spaceman. It’s a 8 [) Read and write. What is it? Preczytaj i napisz. Co to jest? spaceman 1 It isn’t small. It isn’t pink. It isn’t a cowboy. It’s a 2 It isr’t purple. It isn’t a doll. It isn’t a dog, It's a 3. It isn’t brown, It isn't a cowboy. It isn’t a spacerman It’s a e Q Read and circle. Przeczytaj i zakres! 1 Is it a dog? Is it a car? Is it a teddy bear? 4 - Is it a doll? Yes Yes Draw a toy puzzle and write. Then ask a friend. +" Narysuj fragment zabawki i napisz. Nastepnie zapytaj kolegg/kolezanke. Is teddy bear? No 81 8 Read and colour. Then circle and write. Przeczytaj i pokoloruj. Nastepnie zakresl i napisz. fo SE, A D | 1 W's@ig)/ small. It's big. 2 It’s green / purple. 3 It’s a doll | It’s a dinosaur. ® @ Draw and write. Narysuj i napisz My favourite toy. It's Its. Itsa 82 joerg Listen and colour. oO ers Postuchaj nagrania i pokolorul. © & Find and write. Znajdz i napisz. 1 It’s a ba : 2 Ws 3 Ir'sa 4 lIt'sa Wie cies @ Weis Listen and cotour. Postuchaj nagrania i pokoloruj. 8 PP Look at Activity 1. Read and circle. Popatiz na éwiczenie 1. Przeczytaj i zakresl, 1 Its small. Yes (No) 2 Its a dog. Yes No | 3 It’s a monster. Yes No 4 Its a dinosaur. Yes No | 5 It’s black. Yes No 6 Is purple. Yes No 84 8 Read and match. Preeczytaj i potacz. a face teeth @ . Draw and write a or on, +” Narysuj i wpisz a lub an. } 4 ca nose 2 ___eye 3 ___ear 4 ___ mouth po | 85 @ A book and comptere. Popatrz i uzupelnij. [e4e6 ears nose face mouth eyes hair chin eye 1 I've got two eyes _, ve goth____. lve got a big f__ two e__1s and Pye got elevene___. I've got one big an . Pve gotam__.. e_ Ive got a ch, @ P Count and write. Policz i napisz Pve got one ear. Pve got eyes. Pye got___ teeth. I've got mouth. 86 @ gy, Listen and draw the monster. “= °" Postuchaj nagrania i narysuj potwora. 8 a2 Look, read and complete. Popatrz, przeczytaj i uzupelnij 1 Pye got eyes. 2r 9 a big m i 3 big t 4 Thaven’t g on, ‘ 5 I t e. 87 ery Listen and write. Qe = Postuchaj i napisz Beth = Harry Yasmin Joe 1 2 oy Cas® =) Beth __ ® Draw a monster. Then write. -*" Narysuj potwora. Nastepnie napisz. | haven’t got 88 O Praw your face. Then write and match. 4% Narysuj swoja twarz. Nastepnic napisz stowa i polacz je z rysunkiem. ae © P book at Activity 11, Write about yoursett Popatrz na éwiczenie 11. Napisz 0 sobie. ve got I haven’t got English Adventure fantastic @ eon 90 ata aon wn a Units 1 and 2 Look, count and write the numbers. Popatrz, policz i wpisz liczby. Read, Then look at Activity 1 and colour. Przeczytaj i pokoloruj obrazki z €wiczenia 1 Colour the dolls pink. Colour the dogs yellow. Colour five cars green and three cars brown, Colour seven pens blue and four pens orange. Colour two balls red, six balls purple and seven balls black. @ P book and complete. Popatrz i uzupelnij. ve got a dol , a anda Pve got a a anda 7 | ie! haven't got a | haven't got a ie ga 8 PZ Write the words. Whisz stowa. (> 1 \¢ "| o| | | © Bs we) ie! | 1 A ee baled Qo 2 She's happy. 3 He’s big. 4 She's small. 5 He's brown. Qe [Read and colour. Przeczytaj i pokoloryj. I've got brown hair P've got brown eyes. ve got a pink face and a red mouth. 92 8 (MB) Read and match. Przeczytaj i potacz. head foot finger leg hand arm toe body @ A Sircle the words. Then write. Zakraél stowa. Nastepnie napisz je. 93 e Read and circle. Przeczytaj i zakresl. He's got two heads. Yes (Ne) N He's got four legs. Yes No w He’s got big feet. Yes No - He's got long fingers. Yes No 5 He's got small teeth. Yes No 38 4 Write He or She. Wpisz He lub She. 1 He ’s got big hands. 3 ’s got big eyes. 2 ’s got small hands. 4 's got long arms. 94 @ (| Read and write. Przeczytaj i wpisz litery. 1 He's got big hands. He hasn't got a big nose. [ b| 2 She's got a big nose. She hasn’t got long hair. 3. She's got long fingers. She hasn't got big teeth. [__] 4 He's got long arms. He hasn't got big feet. 8 P ‘ook and complete. Popatrz i uzupetnij. long spelt ig short big small 1 She's got smal ears. 2 She's got hair. 3 She hasn't got feet. 4 He's got ears. 5 He's got hair. 6 He hasn’t got feet. 95 | Qe (erg Listen, point and write. Postuchaj nagrania, wskad i napisz. Joe Beth Yasmin = Harty We) ® Look at Activity 9. Write. Popatiz na Cwiczenie 9. Napisz. fa > _He’s_ _got big eyes. _He hasn't got a nose. big hands. hair. a big mouth. long legs. 96 oO Draw your friend. Then write and match. “"" Narysuj kolege/kolezanke. Nastepnie napisz stowa i potacz je z rysunkiem @ 2 Look at Activity 11. Then write. Popatrz na ¢wiczenie 11. Nastepnie napisz. He’s/She’s got He/She hasn’t got are hands OK good fantastic 97 Hee d [| Read and match. Przeczytaj i potacz. sixteen seventeen hteen nineteen 17 20 19 Ne e aD Count the lamps. Write the number. Policz lampy. Wpisz liczbe. OL 8 were Look at Activity 2. Listen and colour. twenty 18 Popatrz na éwiczenie 2. Postuchaj nagrania i pokoloruj. 98 ZY Match. Potacz. bath @ LB Read and write. Przeczytaj i wpisz litery. 3 The car’s on the carpet. 1 Harry's under the bed. 2 The car’s under the bed. 4 Harry's in the bath. Write the words. Of Wpisz stowa. bathroom bedroom a OF 100 fe Look at Activity 6. Write. Popatrz na éwiczenie 6. Napisz. 1 The 8 lamp is in the _bedroom 7 2 ™ The Th EZ * Papr The cep The {| is in the is in the is in the is in the is in the is in the Q@ A book and write, Where’s the bird? Popatrz i napisz. Gdzie jest ptak? 1 He’s__on the lamp. 2 He's the lamp. 3 He's the lamp. Qe Draw your room. Write the words. " Narysuj sw6j pokoj. Napisz stowa. 101 ® a? Find the differences. Then write about picture B. Znajdé réanice. Nastepnie opisz rysunek B. 102 @ (Bj Read and draw. Przeczytaj i narysuj. 1 The lamp is on the table 2. The book is in the cupboard. 3 The ball is under the table. @ Find and circle. Znajdé stowa i zakreél jo. cpa @oxtjbeco andarkaw cupboard hgylchpe apbedsel imedbath rflamput tata Units 3 and 4 Q@ Write the words. Wpisz stowa. 8 a Look and complete. Popatrz i uzupetnij. 2 The book is 3 PY The ball is ge Circle the odd word. Zokresl niepasujace stowo. 1 bedroom kitchen 2 chair carpet box 3 bed living room bath 4 box in on 104 The lamp is the table. the chair. the box. bathroom bathroom table under eo oP Look and write. Popatrz i napisz. @ [DD Read and circte the words about you. Przecaytaj i zakres| stowa o sobie. Ie got long /(Ghort)hair. T I've got long / short hair. 2 I've got blue / green / brown eyes. 3 Pve got big / small hands. 4 l’ve got long / short fingers. 5 I've got big / small feet. 105 @ (@rg Listen and number. © Postuchaj nagrania | wpisz liczby. (2) Read and match. Przeczytaj i potacz 1 It’s a small monkey. 2 Itisn’t a monkey. 3 It’s a big monkey. 106 @ P book and write. Popatrz | napisz. mb swim hide dance fly jump rut’ walk Qe a Tick (V7) or cross (xX). What can you do? Zaznacz (/) (Tak) lub {X) (Nie). Co umiesz robic? 1 can jump. 5 Icon run. 2 Ican dance. [ | 6 Icanfly. [| 3 Ican climb. [| 7 Icanhide. [| 4 Icanswim. [| 8 Ican walk. [| can 107 QO. [Bj Read and number. Preecaytaj i “me liczby. S| | tiger shake risnay alephant ih “ _f\ (4) (ean walk. [) (| can climb. | can’t jump. | can dance. Pve got a big head. \ J U ) I can jump. I can swim. I've got big teeth. NW 've got long arms. AW | can’t walk. | | can hide. | Pve got a long body, | L gota. long’ bouy, Find the words and circle. Then write. Znajdé i zakres| stowa. Nastepnie napisz je 108 @ [ Read and comptete. Przeczytaj i uzupelnij. v =can X= can't [climb | swim | fly run walk | jump a tiger v { a fish a bear a bird Of Complete. Uzupetnij zdania fly jump climb run 109 @ LaF s Listen, then ask three friends. Postuchaj nagrania. Nastepnie zadaj pytania trzem kolegom/kolezankom. (Can you walk on your hands? ) \ eS Can you .. Me ~ vide a horse? «. walk on your hands? a. Swim? .. climb a tree? 110 O A Write the words. Woisz stowa. pe igs a cl aLTT || Q a Write about you. Napisz 0 sobie. Teale ~ & © © good fantastic 11 OU eT rt rad 4 Listen and draw. @ as Postucha} nagrania i narysuj Soa & bread chicken cheese fish 8 (J Read. Then look at Activity 1 and colour. Przeczytaj | pokoloruj obrazki z ewiczenia 1. The cupboard is green. The chicken is pink. The table is blue. The cheese is yellow. The bread is brown. The fish is purple. 112 8 a Look and match, Popatrz i potacz, he ae bananas bread cheese ~—peas salad milk chicken @ WP Tick (V7) or cross (x). What has the wizard got? Zanacz (7) (Tak) lub (X) (Nie). Co ma czarodzie|? peas bananas 8 iP a Read and match. Przeczytaj i potacz ~ a a7 rs al as I like bread. ) { | don’t like bread. ( Ilike chicken. Reig (td ag een \ \ ig don’t like cheese.) ae a4 XC 2 (1 like cheese. ) 8 Circle and write. Zakres| stowa i napisz je 114 @ A Match. Then draw Oor®. Potacz. Nastepnie narysuj © lub ®. O PEN O spaghetti peas of salad fish chocolate 8 Write | like ... or I don’t like ... . Napisz zdania z / like ... lub { don’t like 115 @ <> Ask four friends. << Zadaj pytania czterem kolegom/kolezankom, ES ° oO —_ Oo (Se 116 © A Find and circte. Znajdz stowa i zakreél je. o Draw your favourite sandwich. Then write. =" Narysuj swoja ulubiona kanapke. Nastepnie napisz. vo In my favourite sandwich is and I don’t like sandwiches. eC hon a Unit 6 ok good fantastic taal (Ufariecmenc line Ml Read and write. Przeczytaj i napisz. “eB a tiger a snake ‘ I can run. | can't jump. ve got four legs. I'm big. Pm X\ Write the words. Wpisz stowa. Q 118 Og ly a bird an elephant ( I can hide. } | can’t walk. | haven’t got legs. I'm long. rm % %& sit J uot 8 Write J like ... or | don’t like ... . Napisz zdania z | like... lub | don’t like... . pizza chicken ice cream bi 1 2 3 4 @ A Girdle the odd word. Then write. Zakresi niepasujace stowo. Nastepnie napisz je. 1 2 3 salad jump monkey black swim tiger fly chocolate dance snake white bananas brown bread yellow elephant 119 Cri id my mum. } I @ fs Listen and number, Ni Postuchaj nagrania i wpisz liczbe. My mum is number ) ; 8 [| Read. Then look at Activity 1 and circte. Przeczytaj. Nastepnie popatrz na cwiczenie 1 i zakrest 1 My mum's got big eyes. No 2 My mum's got a brown nose. Yes No 3 My mum's got small teeth. Yes No 4 My mum's got black toes. Yes No 120 8 Bj Read and write the numbers. Przeczytaj i wpisz liczby. mum {5 ] dad {| sister] brother {_ Yasmin [~] grandad (JL) | granny nm baby brother [| 1 B AA 7 syn @ A Gitcle the words. Then write, Zakresl slowa. Nastepnie napisz je. | | grandad s } Tee Sia. ify Ho Qj ethen sn aey $ mob @ t a dad tis i, d ba by ast d ndmum dete br. euver lt is: 1% y er 5 beeen oe) Ne Sei aad b. 8 [My Read and colour. Przeczytaj i pokoloruj. Kovu He’s got a brown body, She’s got green eyes. He’s got black hair. She’s got a yellow body. He’s got a black nose. She's got a brown nose. 122 e @ ~ Colour and write. Read, find and circle. Przeczytaj, znajdlé i zakresl. My brother's got short, black hair. He's got small eyes. | He's got big teeth. He can’t climb. | NS —— e Pokoloruj i napisz. = yellow 2 = blue 35 red 4 = white 5 = pink [tong short big surat” | red yellow white pink | 1 He's got a__smalll » —_pink face. 2 He's got a j nose. 3 He's got , eyes. 4 He's got : hair. 123 8 Read and write the number. Przeczytaj i wpisz liczbe My granny’s got short hair. She can dance. Sf My granny’s got ' < 1 | long hair She can swim. | oO | k a Q Ask three friends. Zadaj pytania trzem kolegonv/kolezankom. ( My grandad hasn't "| got hair. H je can’t dance. black hair. He can’t swim. JO My grandad’s got J O Have you got a ..? Me © WS} brother? wt 124 ® oP Look and match. Popatrz i potacz. grandad This is my family.) -——— X rE | —, brother sister granny @ J Praw someone in your family. Then write. Narysuj osobe ze swoje] rodziny. Nastepnie ja opisz This is my He's/She’s got [aye ei aed fantastic 125 @ A Tick V) or cross (. What can you see? ( Zaznacz (7) (Tak) lub Nie). Co widzisz na obrazku? 1 Aspaceman [v7] 6 Aball [ ] 2 Acar {_] 7 Acowboy CO 3 Ahorse [] 8 Adog (| 4 Adoll [] 9 A teddy bear | 5 A chicken [ ] 10 A dinosaur Qe a? Circle the toy words. Zakresl nazwy zabawek. Gpaceman) leg 8°9— hang doll gaanas head = teddy BEA" Spaghetti green chy licken ball red