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Argentina 1978: Argentina was under a military dictatorship so many

countries threatened not to attend, finally the world cup passed

without any problems. The ball of this world was revolutionary,
addidas tango had more waterproofing than previous designs and it
was used in the following 5 world cups.

Participants: Argentina, Holland, Brazil, Italy, Poland, West

Germany, Austria, Peru, Tunisia, Spain, Scotland, France,
Sweden, Iran, Hungary and Mexico.
Top scorer:
Mario Kempes 6
Champion: Argentina 3 1 Holland (Estadio Monumental,
Buenos Aires)
Ball: Tango

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Spain 1982: For the first time 24 teams participate, 8 more than in
previous editions. World cups first appearance of Diego Armando
Maradona. El Salvador was beaten 10 -1 by Hungary, the biggest win
in a World Cup.

Participants: Italy, West Germany, Poland, France, Brazil,

England, Soviet Union, Austria, Northern Ireland, Belgium,
Argentina, Spain, Algeria, Hungary, Scotland, Yugoslavia,
Cameroon, Honduras, Czechoslovakia, Peru, Kuwait, Chile, New
Zealand and El Salvador.
Top scorer:
Paolo Rossi 6
Champion: Italy 3 1 West Germany (Santiago Bernabu,
Ball: Tango

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Mexico 1986: Mexico became the first country to host a FIFA World
Cup, taking place in Colombia that could not meet the requirements.
The official ball was the Adidas Azteca Mexico, this was the first ball
made from synthetic materials, which increased the impermeability
and durability.

Participants: Argentina, West Germany, France, Belgium, Brazil,

Mexico, Spain, England, Denmark, Soviet Union, Morocco, Italy,
Paraguay, Poland, Bulgaria, Uruguay, Portugal, Hungary,
Scotland, South Korea, Northern Ireland, Algeria, Iraq and
Top scorer:
Lineker 6
Champion: Argentina 3 2 West Germany (Estadio Azteca,
Ciudad de Mexico)
Ball: Tango Azteca

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Italy 1990: Cameroon became the first African team to reach the
quarterfinals, teams that had not classified in a long time as
Colombia, USA and Netherlands were back. And also they debuted
countries like Costa Rica that was a revelation by reaching to second

Participants: West Germany, Argentina, Italy, England,

Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Cameroon, Ireland, Brazil, Spain,
Belgium, Romania, Costa Rica, Colombia, Holland, Uruguay,
USSR, Scotland, Austria, Egypt, Sweden, South Korea, United
States and United Arab Emirates.
Top scorer:
Schillaci 6
Champion: West Germany 1- 0 Argentina (Stadio Olimpico,
Ball: Etrusco Unico

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USA 1994: USA was chosen to host the World Cup. This generated a
lot of controversy because it was not a country of soccer tradition and
it had sports that were more popular. But due to the organization and
infrastructure, it got important figures and funds from public income.

Participants: Brazil, Italy, Sweden, Bulgaria, Germany, Romania,

Holland, Spain, Nigeria, Argentina, Belgium, Saudi Arabia,
Mexico, United States, Switzerland, Ireland, Norway, Russia,
Colombia, South Korea, Bolivia, Cameroon, Morocco and Greece.
Top scorer:
Salenko 6
Champion: Brazil 3 2 Italy (penalties) (Rose Bowl, Pasadena)
Ball: Questra

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France 1998: For the first time in the World Cup 32 teams
participated. They were divided into eight first round groups in which
classified the first two of each to the knockout stage and a system of
direct elimination.

Participants: France, Brazil, Scotland, Norway, Morocco, Italy,

Austria, Chile, Cameroon, Denmark, South Africa, Saudi Arabia,
Spain, Paraguay, Bulgaria, Nigeria, the Netherlands, Mexico,
Belgium, South Korea, Germany, Yugoslavia, USA, Iran,
Romania, England, Colombia, Tunisia, Argentina, Croatia, Japan
and Jamaica.
Top scorer:
Suker 6
Champion: France 3 0 Brazil (Stade de France, Paris)
Ball: Tricolore

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Korea Japan 2002: This was the first world cup organized in the
history by two countries, the first to take place outside of Europe and
America and the first to be held in Asia. This world cup was very
controversial, because of the arbitrations that favored some teams,
and by the low attendance to some games. Brazil was crowned penta
champion something no other team has achieved in history.

Participants: Brazil, Germany, Denmark, Senegal, Uruguay,

France, Spain, Paraguay, South Africa, Slovenia, Turkey, Costa
Rica, China, South Korea, United States, Portugal, Poland,
Ireland, Cameroon, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, England, Argentina,
Nigeria, Mexico, Italy, Croatia, Ecuador, Japan, Belgium, Russia
and Tunisia.
Top scorer:
Ronaldo 8
Champion: Brazil 2 0 Germany (Yokohama International
Stadium, Yokohoma)
Ball: Fevernova

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Germany 2006: For this world cup almost all nations participated in
the qualifying rounds, a new record. Of these, 31 teams participated
in the final tournament, in addition to hosts Germany. More than 3.2
billion people in 207 countries followed it and audience became one
of the most watched events in history. It has been considered one of
the best in history.

Participants: Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil,

England, Ukraine, Australia, Ecuador, Ghana, Mexico, the
Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Angola, Costa Rica,
Cte d'Ivoire, Croatia, Czech Republic, Iran, Japan, Republic of
Korea, Paraguay, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Serbia and Montenegro,
Togo, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia and the United States.
Top scorer:
Klose 5
Champion: Italy 5 3 France (penaltis) (Olympiastadion, Berlin)
Ball: Teamgeist

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South Africa 2010: It was the first world cup hosted in Africa, they
participated in the qualifying tournament 204 of the 208 teams that
have been registered . In the first round only 101 goals were scored
the lowest mark since playing 32 teams. Spain won its first World Cup
in history.

Participants: South Africa, Mexico, Uruguay, France, Argentina,

Nigeria, South Korea, Greece, England, USA, Algeria, Slovenia,
Germany, Australia, Serbia, Ghana, Holland, Denmark, Japan,
Cameroon, Italy, Paraguay, New Zealand, Slovakia, Brazil, North
Korea, Ivory Coast, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Honduras and
Top scorer:
Villa 5
Champion: Spain 1- 0 Holland (Soccer City, Johannesburg)
Ball: Jabulani

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Brazil 2014: The 20th world cup was hosted on Brazil for the second
time. The penta champion arrived to the world cup with a taste for
revenge after the Maracanazo in 1950, but after a controversial match
against Colombia they arrived to the semifinals where they were
beaten 7-0 by the champion Germany. After 16 years Colombia is
back to a world cup and they got to the latest stage in their history.

Participants: Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Bosnia and

Herzegovina, Brazil, Cameroon, Chile, Colombia, South Korea,
Ivory Coast, Costa Rica, Croatia, Ecuador, Spain, United States,
France, Ghana, Greece, Honduras, England, Iran, Italy, Japan,
Mexico, Nigeria, the Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland
and Uruguay.
Top scorer:
James 6
Champion: Germany 1- 0 Argentina (Soccer City, Johannesburg)
Ball: Brazuca

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