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Heather E.

Hepratt3@gmail.com Cell: (207) 216-0483
26 Chase Road Thompson, CT 06277
University of Maine at Augusta, Augusta, ME
Secondary Teacher Certification Coursework

Teaching Certification CourseworkState of Maine, January 2015

Brandeis University, Waltham, MA

Masters Degree: English Literature: Concentration in Womens Studies
Colby College, Waterville ME
Double Major: English Literature; Womens and Gender Studies
St. Johnsbury Academy AP Summer Institute, St. Johnsbury, VT
AP Literature Certification
Breathing Room Yoga Studios, South Portland, ME
Yoga Teacher Certification, Certified by Yoga Alliance.

Masters of Arts, May 2012

Overall GPA: 3.92
Bachelor of Arts, May 2011
Overall GPA: 3.53-Deans List
Distinction in both majors, Honors in WGSS
Certificate in Teaching AP Literature, July 2015

200-Hour Teacher Certification, June 2014-November 2014

American Association of University Women Prize, Colby College Founders Prize, and Colby Library Book Prize.
Intermediate Spanish.
English Faculty and Dorm Parent at Marianapolis Preparatory School, Thompson, CT
Aug 2012-Present
Teaches 4 sections of English II (sophomore-level English classes), including 1 section of Honors English II. Also
teaches 1 section of Honors American Literature, a junior-level English course. Has experience teaching senior-level
English courses.
Works as a dorm parents, supervising a dorm of 20 girls for one night each week and one weekend each month.
Advises a group of 9 high school freshmen, helping the group adapt to high school by assisting them in their
development of time-management strategies and study skills.
Served as an advisor to The Writing Center, an organization of students who help their peers during the writing
Serves on a school committee dedicated to educating faculty, staff, and students about multiculturalism.
English Faculty for the Marianapolis Summer Online Learning Program, Thompson CT
July 2014-August 2015
Taught 2 sections of online English courses and 2 online book clubs.
Developed the curriculum for the Charlottes Web online book club, the most popular book club at Marianpolis.
Devised and implemented virtual methods of creating and maintaining a classroom community.
Writing Center Tutor at Brandeis University Writing Center, Waltham, MA
Sept 2011-May 2012
Met individually with undergraduate and graduate students to discuss paper topics, thesis statements, grammar,
and ways they could improve their essays and strengthen their writing skills.
English Tutor at Brandeis University Transitional Year Program, Waltham, MA
Sept 2011-May 2012
Individually met with 10 students every week and tutored them in writing and reading, particularly in the mechanics
of writing and the analysis of literature.
Assisted students in transitioning to college by listening, discussing issues, and connecting to campus resources.
Offered extra help to students by holding at least one hour of office hours per week.

Heather Pratt, page 2

English Teacher and Dorm Parent at Tabor Academy Summer Program, Marion, MA
June 2011-August 2011
Wrote curriculum for courses, Grasping Grammar and The Magazine. Co-Taught Creative Writing.
Adapted teaching methods and materials to serve the needs of English language learners.
Developed classroom management skills while teaching classes of 4-16 students.
Outlined my academic and behavioral expectations and handled disciplinary issues in the classroom.
Organized weekly dorm events for 15 thirteen and fourteen year old girls and fostered a community by holding
weekly dorm meetings and interacting with the girls on a daily basis.
Dealt with resident concerns, including health issues, homesickness, roommate problems, etc.
Mentor at Hardy Girls Healthy Women, Waterville, ME
Mentored a group of 8 sixth-grade girls for one hour each week.
Educated girls on issues of body image, sexuality, and relationships.
Provided needed support for at-risk youth.

Feb 2011-May 2011

Second Grade Teachers Assistant, George Mitchell Elementary School, Waterville, ME

Assisted 4 hours a week in a second grade class of 20 children.
Led reading groups consisting of 5 children.
Met with students individually to help them with miscellaneous work.
Planned and taught 3 lessons throughout each semester.

Sept 2007-Dec 2008

Mentor at Colby Cares About Kids, Waterville, ME

Provided academic and personal support to an elementary schoolgirl two afternoons a week.
Tutored a student in reading, writing, and math.

Feb 2007-Dec 2009

Peer Pal Tutor, Augusta, ME

Sept 2004-June 2007
Accompanied an autistic high school student to an hour and a half long class twice a week.
Assisted with note taking, classroom activities, and reading test questions to student whenever necessary.
Tutored in homework once a week.
Led to the improvement of his social and interpersonal skills by helping practice appropriate behavior in the
classroom, at lunch, and in study hall.
Freshman Class Dean at Marianapolis Preparatory School, Thompson, CT
Aug 2013-Present
Supports a group of 10 faculty advisers as they help their freshman advisory groups adapts to high school life.
Facilitates monthly meetings with the freshman faculty advisors to discuss class trends, brainstorm ways to further
support the freshman class, and to delegate tasks in organizing class events such as the class picnic and ice cream
Oversees the organization and execution of five class events/fundraisers per year.
Meets individually with each advisor four times a year to discuss academic and/or social concerns about each
advisors students.
Synthesizes and analyzes data from individual advisor meetings to develop a quarterly report on the class as a
whole. This report includes class concerns, class trends, and a section on each student of concern detailing how
teachers, parents, and advisors can best support them.
Presents report to school administrators during quarterly meetings.
Mission Trip Leader at Marianapolis Preparatory School, Thompson, CT
March 2013-Present
Organizes and leads one weeklong volunteer mission trip a year for Marianapolis Preparatory Schools experiential
learning week. Past cities have includes Lewiston, Maine and Boston, Massachusetts.
Develops mission trip itinerary by contacting organizations in the area where we serve and setting up dates and
times to volunteer at the sites.

Heather Pratt, page 2

Encourages students to learn about social concerns like homelessness, poverty, and hunger by taking them to
volunteer at various soup kitchens, after school programs, and shelters.
Supervises student volunteers at each site, making sure that they participate and perform their tasks to the best of
their ability.

Colby Outdoor Orientation Leader, Waterville ME

Led first-year college students on annual service and outdoor recreation trips.
Fostered a community within the groups by facilitating team-building activities.
Assisted students in transitioning to college by mentoring them post-trip.

Aug-2009-May 2011

Yoga Instructor, Marianapolis Preparatory School, Thompson, CT
Coaches yoga after school to 30 students everyday for the fall and winter seasons.
High School Girls Basketball Coach, Next Level Basketball Camp, Waterville, ME
Taught fundamentals of the game, including proper shooting technique, dribbling mechanics, etc.
Developed defensive and offensive strategies for daily games.
Promoted camaraderie amongst the group by facilitating team-building activities.
Evaluated camper progress and provided written feedback upon completion of camp session.

Sept. 2012-Present

June, July 2007

Middle School Girls Basketball Coach, Capital City Clinic, Augusta, ME

Summers, 2004-2007
Strengthened young womens shooting and dribbling skills by leading them through daily skills and drills sessions.
Taught strategies for daily games against other teams at camp.
Augusta Recreation Soccer, Basketball, and Track Coach, Augusta, ME
Sept 2003-August 2008
Led teams of six to eleven children through weekly practices and games.
Communicated weekly with participants parents about practice times, their childs progress, etc.

Leveraging the Gift of Failure CAIS Workshop (August 2015)
The New England New Teacher Conference (August 2012)