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Marissa Lizarraga

13358 E Almond Crest Dr., Vail, AZ, 85641

mlizarraga@email.arizona.edu 520.400.4981
December 17, 2015
To whom it may concern:
I am writing to express my interest in a Registered Nurse position in the Pediatric Intensive Care
Unit at Tucson Medical Center. As a Tucson native, I am committed to favorably impacting the
community that fostered my development and success. I am especially interested in caring for
the pediatric population while providing family centered care, a concept that is highly valued at
Tucson Medical Center. I have extensive experience in regards to working with children in the
roles of a Sunday School Instructor at Vail Christian Church and a Group Leader at the YMCA of
Southern Arizona. These experiences in addition to my strong clinical skills, outstanding
organizational skills, and my commitment to compassionate and excellent patient care, will make
me a valuable asset to your pediatric team.
I recently graduated from the University of Arizonas College of Nursing BSN program. Through
this program, I have gained clinical experience in a variety of different specialties, including 64
hours spent in the Pediatric Medical-Surgical setting and 180 hours in the Pediatric Intensive
Care Unit for my senior preceptorship at Tucson Medical Center. In addition, I have completed
120 hours of critical care experience on the Neurology and Medical-Surgical Intensive Care
Units at St. Josephs Hospital, adding to my experience and patient care in a critical care setting.
Through the role of a student nurse I have provided a wide range of skills to the pediatric
population, including multiple nursing assessments, continuous monitoring and documentation,
communication with patients and their families, medication administration, and developing care
plans specific to each patients individual needs. In addition, upon completion of my senior
preceptorship, I was able to competently manage the advanced technical aspects of patient care
for multiple patients and successfully demonstrated various critical care skills, including
endotracheal and tracheotomy site care and assessment.
Through my extensive experiences in caring for children both inside and out of the clinical
setting, I have been required to demonstrate skills such as organization, flexibility, leadership,
responsibility, time management, critical thinking abilities, and conflict management. In
addition, these roles have helped me to effectively communicate with families. I believe these
skills are essential to pediatric nursing and will ultimately contribute to increased positive patient
outcomes and care.
I am committed and excited to work for a facility that holds the values of compassion,
community, dedication, and integrity to the highest of standards, like that of Tucson Medical
Center. My passion for working with children, education, experience, and sincere dedication to
exceeding standards of patient care, makes me an excellent candidate for this job position. I
welcome the opportunity to discuss with you personally how my skills set and strengths can
benefit your hospital and pediatric team. Thank you in advance for your time and consideration.
Marissa Lizarraga