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Track 4

Task 1. People are making small talk. What are they talking about? Listen and circle the
correct answer.

1. a-Clothes
c- friends

b- school

3. a- the weather
c- new boyfriend
5. a- school
c school

c- work

b- vacation

2. a- work

c health problems 4. a- school

b- work

c- apartments

b- school
b- work

6. a- work

b- family

Task 2. Listen again. Does the last person speaking want to continue or end the
conversation? Check (x) the correct answer.

Track 7 Task 1 People are making small talk. What question are they answering?
Circle the correct answer.
1. a) Are you here on vacation?

b) Do you like living here?

2. a) Do you think English is difficult?

b) Why are you studying English?

3. a) How old are your children?

b) How many children do you have?

4. a) What kind of work do you do?

5. a) When did you arrive?

b) What kind of job would you like?

b) Have you been having fun here?

6. a) Where did you go on vacation?

b) Where are you from?

Task 2 Listen again. Circle the best response.

1. a) Im glad you like it here.

b)Thats too bad.

2. a) I like those videos too.


b) Why dont you like them?

c) I agree. Theyre

b) I agree, two is enough.

c) Im glad you

3. a)Thanks, anyway.
and your husband agree.

c)Me, neither.

4. a) Thanks, Id love to.

your house.

b) Sorry. Im busy that day.

c) Id love to see

5. a) Youll love the beach.

scenery is great there.

b) What kind of car will you buy? c) Good idea. The

6. a) Yeah, I think I will.

shouldnt go there.

b) Really? Why not?

c) Youre right. I