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SIOP Rectangle Lesson Plan

By: Christie Marks


Lesson Preparation
a. General Information
Grade Level: Kindergarten
Subject Area/Topic: Rectangles/Math
Student Demographics: 18 students, 12 boys, 6 girls
Lesson Duration: 30 minutes
b. State and/or National Standard(s) and/or Benchmark(s)
MAFS.K.G.1.2 Correctly name shapes regardless of their orientations or overall size.
MAFS.K.G.1 Identify and describe shapes.
c. Learning Objective(s)/Outcomes(s)/Essential Question(s)/Content Objectives
SWBAT identify shapes as rectangles or not rectangles.
SWBAT describe rectangle features.
Essential Questions:
What is a rectangle?
d. Language Objectives
SWBAT describe what a rectangle is.
e. ESOL Teaching Strategy
a. Sign in, Please
f. Detailed List of Materials and Resources for Teacher and Students
Math manipulative shapes
Rectangle Worksheet
Doc Cam

2. Building Background
Concepts are explicitly linked to students' background experiences.
I will ask if the students remember working with triangles the prior day. This will activate
their minds to be thinking of shapes they know.
3. Comprehensible Input

Teacher candidate's explanation of academic tasks is clear. Teacher candidate uses a variety
of techniques to make content concepts clear (e.g., modeling, visuals, hands-on activities,
demonstrations, gestures, body language).
I will explain what thumbs up and thumbs down mean. I will give them a visual of it,
then will have them make the signs with me.
4. Strategies (include a Step-by-Step Instructional Plan)
Teacher candidate provides ample opportunities for students to use the ESOL teaching
strategy which the teacher candidate is demonstrating.
I will grab out a variety of shapes and will show them one at a time on the doc cam. For
each, I will ask if it is a rectangle. Students should give a thumbs up if it is, and a thumbs
down if it is not.
5. Interaction
There are frequent opportunities for interaction and discussion between teacher
candidate/student and among students, which encourage elaborated responses about lesson
I will have the kids grab a handful of their manipulatives. They will need to sort them
according to rectangle or not rectangle, like I modeled previously. They will need to trace
their shapes after they have been sorted.
6. Practice/Application
Teacher candidate provides activities for students to apply content and language knowledge
in the classroom.
After they have successfully sorted, they should know the basic look and features of a
rectangle. We will continue through the worksheet and the students will need to identify
rectangles in the following picture.
7. Lesson Delivery
The pacing of the lesson is appropriate to the students' ability level.
The students will have opportunities to share their work and to come up to the board. I
will provide the directions for each page, time to complete it, then finish each page with a
review on the SMART board, which will get kids up and moving. This sort of pacing is
ideal for this age group.
8. Review/Assessment
Teacher candidate provides a comprehensive review of key content concepts.
I will review the key features of a rectangle and will highlight the differences of it and a
square. The worksheet will be completed and will be turned in.