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Sami Aronson
Mrs. Lucarelli
Honors Comparative Civilizations
9 November 2015
The Role of Judaism in Israel

Israel is considered to be a Jewish state. About 75% of its population is Jewish,

and more than one third of the worlds Jew population live in Israel. In Jewish belief,
Israel is the land God promised them so it is their home. God spoke to Abraham and told
him to leave his home and promised his descendants a home in the Promised Land, Israel.
This Promised Land was described as a land flowing with milk and honey(Exodus 3:8).
This is because Israel used have many resources and had healthy land before all of its
attacks. Judaism plays a major role in how Israelis live their lives.
On a day-to-day basis in Israel people travel in vehicles, cook, work, and use
electronic devices. Except, this all comes to halt on Shabbat. Shabbat takes place on
Friday at sundown through Saturday one hour after sundown. To illustrate, Some of the
restricted activities include all forms of vehicular travel, writing, direct use of electrical
devices, measurements and any preparations for, or discussion of, normal weekday
activities or responsibilities,(American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise). All everyday
activities are stopped. This is the most important ritual to observe in Judaism, it is the
only ritual observance in the 10 Commandments. On other major Holidays such as Yom
Kippur cooking is forbidden and a fast is held all day. This affects Israel because people
refrain from work and dont attend school on this day.

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Subsequently, Jerusalem is located in Israel and is now under Israeli rule. This is
home to the Western Wall which many Jews flock to each year to pray at. When it was
under the rule of Jordan from 1948-1967 54 synagogues were destroyed and Jews werent
allowed in the area. Since Israel is considered a Jewish state, many of its neighboring
countries wanted abolished and a few still do. Many countries including Egypt, Syria, and
Jordan had many wars with Israel. Even though Israel became a country in 1948, but it
had to win its independence from its neighbors. They had a war in November of 1947
until January of 1949. Israel won about 75% of what was the state of Palestine. Another
famous war of Israel was the Six Day War. It was from June 5-June 10 in 1967. They
tripled their land holding and gained Gaza. (CNN)
As well as affecting the land, wars, and holidays the food in Israel is influenced
by Judaism to. There are numerous Jewish dietary laws that are stated in the bible, it is
integral to Jewish cuisine. These laws are referred to as Kashrut. For example, The
principal meal of the day is generally served in Israel at noontime, when the children
return home from school. Very few families follow the American pattern and have their
large meal in the evening. The evening meal is usually a light one consisting generally of
dairy products, salads and eggs,(American-Israeli Cooperative Enterprise). Also, many
Jews in Israel keep Kosher. The most common laws of Kashrut that are kept are not
eating meat with dairy, having different plates and silverware for meat and dairy, and not
eating pork. As stated in the text, Meat (the flesh of birds and mammals) cannot be eaten
with dairy. Fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables and grains can be eaten with either meat or dairy.
(According to some views, fish may not be eaten with meat),(Rich). More religious
forms of Judaism practice these laws stronger than the less religious forms. This affects

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Israel because the majority of the meat sold there is Kosher. Therefore imported not
kosher meat is expensive. The restaurants in Israel serve kosher meat and separate meat
and dairy, but dont get a Kashrut certificate. This is a certificate for following the laws of
Kashrut; they dont get one because they work on the Sabbath.
To conclude, Judaism influences Israel greatly. It is considered the main religion
of Israel and is the majority at 75%. The food is an effect of Judaism in Israel because of
the Kashrut laws. Also, because Israel is considered a Jewish state its neighboring
countries hated Israel; Israel now has treaties with Jordan and Egypt. Also, because of the
Jewish holidays businesses and schools close early or even fully close. Judaism majorly
influences Israel and the way it functions.

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