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Ahmon Smallwood

Question 1: All About Me!

I am a highly motivated, disciplined individual who aims to achieve great

success in the future.

I am currently pursuing my degree in general studies from the

Community College of Baltimore County; after I do this, I plan to transfer
to the University of Maryland, College Park, and major in finance.

Majoring in finance will provide me with the necessary information

needed in order to be successful in my desired career, which is
investment banking.

Though my goals are numerous, I believe that hard work will afford me
the success that I yearn for; this success is what motivates me to excel
in the classroom, as well as life altogether.

Question 2: What are my Strengths?

I have an abundance of strengths; however, my most valuable strengths

are my self-motivation and discipline.

I must say that my motivation is my biggest strength; I am extremely

eager and driven to accomplish any job assigned to me.

Fortunately, I do not need to constantly be told by others that I must

complete something. I know that in order to be successful, I need to
discipline myself and complete any given task at hand.

Question 3: What are my


Although I am very self-motivated and disciplined, I have tendencies to

set unrealistic goals; this causes me to stress more than necessary.

I aim to complete all tasks extremely well; unfortunately, if I come up

short or receive results other than what I intended to hear, I will feel as
if I let myself down.

When I overstress, this leaves me feeling burnt out. Consequently, this

has a tremendous impact on my academics and relationships.

Question 4: Where I see Myself in Five


In five years, I see myself as a very successful businessman.

I plan to gain experience by working as a financial analyst for a major

investment firm.

I also intend to be a motivational speaker, helping those who feel as if

they have no purpose in this world.

Most importantly, I see myself as a man who is joyful due to the fact
that I sacrificed so much to get where I prepared myself to be.

Question 7: Whats the most

Important thing Ive Learned in
Ive leaned many great things that will be beneficiary to my success in
the future.

Ive learned how to interact with all kinds of people and to rejoice

Ive learned how to successfully problem-solve.

Ive also learned how to be a team player, which is crucial to

professional success.

Question 8: What is my long range


My long range objective is to be an investment banker for a highly

reputable investment firm, such as Goldman Sachs, T. Rowe Price, Legg
Mason, etc.

I also aim to be very influential to many.

Most importantly, my long range goal is to be satisfied with my personal

and work life; again, these objectives are what propel me to embark on
my journey to success.