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Q)What cause the horizontal variation of atmospheric pressure?


Atmospheric pressure is the pressure created by the combined weight of gasses in the
atmosphere on the surface of this earth.
Air pressure=density*temperature*Constant
So,horizontal variation of atmospheric pressure is related to the density & temperature
while the constant being an independent variable(i.e.,does'nt gets afected by any changes
in other variables of the equation) is neglected.Since,within the atmosphere the volume of
air can change,then temperature variations can affect the air density.As air is
compressible hence the pressure decreases rapidly with height decreases since the pull
of gravity compresses the air & this is maximum near the Earth's surface.when air is
heated it expands resulting in spreading in outward pressure of molecules over a large
area due to heat energy provided by radiation.Thus,air pressure decreases & on the
contrary ,cooling induces contaction of molecules of air resulting in density increase
which in turn results in increased atmospheric presure.This is because due to contraction
the surface inspite of compression offered by gravity.Atmospheric pressure again varies
over ocean & land surface.this variation is due to variation in Albedo diference between
water & land,difference in specific heat capacity of water & land,difference in thermal
conductivity beyween land & water,difference in transparency/evaporation between the
two.the specific heat capacity of water results in low pressure in winter & high ressure in
summer over sea & oceans.This results in high pressure in higher latitudes & vice versa.