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UNIT 2 Jobs - Vocabulary - After Student's Book, page 17

1 Choose the correct answer.

1.- Jenny can start work any time from 9.00 to 11.00. She enjoys having professional
training /flexible working hours (formacin profesional / horas de trabajo flexibles)
2. All our shop assistants receive the same contact information / basic salary of 10 an
hour. (informacin de contacto / salario base)
3. The saiary isn't great, but you get a lot of money from hours / tips (horas / consejos)
4. It will be difficult for Mike to find work. He hasn't got a university degree/ job
requirements ( un ttulo universitario / requisitos de trabajo)
5. You need to do a lot of lifting in this job. You need physical strength / an attractive
appearance ( fuerza fsica / una apariencia atractiva)
6, My sister will receive university degree / professional training when she starts her
new job. (ttulo universitario / entrenamiento profesional)
2 Complete the crossword puzzle according to the clues below.
Across 2. brave 3. able to wait without losing one's temper 4, outgoing, nice to people 5.
inventive, imaginative, having artistic ability
Down 1. able to arrange and keep things in order 2, serene, not nervous

3 Choose the sentence that is closer in meaning to the original sentence.

1. She has got an attractive appearance.
a. She always looks nice.
b. She appears in a lot of films.
2. I haven't got a knowledge of languages.
a. I don't know the name of the language that's spoken in Iran.
b. I can't speak other languages.
3. Mark has got good people skills.
a. He knows how to choose good friends,
b. He is friendly and interacts well with everyone.
4. Mary has got a great deal of physical strength.
a. Mary isn't weak at all.
b_ Its difficult for her to carry heavy things.
After Student's Book, page 19 - Words from the Text - Complete the sentences
with the words below.
warning caused task suspend aims earned researching
1. The news ____________ everyone to stop what they were doing and listen.
2. When f have _______enough money, I'm going to buy a computer.
3. My mother gave me a _______. She told me to clean my room.
4. I've been _______________information about workers' rights.
5. The policeman gave me a _____________not to park there again,
6. We can't miss school. The head teacher will _______________ us.
7. Our ___________ are to improve local transport and to build more bridges across the river.
1.- flexible working hours/ basic
salary/ tips/ a university degree/
physical strength/ professional
3.- a-b-b-a
1. caused 2. Earned 3. Task
4. Researching 5. Warning 6
suspend - 7 aims