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Smile as you benefit DKG, 5

29 member
featured in
fall exhibit

VOL 72 NO 6

NOV/DEC 2015

Fall Harvest, watercolor by Kathleen

A. Rodak, Zeta, MI

DKGnext! Enthusiasm for the future

Seven women representing the
Y Generation of DKG members,
calling themselves DKGnext!,
recently met at headquarters. Their
demographics proved their variety.
come from chapters of 15-60
have been members one to six

range from ages 28-36;

work at elementary, secondary and
university levels;
represent all four U.S. regions;
joined because relatives were
members, because theyd received
chapter scholarships when
students, or were asked to join by
All had
attended either
a webinar for
those in their
age group or
had attended an
Under 35 event
at a regional
suggestions for
the Society to
create a culture
for welcoming
more DKGnext!
DKGnext! members, Sara Sweeney, WV; Jessica Sergent, CO;
Meredith Fychok, NC; Karen Shelton, OR; Amber Hedgpeth, SC; members were
voiced. They felt
Michelle Pittman, TX; Emily Lozinak, CT; gather in the Blanton
Room at headquarters with President Lyn Schmid.

Delta Kappa Gamma promotes professional and personal

growth of women educators and excellence in education.
Visit our website at www.dkg.org for the latest news and information

Is your state
organization represented? 7


Get results with

a new plan

Is your chapter thriving, stuck in a

rut, or struggling? Whichever term
best describes your chapter, consider
the new membership recruitment
plan introduced this biennium.
This recruitment approach has
shown positive results. Everything
chapters need for implementation
is on the DKG website on the
Membership Committee page under
Membership Recruitment Plan.
The plan provides an answer to
those who claim they do not know
anyone to recommend. With the
new recruitment plan, members use
the prospect card to recommend a
professional educator from a variety
of contexts: a grandchilds favorite
teacher, a workshop presenter or
trainer, a teacher-of-theyear awardee,
the band or chorus teacher at the
local school, drama teacher, school
administrator, private tutor, or
See DKGnext!, 3 athletic coach.

2 NOV/DEC 2015


Blue Sky Thinking: Embracing the challenge of change

By Dr. Lyn Babb Schmid

membership. Are your chapters and

state organizations operating the
What will DKG be in 10 years? is same as they did 10 years ago? Ten
one of the most challenging questions years from now will we be operating
that any organization can ask itself.
as we did 10 years ago?
Its also one of the hardest.
Other key questions around
Youve heard platitudes like We
which to frame our thinking: Is our
are forward-thinking, but if we really membership growing or shrinking?
want to be successful in the future,
Will we run out of people to recruit
our chapters, state organizations and if we stay with our old standby of
Society leaders must answer this
public schools? Should we be moving
into entirely new membership
One good place to start the
classifications/types? What political,
discussion about the future is
economic, and social forces could
right in your chapter. Developing
impact our membership and the
strategy and taking time to do
world? Once you start, questions
blue sky thinking is valuable for a
keep coming.
chapter, a state organization or an
How do we shape culture and
administrative board. Brain storming, relationships in a way that facilitates
original/visionary thinking, creative
necessary change? Most importantly,
thinking, and integrated/out-ofare we investing (both money
the-box thinking are all ways to
and effort) in the right places to
accomplish blue sky thinking.
make sure that we will have strong
Blue sky thinking brings both
outcomes in 10 years?
a members perspective and a
Where does this type of
global view of the Society into the
discussion lead? If we want to
discussion in a positive way. Asking
be a healthy, growing Society of
hard questions about the here and
women educators in 10 years,
now and about the future is one
then the choices we make today
of the most important jobs in any
impact the strategies, processes, and
infrastructure to get from where we
What, exactly, should we be
are today to where we want to be in
doing when we do blue sky thinking?
10 years.
One way to gauge what 10 years
Thinking about strategies and
ahead really means is to think 10
developing a concrete plan around
years back to what existed or more
them gives measurable steps that
usefully, what didnt exist then. Take
members can own and implement,
technology for instance: Facebook,
turning something that is an idea into
founded in 2004, was just a twinkle
something concrete.
in Mark Zuckerbergs eye. LinkedIn,
There is, of course, one other
founded in 2002, was in its infancy.
question that members need to ask
Social media certainly wasnt on any
and its the hardest one for an 86-year
companys radar screen.
organization: Are we committed to
What did DKG look like 10
make the changes to keep us a viable,
years ago? Answers to this question
sustainable Society, or do we need to
give much needed perspective on
make some changes within ourselves?
the speed of change, the manner of
As in life, the nature of
change in the world of associations,
organizations is about the right
and in the factors that influence the
balance of change and continuity. The


thing that differentiates organizations

that last from those that dont is the
ability to embrace the challenge of
International President: Dr. Lyn Babb Schmid,
First Vice President: Cathy P. Daugherty, Virginia
Second Vice President: Jeannette Ziga, Costa
Executive Director (Interim): Sandra Smith Bull,
Regional Directors

Europe: Marianne Skardus, Sweden

Northeast: Dr. Kay Clawson, West Virginia
Northwest: Dr. Phyllis VanBuren,

Southeast: Becky Sadowski, Tennessee

Southwest: Beth Schieber, Oklahoma
Immediate Past President: Dr. Beverly H. Helms,
2012-2016: Barbara L. Whiting,
2014-2018: Dr. Hanna Fowler, Georgia
Area Representatives

Canada: Dr. Donna-Faye Madhosingh
Latin America: Tamara Flores Hernndez,
San Luis Potosi
Parliamentarian: Dr. Gwen Simmons, North
Find administrative board members email
addresses at www.dkg.org
Toll-free phone: 888.762.4685
DKG NEWS (ISSN 0747184X) is published by
The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International
bimonthly in January/February, March/April,
May/June, July/August (online only), September/
October, and November/December at 416 West
Twelfth Street, Austin, TX 78701. Periodicals
Postage paid at Austin, TX. Annual international
membership dues include subscription to DKG
NEWS. Send news items to Dr. Jensi Souders,
editor, at the address below.

POSTMASTER: Send address changes to
DKG NEWS, P.O. Box 1589, Austin TX 787671589.


RESULTS From Page 1

These prospect cards are used to
create a dream team of prospective
members, all those we would love to
have as members, whether or not we
know them personally.
This approach asks that we not
assume an educator is too busy, lives
too far away
or wont be
interested in
joining DKG,
just a few of
the reasons we
often present
for not issuing
an invitation.
chapter votes
on prospective
then uses a
version of the
prospect letter
to inform each
educator of her recommendation
for membership, to briefly describe
the DKG organization, and to
invite her to attend an orientation
meeting. Each attendee is paired
with a member who serves as her
DKG buddy during the hourlong
session that includes a social time
as well as the Pride in the Big Picture
slideshow from the DKG website.
The emphasis throughout is on

professionalism and the honor of

At the orientations end,
prospects are asked to consider
membership. Those wishing to join
complete the membership application
and receive details about chapter
which can
take place
at any point
during the
year and
as often as
the chapter
chooses. The
buddy can
also serve as
a mentor to
the new
in chapter
The entire process can be
accomplished in a couple of months,
with your chapter being ready to
initiate a crop of new members to
diversify, rejuvenate, and strengthen
your chapter. What a gift that
would be to the chapter, to the state
organization, and to those new
members whom we introduce to the
many benefits of DKG membership!

Jan. 3 - Educational Foundation Project
Feb. 1 - International Scholarship Application
Feb. 1 - Cornetet Professional Development
Feb. 1 - Chapter biennial reports

DKGnext! From Page 1

...to initiate a
crop of new
to diversify,
and strengthen
your chapter.

Dec. 1 - Leadership Management Seminar

NOV/DEC 2015

Feb. 12 - National Legislative Forum hotel

Feb. 13 - National Legislative Forum
registration price change
March 1 - State organization biennial reports
March 1 - Achievement Award
April 1 - Dissertation recognition

valued when a webinar and regional

conference event were offered
specifically for them, and are looking
for more reaching out from the state
organization and international tiers
of the Society.
Three of the seven members
received no orientation to the Society
before joining. They reflected that
chapters expect them to have an
investment in traditions, but give
them no understanding of the
traditions in order to respect them.
Being actively involved in projects
rather than just donating money is a
preference. They cite student loans,
parenthood, chapters collecting for a
myriad of funds, expensive meeting
meals and expenses for conventions
as financial burdens that affect their
membership and participation.
They look forward to chapters,
state organizations and international
embracing change that is more
technologically involved with the
cutting edge of professional issues.
Participating in activities outside the
chapter is a goal for them.
Many questions arose:
Why are we pushed into
leadership immediately when we
Why are we not tapping into
student teachers as new members?
Why do we not put more
information/news articles on
Why is there no mentorship
program for new members on
teaching issues and DKG?
These women are committed
to coming to the Nashville 2016
Convention to have a true DKGnext!
presence. Look for them as they
present breakout sessions, hold an
event aimed at their age group, and
fulfill other assignments throughout
the week. Encourage your DKGnext!
members to join in the enthusiasm in


4 NOV/DEC 2015



Did you know that you are an

employer? Your dues fund the salaries
and benefits for 19 employees in
four departments who work at DKG
Society Headquarters in Austin.
One of those departments is the
Operation Services Department with
four staff members under the direct
supervision of Operation Services
Administrator Phyllis Hickey.
Here are some of the ways
this department took care of your
business in the 2014-2015 fiscal
Wrote 1,432 checks and 1,989
thank you notes for donations
Made 73 wire transfers
Received and processed
$37,052.53 in contributions
to the Emergency Fund and
$67,994.18 in contributions to
the World Fellowship Fund
Produced and processed six
biennial reports (Forms 39, 40,
33, 34, 42 and 41)
Cross referenced 2,340 EIN
numbers and treasurer addresses
against the U.S. Internal Revenue
Service required annual report
Processed deposits and checks for
10 DKG funds
Prepared all financial reports
for international committee,
Administrative Board and
international Executive Board
Processed all payroll
Produced and processed
applications for money from
World Fellowship, Scholarship
and International Speakers Funds
Assisted with the work of the
World Fellowship, Scholarship,
Finance, Non-dues Revenue and
Speakers Fund international

Filed all state and federal tax

reports (U.S. only), credit
applications and insurance
Oversaw the maintenance of your
headquarters building, including
all state- mandated safety tests
Assisted with vendor/exhibitor
applications for regional
conferences and prepared vendor/
exhibitor material for the 2016
International Convention
In what do the employees of the
Operation Services Department take
the most pride? Assisting members
by phone and email. Check out
the next column of Your Money
Your Business to find out why you
should keep your employees in this
department on speed dial!


Give Often!
Give Generously!
Give to Educate the World!

DKGEF pays it forward

Five times a year The DKG
Educational Foundation (DKGEF)
pays it forward through the
funding of educational projects and
professional development awards.
In September, trustees reviewed 32
applications for Cornetet Individual
Professional Development (CIPD)
The total of $18,133 awarded
enables 13 individuals to attend
professional development activities
that support individual educational
goals. Ten of the CIPD recipients
are Society members. Awardees
represent seven states, all within the
U.S. Individual awards range from
$738 to $2,000. Music, social studies
and kindergarten are just a few of
the topics associated with CIPD
applications this award cycle.
In addition to the CIPD
awards, DKGEF provides funding
to members and non-members for
educational projects and professional
development seminars. Applications,
scoring rubrics, additional

information, and examples of awardwinning submissions for each of

these awards are online at www.dkg.
DKGEF will pay it forward
next with Cornetet Professional
Development Seminar applications,
due November 1, 2015, and
educational project applications,
due January 3, 2016. Connect your
application ideas to the DKGEF
1. Support and encourage
intercultural understanding;
2. Encourage standards of excellence
in education; and
3. Assist and cooperate with
schools, colleges, universities, and
other persons, organizations, trust
funds, or foundations in support,
encouragement, and improvement
of education.
By submitting an application
you, too, could be in line to pay it
forward with a project that makes a
difference in the lives of others.


Smile when you purchase!

Do you make purchases from
Amazon? Do you want a portion
of what you spend to come to the
Society? Its easy to do at no cost to
All members (and your friends!)
who purchase from Amazon can
earn money for the DKG Supporting
Corporation that manages eight of
the Societys funds. When you sign
in to Amazon Smile (smile.amazon.
com), click on the DKG Supporting
Corporation as the charity of your
choice. A percentage of all sales
will then be sent to the supporting
Once you have identified the
Supporting Corporation as the
charity of your choice, bookmark the
site and each time you buy something
from Amazon Smile you are helping
earn money for DKG. The Amazon
Smile website is identical to the
Amazon website (except DKG gets a
portion of your purchase).

Your DKG Supporting

Corporation is the 501 (c)
(3) umbrella that manages the
investments of the Educators Award,
Emergency, Golden Gift, Loretta
Halek, Eunah Temple Holden,
Scholarship, World Fellowship,
and International Speakers funds.
Donations to any of these funds are
tax deductible to members in the
U.S. and some other countries.
The Board of the corporation
met in August and reviewed the
financial status of each fund, and the
corporations Strategic Action Plan.
The Societys investment advisors
assisted Corporation directors
in understanding how funds are
being managed consistent with the
investment policy. They will continue
to send quarterly reports to members
of the supporting corporation board
and are available at any time for

Register for National Legislative Seminar!

When? March 13-16, 2016
Where? Holiday Inn, National
Airport, Crystal City in
Arlington, Virginia
Registration information
on U. S. Forum website at
What? Join DKG Key Women
Educators for speakers,
tours, a day on Capitol Hill and networking with
All U.S. members
To take a non-partisan, active role in fulfilling Society
Purposes Four and Seven

NOV/DEC 2015


Small changes reap big results

Members have indicated time and
again that a primary reason for
maintaining DKG membership is the
personal relationships. Thus, it is no
surprise that many reasons members
give for dropping membership are
associated with the relationships
among members and the overall
culture of the chapter.
In the last seven years, an average
of approximately 11,000 members
annually dropped membership. Only
about 10% of those memberships
were due to death. In 1991, total
membership in DKG peaked at
168,666, compared to 77,577
members in 2015.
Since 2012, Society
Headquarters has surveyed dropped
members who have a documented
email address. Responses have been
consistent in tone and frequency with
respect to common perspectives.
Approximately 65% of
respondents over the past 3 years
consistently indicated that the
DKG membership experience was
satisfactory (or better), they would
recommend membership in DKG
to a friend, and they would consider
reinstatement in the future, if asked.
So, Why did these members drop?
Reasons given include
personal, family and professional
responsibilities. These can change
over time and lead to reinstatement.
They can also be overcome with
chapter support and strategic
programming such as planning
programs to assist working/earlycareer educators.
However, an overwhelming
number of respondents also indicated
they did not find

6 NOV/DEC 2015


and Actions
Recipients announced Assets
Marketing Our Pride
for World Fellowship
Women applying for World
Fellowship grants have been selected
for 2015-2016. New recipients
receive $4,000 (U.S.) for graduate
study at universities in Canada and
the United States. Recipients names,
home countries, fields of study and
universities show the vast impact
DKG and the International World
Fellowship Committee have on
Doaa Abu Elyounes, Israel, Law,
Harvard University
Siti Hazariah Binte Abu Bakar,
Singapore, Anthropology, McGill
Laura Corazon Cabochan,
Philippines, Applied Theater, City
University of New York
Analia Cascone, Argentina, Law,
Columbia University
Lucia Chanetsa, Zimbabwe,
Nanomedicine, University of
Bodahandi Ayodhya De Silva, Sri
Lanka, Law, New York University
Maryam, Elyasi, Iran, Dentistry,
University of Alberta
Patricia Fernandez Guajardo,
Mexico, Public Policy, Oregon
State University
Nellia Gospodinova, Bulgaria,
Instructional Technology, Lehigh
Ravit Heskiau, Israel,
Organizational Behavior,
University of Toronto
Saima Hirani, Pakistan, Nursing,
University of Alberta
Huyen Hoang, Vietnam,
American Studies, New York
Cecilia Hopp, Argentina, Law,
New York University

Ananda Muhammad, Indonesia,

TESOL, Iowa State University
Catia Perciani, Brazil,
Immunology, University of
Maria-Jose Rivera-Araya, Costa
Rica, Geography, University of
Maria Romo Escudero, Chile,
Education, University of Virginia
Katalin Sulyok, Hungary, Law,
Harvard University
Rebecca Tollan, United Kingdom,
Linguistics, University of Toronto
Hester Veitch, South Africa,
Disability Studies, Syracuse
Lisa Veronica Decenteceo,
Philippines, Ethnomusicology,
University of Michigan
Ines De Marcos, Argentina, Public
Policy, Georgetown University
Hanita Djaya, Indonesia,
Humanities Interdisciplinary
Disability Studies, SUNY at
Sun Young Pyo, Republic of
Korea, Public Policy, SUNY at
Trang Vuong, Vietnam, Urban
Planning, Tufts University
Altynay Zhanayeva, Kazakhstan,
Plant Biology, University of
Massachusetts, Amherst

No experience in marketing, you say?

When you develop a plan for
non-dues revenue for a chapter or
state organization, you are actually
marketing as well. If you run a
community event to raise funds for
a specific cause, put out a big sign
about DKG and/or have Society
marketing brochures available for the
general public to learn more about
Delta Kappa Gamma.
Chapters and state organizations
order or make DKG-branded items
to sell at regional conferences or
international conventions. All of
this is marketing for the Society,
in addition to generating non-dues
revenue for the chapter or state
organization. The DKG-branded
items are viewed by many in the
public eye when DKG members use
or wear them.
Consider this option and
register to be a vendor at the
2016 International Convention in
Nashville, TN. Applications are
available on the Society website at
www.dkg.org under events.

CHANGES From Page 5

the value they thought membership
would provide, the mentors they
hoped to find, the involvement and
projects they wanted or even the
friendships and fellowship DKG
promotes. In fact, some simply did
not feel welcomed.
The good news: Most of the
reasons given can be conquered with
a few small changes in the structure
and culture of the chapter.
For a full report from the
Dropped Member Survey, email Nita
Scott at nitas@dkg.org and engage
chapter members in a discussion
about how to make your chapter a
vital and welcoming place to be.


Who c an be a vendor at the

international convention?

Any member may be a

vendor. Members have
sold books, educational
games, music CDs and jewelry that
they have written or produced. As
a member benefit, individuals will

receive special discounted pricing for

a table.
Any chapter or state organization
looking for non-dues revenue may
also submit an application and receive
special pricing. A non-affiliate vendor
may apply to be a vendor as well. All
vendors and exhibitors are approved
by the Administrative Board.
Plan to sell at the 2016
International Convention in
Nashville, TN. Applications are on
the Society website under Events.
Just think up to 2,000 women all
ready to shop!

Fine arts gallerys fall

exhibit features 49 works
Twenty-nine artists from 15 state
organizations are featured in the fall
exhibit of the DKG Gallery of Fine
The exhibit includes crafts (an
art quilt and a hooked rug), essays,
mixed media, paintings (oil and
watercolor), photographs and poems.
As more members become
acquainted with the DKG online
gallery, more and more submissions
are being received. The Arts and
Humanities Jury members, according
to Chair June Bowers, are thrilled
with the gallerys success in the short
time it has been in existence, giving
member artists a very visible and
colorful way to be published.
Exhibitors in the fall gallery are
Bobbie R. Daughtry (Beta Beta,
GA) and Allie Stough (Beta Pi, VA),
crafts; Sheila W. Mable (Theta, NH),
essays; Grace Carol Bomer (Alpha
Phi, NC) and Catherine Grytting
(Rho, WA), mixed media; Margaret
A. Chambers (Beta, DC), Judy
Williard (Zeta, NC), Kathleen A.
Rodak (Zeta, MI), Marie Rinaudo
(Zeta, LA), and Mary Lou Gregory

(Beta Chi, WA), oil and watercolor

Donna R. Graham (Beta, DC),
Theresa Azoti (Zeta, CT), Laurel
E. Fisher (Kappa, WA), Stacey
Chicoine (Eta Zeta, CA), Soo Boo
Tan (Mu, HI), Kathryn Wright (Xi,
TX), Ulana L. Ratley (Kappa Delta,
TX) and Dawn M. Pregler (Lambda,
IA), photography; and
Marylin J. Nease (Delta
Omicron, TX), Joyce G. Buchanan
(Xi, VA), Cherie Ward, Ph.D.
(Alpha, DC), Sheila W. Mable
(Theta, NH), Lorraine Williams
Johnson (Theta, MD), Marie Blake
(Alpha, DC), Janye B. Brainard
(Kappa, TX), Suzanna Mullins
(Alpha Psi, VA), Glenda Lopez Beall
(Alpha Iota, TX), Marilyn J. StalderBurke (Omicron, CA), Yvette Moore
(Omega, NM) and Ermyn Roberts
(Beta, DC), poetry.
Readers are encouraged to go to
dkg.org fine arts gallery to view
members creative efforts.
The next submission period is
January 1-February 1, 2016.

NOV/DEC 2015

WORKING From Page 8

(BC), received city permission and
support for its Free Little Library.
The city prepared a site in a small
park next to a coffee shop and the
chapter provided books for both
adults and children. In spite of
skeptics, there has been no vandalism
of the site. In fact, books have been
given and taken with surprising
BC members say the secret is to
ask friends to donate books. They
are usually eager to lighten their
bookshelves. Chapter members
make stickers for the books that say
Donated by Delta Kappa Gamma.
Three member stewards keep an
eye on the library. The chapter hopes
to provide a park bench in the near
future so that people can sit and
See www.freelittlelibrary.org for
more information and ideas.


2016 CTAUN Conference
at UN Headquarters
Friday, January 22, 2016
Stewardship for a Sustainable
World: Education in the
Sustainable Development
Goals (SDGs)
Join educators, students, and
NGO Representatives in a
day-long conference with UN
delegates and experts to learn
about the new Sustainable
Development Goals, why they
are important to all of us, and
the part you can play!

NOV/DEC 2015


Whats working

Chapter Strengthening
The Little Free Library (LFL)
project has raised awareness for the
presence of DKG chapters in their
communities. LFL gives people the
opportunity to read and exchange
books within their neighborhood.
Chapters can promote literacy by
providing readers convenient access
to books in neighborhoods that do
not have transportation to a library.
Iowa State Organization
awarded a mini grant to help Tau
chapter in Des Moines provide
a Free Little Library near a lowincome housing project with over
400 multi-family units. The children
of the project represent a diverse
group of immigrants from Somalia,

Sudan, Liberia, and Iraq. Expenses
were reduced by having a members
husband construct the little library
instead of purchasing a kit. Members
created a welcoming design with
vivid colors to entice young readers

to select books for their pleasure.

Chapter members provided the
books that may be of interest to
young readers.
The Fraser Shores Chapter,
British Columbia


The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International (USPS 715-830)

P.O. Box 1589, Austin, TX 78767-1589 USA

Austin TX USA


Latin American
members celebrate
fellowship while
facing membership

Are we involving them in

chapters, allowing them to feel
welcome, integrated and important
to us? Do we care about one another?
If we are doing that, they learn, stay,
and become members. Even more
they will invite others to become part
of DKG.
Protocol, age grouping,
Tell me and I forget, teach me and I traditions, fees, time and others are
remember, involve me and I learn
some of the issues we face in DKG
Benjamin Franklin in order to grow, not only in Latin
This quotation invites one to
American countries. It is a challenge
reflect on what we are doing with our we should consider and reflect on
members in DKG and with other
what we are doing, what we need to
teachers whom we would like to
change and what we would like to
become members. Are we just telling become in the future.
them about who we are, where we
85 years and more: Sharing
come from, what we did in the past,
from the Past, Strengthening
what we do in the present, and what
Ourselves in the Present and
we would like to do in the future? If
Building the Future was the topic for
so, they can forget!
our Fifth Latin American Conference
Are we just teaching them about held in San Luis Potos, Mexico,
our mission, vision and Purposes?
last July. Seven of the nine Latin
They might remember them.
American States were represented

by 34 members, including Society

Representative Dr. Carolyn Rants
and two guests. Sharing knowledge,
experiences, reflections, laughs, hugs
and love for who we are and what we
do was a precious and priceless time.
Strengthening our friendship
and communication, we celebrated
our Latin American Forum at the
Southwest Regional Conference with
26 members of eight states as well as
guests from Texas. Thank you all for
your time, disposition and work!
This column is submitted on a rotating basis by the Europe regional
director, the area representatives for Canada and Latin America, and

The September/October edition of DKG

NEWS incorrectly identified Dr. Tim Tooten,
recipient of the NE Media Award at the NE
Regional Conference, as Dr. Dan Toomey.
Also, WBAL is a network-affiliated station,
not public television. We regret the error.