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array: an impressive display
bishop: a port wine flavored with oranges and cloves
blithe: lighthearted
buck: a spirited youth
dispelled: caused to move widely apart
frisked: frolicked
garments: clothing
illustrious: glorious
Joe Miller: a book of jokes
Laocon: a Trojan priest killed with his sons by two sea serpents
loitered: lingered aimlessly
malady: a disorder
recompensed: repaid
scuttle: a broad, shallow basket
sidled: edged along furtively
transports: movements from one place to another
unanimity: harmony; being in agreement
Study Questions
1. Describe Scrooges demeanor in Stave Five.
2. What gift does Scrooge send the Cratchits? How does he send it to them, and why does he
send it that way?

3. Scrooge sends the gift to the Cratchits anonymously. What does this suggest about him?
4. What reaction do passersby have to Scrooge as he walks the streets?
5. What does Scrooge likely whisper in the ear of the gentleman who had sought a donation the
day before?
6. How is Scrooge received by Fred and his friends?
7. What trick does Scrooge play on Bob Cratchit?
8. What do we learn about the extent of Scrooges change in character?