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1. What conclusion about children and family does A Christmas Carol offer? Cite at
least three examples from the novella to support your discussion.
2. Scrooges past is important to understanding how he became so alienated from
society. Chart Scrooges progression from schoolboy to miser. What went wrong on
his path? Why is it so painful for Scrooge to see these memories?
3. Contrast Scrooges view of the world (before he changed) to the views of Belle, Bob
Cratchit, and Mr. Fezziwig. How are notions of optimism and pessimism developed
through this contrast? What might it imply about Dickenss view of the world?
4. Does Dickens suggest that Scrooge should help himself, others, or both? Is it
possible to help both ourselves and fellow humans? What is the relationship
between the two, and how is it shown in the novella?