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Chelsea Bowden

Speaker Reflection 4
Assessment Matters: Dr. Julie Hannah
Talking about assessments today during class definitely gave me
insight into other ways of assessing students, making learning
meaningful, and helping students become prepared for after high
school careers and collegiate programs. I took away many important
pieces of advice and knowledge from Dr. Hannah, which I believe will
benefit my future classroom greatly. Assessments can be much more
than a final grade and that is what I want to reflect on in my speaker
reflection today.
The two types of assessment are formative and summative. Both
are important to classroom instruction, but have different influences on
student achievement. Summative in my opinion is the last and final
way of testing a student and putting it in the grade book for records. I
do not believe that summative assessments should be used if a
student is struggling and I dont believe it is a way of knowing where a
student is struggling academically by simply giving a test and grading
it. When a teacher needs to gage her students academically, that is
when formative assessments become essential. There are lots of ways
of gaging were your students are throughout a lesson without putting a
grade in the grade book, like summative assessments call to do. That
is one of the biggest pieces of advice I took away from Dr. Hannah; is
that there are multiple ways of helping a child learn and gaging where
they are without condemning them to a bad grade in the grade book.
Before Dr. Hannahs lecture, I didnt think you planned the assessment
at the beginning of a lesson, but I quickly learned you did. I think this is
crucial to observing a student and seeing where they need extra
Another component Dr. Hannah reflected on was her passion for
Alabama schools and the drastic changes theyve had over the last
three to four years. They are redefining what the high school graduate
looks like in Alabama and preparing them for life after high school.
Schools are focusing on college and career ready standards, so that
students are prepared for the real world after high school. Through
these new practices, schools are providing opportunities for kids who
originally couldnt experience those opportunities. The ACT is
important for these kids that originally wouldnt take it because of lack
of transportation, money, etc. Schools in Alabama are focusing on
preparing students and giving them opportunities that they could not
have had originally.
Dr. Hannahs lecture today was great and she really gave me a
better perspective that assessments can be much more than a final
grade in a book. Teachers have the ability to greatly impact their

students lives and make school a place where they can escape and
learn about the changing world around them. I really enjoyed Dr.
Hannahs lecture and think she is very wise about assessments and the
benefits and ways to improve student success for all.