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Christopher Valencia

Professor Jackie
English 113A
05 November 2015
Tom Brady the G.O.A.T.
Tom Brady has made his mark in the NFL. He is considered as one of the greatest to play
QB in the NFL. He started his career behind the future hall of famer Drew Bledsoe. He
eventually got hurt and that is when Tom Brady started the greatness of his career. Throughout
his career Tom Brady has been faced with adversity such as cheating, injuries, etc. Everything he
has been through he has overcome with winning and having great success on the field and also
off the field. But some people have considered Brady not the best player ever in the NFL because
of what he has done with cheating on the football field which apparently to some people is a
major sin and anyone who is caught cheating should be banned. That does not stop Tom Brady
from being who is he is on the field. He should not be dishonored because of mistakes he has
made in his past. Tom Brady is only human, and humans make mistakes. He should be
considered the best ever, above everyone else. Although Tom Brady is hated by many people for
his past actions in football, he should be considered the greatest player to ply in the NFL because
of the history he has made and records he has broken.
Tom Brady was overlooked as a quarterback in college at Michigan. When he was drafted
in Round 6 Pick 199th, which is the bottom of the barrel, he was inspired to become the greatest
player in NFL history. When he came out of college he was already hated by many people
because of the team that drafted him. The New England Patriots, a team that is always winning, a
team that at this time now is having a winning record every season. Since Brady became the
starter back in the early 2000s, many people dont like him at all. People didnt like him because

of all the success he was having. He won his first Super Bowl in 2001, his second year in the
NFL. Many people did not like that because youre not supposed win a Super Bowl just in your
second year. In 2007, was the year that made him even more hated by everybody was a cheating
scandal, which the team was accused of spying on teams and recording them doing hand signals.
As Kipling says, When the news of Spygate broke in 2007, it put the New England Patriots
three Super Bowl victories into question. This connects to the hating of Brady because he was
caught cheating with his team. People said that his reputation should be tarnished and his Super
Bowl rings should be taken away from him. Some even said he should be suspended for a whole
year. When this spygate happened it was during the 2007 season when they were undefeated.
People also thought that the undefeated season was not credible because of the cheating scandal.
Although Brady has faced adversity from a lot of stuff he has still continued to show everyone
why he should be considered the greatest player in NFL history.
Everything that Brady has been through he has still showed why he should be considered
the greatest player in NFL history. Even when people say he should be banned from football,
suspended, and etc. He still shows out on the field and proves everyone wrong. According to
Chidha, Many people suspected the 38-year-old Brady would be more driven than ever to
terrorize the league after being forced to defend his integrity in the "Deflategate" controversy.
He's already gone above and beyond what many of us could've imagined. This explains that
even though people have doubted him and accused of cheating against the Indianapolis Colts. He
disregarded the people which are haters and played the best football in his career. He is playing
like a mad man. Trying to make a point to everyone that if you doubt him and accuse him of
cheating that he will prove you wrong and become successful. It all speaks for itself, his records,
stats, success, and drive to become the best ever in the NFL and also prove people wrong.

His records and statistics speak for his success. His drive to win and prove people wrong
should also be considered when thinking about him as the best player in the NFL. He has broken
many records, and made his own records. He is one of the best players when it comes to football.
Not only his skills to play but also his intelligence, his IQ for the game. He knows what to do in
situations. He knows what plays to run and how to play the opponent. Brady has the most starts
in a Super Bowls with 6 more than anyone else. He has won 4 of them, and lost 2 to the New
York Giants, a rival. As Chidha said, This season alone could end up being the most brilliant of
Brady's career. At his current pace, he'll amass 5,477 passing yards with 42 touchdowns and
three interceptions. This shows that his records speak for him, no other quarterback is even
close to his pace. This is why he should be considered the greatest quarterback in NFL history.
His reputation should not be tarnished because of some mistakes he has done. It should be
focused on his statistics and records.
Bradys reputation should not be tarnished or disregarded because of some mistakes he has
done. He is only human, sometimes humans do things that is not right and we find that out after
they are done with consequences. But Tom Brady shouldnt have been accused of the
deflategate just because he is the superstar of the team. The NFL accused him of deflating the
balls before the game to receive more grip on the football. They saw that as a cheating method.
The NFL didnt hesitate to point the finger to Brady. They gave him a suspension of 4 games and
fined him money. Some people thought that they wanted to get him because he is Tom Brady. So
without doubt Brady appealed the case in a New York Court and eventually won. As Chidha
says, Many people suspected the 38-year-old Brady would be more driven than ever to terrorize
the league after being forced to defend his integrity in the "Deflategate" controversy. He was
ready to prove the league wrong for accusing him. They took away the 4 game suspension and

let him go free. Tom Brady was going out there on the field to prove the NFL wrong. He was out
to prove to everyone that he had nothing to do with cheating and redeem himself. While proving
that to the NFL, he is also cementing his spot as the greatest player in NFL history.
Tom Brady this year has kept his foot on the gas peddle, as if he doesnt have any brakes.
At 38 years old he still looks like he has about 10 more years left in him. Through everything
that Brady has been through, accused of cheating twice his most significance matters in his life
aside from just being hated because of his success, he still some how finds a way to win on and
off the field. His fans also stay loyal and believe in him. Even those who dont like him, would
agree that should be considered the greatest player in NFL history. Not only because of people
say or how many years he has been in the league but because of his will to win, his statistics,
records, MVP awards and, his Super Bowl Rings. As for now according to most people, it looks
like he has already cemented himself as the Greatest Player in NFL history.

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