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Lauren Love

ISM- Period 6
"Divorce Myths Uncovered - Divorce Source." Divorce Myths Uncovered - Divorce Source.
N.p., n.d. Web. 05 Nov. 2015.

There are a number of myths associated with divorce and they are often confused because
they sound like common sense.
To deny a parent of visitation rights because of failure to pay child support is a myth.
Judges view visitations and child support payments differently
Infidelity and bad conduct in a marriage is not considered by the court.
The only misconduct that judges view is economically for the division of assets.
The court views divorces as a dissolution of an economic unit.
A case based on adultery is highly advised against due to having to prove it, and because
the involvement of children.
A spouse can not deny the other spouse of a divorce.
Even though mothers get child custody 80% of the time, this is not always the case.
When both parents file for custody, they must prove the other parent is unfit and in the
end the judge will have the say as to what the childs best interest is.
The belief that you have to have a lawyer in a divorce is untrue because everyone is
defined by the Constitution to be able to represent themselves.
However, this only tends to work in simple divorces - ones where there are no kids, no
property, no arguments, and both spouses working.
The belief that children get to pick the parent they live with is also untrue.
Yes, the judge will listen to the childs input, but ultimately its up to their jurisdictional
Equitable distribution does not mean that both of the spouses will get equal or half of the
marital possessions.
This distribution is based on finances of each spouse separately, but it will be fair.
The idea that the second marriage will be better provides a false hope.
When entering into marriage for a second time, the rate of divorce jumps up to 60%.
Having children will not necessarily help save a marriage.
Some marriages can not be saved and sometimes children can put a wedge in a marriage
by the couple only be concerned about the child and not themselves.

There are a lot of myths surrounding divorce and this website made me realize that these myths
are just mere expectations and hopes of people going through a difficult time.