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Papa Johns
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US obesity rates
rising among
black women

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Wanted: a comprehensive program to manage Obesity

besity, a medical condition

in which excess body fat accumulates to the extent that it
negatively affects ones overall
health, is one of the biggest
scourges facing American. It is a
pressing concern because of reduced life expectancy and host of
chronic illnesses.
The Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention has consistently sounded the alarm about
the increasing number of Americans who are overweight. And
the numbers continue to rise.
People are considered obese
when their body mass index
(BMI) -- a measurement obtained by dividing a person's
weight by the square of the person's height--exceeds 30 kg/m2.
Americans are always
among the most overweight people in the world. However, the
rate of obesity started leveling
off in about 2004 as several national efforts to promote healthy
lifestyles were implemented.

Several studies published in

the United States show a correlation between obesity and soda
and fruit drinks. The consumption of soda and fruit drinks has
more than doubled since the
One study points out that,
"drinking sugary drinks was affecting genes that regulate
weight and increased the genetic
predisposition of a person to gain
While people from all races
are affected, the obesity rate is
higher among women, especially
black women in poor communities. This is of concerns to us as
obesity causes several chronic
health problems, including Type
II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, osteoarthritis, liver
disease, sleep apnea, depression
and other medical conditions that
affect mortality and morbidity.
Already struggling to meet
the needs of families, African
Americans are eating themselves


to death with the consumption of

relatively inexpensive and easily
available fast foods such as hamburgers, French fries, bacon, and
doughnuts, which are high in fat
and carbohydrates.

A 2007 study found that the

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known
as food stamps), which provides food subsidies for women
and children, was associated
with a 50 percent increased in
obesity rate among female
The program supports some
1.8 million low-income New
While, we must take personal responsibilities and manage our eating habits, it would
appear that the government
(state, city and federal) should do
more to help people manage their
This calls for a comprehensive education and training program, as well as regulations to
prevent greedy companies from
exploiting innocent consumers
with crappy and bad foods.
Obesity is not just an economic burden on taxpayers, it is
also destroying families!

The opinions expressed in this newspaper, except for the above, do not necessarily reflect the views of Street Hype Newspaper and its publishers. Please send
your comments and or suggestions to editor@streethypenewspaper.com. Responses should be no longer than 400 words. Not all articles will be published.

People Are Talking...!

Stop Funding the Kindergarten to Prison Pipeline

Dear Editor:
e just started a petition titled "Tell the U.S. Department of Education to Stop
Funding the Kindergarten to
Prison Pipeline" Here's why this
is important:
We have a crisis across the
country with school arrests and
We all were horrified to see a
South Carolina police officer assault and handcuff a 16 year
black student in her classroom.
But the school-to-prison pipeline
starts the disparate treatment of
our youngest black students in
school. Black children make up
18% of preschoolers, but 48% of
pre-school suspensions.
Overall black students are 4
times more likely than their
white peers to be suspended.
Latino, LGBT and special needs
students are also more likely to
be suspended. The data is clear
suspensions lead to dropouts,
which often lead to prison.
My 10-year-old son Jamir
has faced multiple school suspensions when he was
a student at Success Academy
charter schools in New York
City. He was routinely asked to
be picked up or was suspended
for minor infractions like being
too emotional or not going up the
school stairs in a timely manner.
My son has special needs and he
can act out when not provided
the proper supports, but Success
Academy did nothing to help

I finally had to withdraw my

son. Jamir and I are not alone.
On October 29th, the New York
Times reported on a Success
Academy Got to Go list of students the school wanted to get rid
of. These students faced numerous suspensions as early as
kindergarten and most of the parents withdrew their children as a
Moskowitz has boasted on national TV and in a prominent
opinion piece in the Wall Street
Journal about her harsh discipline policies including her suspension of kindergarteners. Last
year one of her schools issued 44
out-of-school suspensions to just
203 kindergarteners and first
But because Moskowitz has
the backing of hedge fund billionaires who use their political
muscle to buy influence for her
and other zero tolerance charter
schools in Washington, D.C.,
nothing is being done about it. In



fact Eva Moskowitz has used her

political connections to rake in
over $37 million in funding from
the U.S. Department of Education. She was just awarded $13.4
million of $335 million that the
Department awarded to charter
schools across the country. If the

U.S. Department of Education is

going continue to fund Eva
Moskowitzs zero tolerance charter schools in New York, then
they will turn a blind eye to zero
tolerance charter schools across
the country.
We cannot allow the U.S.
government to fund a kindergarten to prison pipeline. That is
why I joined with the Alliance
for Quality Education and the
Urban Youth Collaborative to
ask you to send this petition to
Secretary of Education Arne
Duncan calling on him to stop
funding the Kindergarten to
prison pipeline.
Thank you,
Fatima Geidi,
Alliance for Quality
Education New York

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US obesity rates rising

among black women


besity rates are rising again among

American adults, despite national efforts to promote healthy lifestyles. The obesity rate is higher among women, especially
black women in poor communities.
According to a recent study from the
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention,
using a national survey of about 5,000 people, the rates of obesity had been climbing
dramatically since the 1980s but started leveling off in about 2004.
This latest study means they are rising
again -- to nearly 38 percent in 2013-14, up
from about 32 percent a decade ago. NonHispanic white, non-Hispanic black and Hispanic adults and youth are experiencing
higher rates of obesity than their white counterparts, the study found.
Between black men and women, there
is a significant difference for rates of obesity: women's rates soar above men's at 57
percent compared to 38 percent.
Stacey Snelling, a nutritionist teaching
at American University, explains that socioeconomic forces determine the health status
of any group of people, especially the poor.
She also notes that the rise in obesity rates
could be because healthy eating campaigns
are losing their effectiveness. Over the past
10 years, much of the focus has been on food
and nutrition for keeping obesity at bay, but
now people were "losing attention" to that
message, she said, and perhaps now was
time to focus on exercise.

"Our initial reaction to the obesity

epidemic -- limited sugary beverages and fried food -- only
works to a point," Snelling
said. The consumption of fizzy
drinks has fallen in recent years
and fast-food chains now offer
healthier menus, but these kinds
of public health problems are
complex, she adds.
National campaigns
have been aimed at lowering obesity
rates in the US,
such as First
Lady Michelle
Obama's "Let's
Move" campaign, which
offers programming
for exercise and healthy eating among
The United States has focused on cutting out fried foods and sugary drinks in past
years. Many companies have introduced
things like treadmill desks and incentives to
exercise with pedometers and staff-wide
But not all have taken a stake in employees' health. "With adults, the corporate
environment has not changed as dramatically as schools have," she said.


Obesity prevalence was found to

be much higher for adult women
than adult men 38 percent
compared to 34 percent.
Study author Cynthia Ogden
told the BBC that this study
marked the first time in many
years that higher women's
obesity rates were statistically significant.
"That's kind of a
new finding,"
said Ogden.
" N o w ,
what's happened is
prevalence in
has gone
above what it was in men again."
Non-Hispanic whites, non-Hispanic
blacks and Hispanic adults and youths are
experiencing higher rates of obesity than
their white counterparts, the study found.
Between black men and women, there is a
significant difference for rates of obesity -women's rates soar above men's at 57 percent compared to 38 percent.
Socio-economic forces determine the
health status of any group of people,
Snelling said.

More cellphone
service and Wi-Fi
at subway stations

TA and Transit Wireless officials

say 37 additional underground stations have received a connectivity boost 21 in the Bronx and 16 in Manhattan.
Those stations include some major
hubs such as Lexington Av-53rd St, Lexington Av-59th St, 149th St-Grand Concourse, and 125th St.
With the latest stations coming online, there are a total of 146 stations on the
Transit Wireless network system-wide.
"It's good because when you're on the
subway and you want to make a call or
text, you can get through to people, one
straphanger said.
The agency says it is working on connecting the remaining stations in the
Bronx and Manhattan before moving on
to stations in Brooklyn.
The MTA hopes to have all 279 underground New York City subway stations
connected by 2017.
Wireless service is currently not
available when a train travels underground
and between stations.

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Linton Jackie Brown

Dec. 25, 1945 Nov. 12, 2015

fter a long battle with diabetes and losing a leg to the dreaded disease, veteran Reggae singer Linton Brown (aka
Jackie Brown) passed away Nov. 12 at his
home in Far Rockaway, Queens. He was 69.
Brown had his breakthrough hit in
1972 with the Sonia Pottinger-produced
One Night Of Sin, which topped the JBC
Chart. In 1978 the self-produced Little
Miss Hard To Get topped the RJR chart.
After migrating to the US, he gained another big hit in 1984 with Sweet Music
Man. During his career, Jackie Brown
recorded several albums and singles for various producers.
Brown who was part of the reggae
group the Silverton and was also known for
the following hit songs: Send Me the Pillow that you Dream, Fat Girl, "Who is
Your Mama," and Miss Wire Waist.
After serving some seven years in the
Jamaica Defence Force, Brown migrated to
the US in 1981 and continued his professional career as an entertainer.
Former manager Yvonne Young described Brown as very persistent, hard
working and talented. Jackie will be
missed and remembered for his talent and
warm affection to people, she said.
The later reggae entertainer is survived
by nine children and 10 brothers and sisters.
He was born Portland, Jamaica on Dec. 25,
Up to press time, Street Hype was unable to confirm information for the funeral

Flights cheapest
53 days in advance

ccording to new global data from travel

search site momondo, Americans can
save money by booking flights at least 53
days in advance of their departure.
After analyzing 12.6 billion airfares
worldwide, momondo found that by booking
travel early just under two months in advance of departure consumers could save
an average of 26 percent on flight costs. Conversely, tickets are most expensive if travelers wait to book their trip on the day of
momondo also found that flight price
can vary widely depending on the day of the
week, with the cheapest departure fares typically found on Tuesdays and the most expensive fares on Saturdays. The average
flight cost difference between these days of
the week is 11.5 percent.
Avoid midday flights. According to
momondo, time of day is also important to
consider when booking. momondo's global
flight statistics show it is typically cheaper to
fly between the hours of 6 p.m. and 12 a.m.
Midday flights between the hours of 10 a.m.
and 3 p.m. are the most expensive overall, by
6 percent on average.

Mount Vernon gets new Mayor



By Patrick Maitland
Street Hype Editor
t age 33, community activist and Councilman Richard Thomas (D) will be the
youngest person elected Mayor of Mount
Vernon when he takes the reigns of the city
Jan. 1.
Thomas won 74 percent of the vote in
the November mayoral race, defeating City
Councilwoman Deborah Reynolds and state
Sen. Ruth Hassell-Thompson.
Calling on the people in the city to help
him make positive changes towards the development of city, Thomas says public
safety and repairing the city's broken infrastructure, as well as fixing Memorial Park,
will be keys to his success as mayor.
Thomas said his priority is to scrutinize
spending and expenses. He also said he
would create a task force to expedite development and business investment in the city.
"The challenge I put to Mount Vernon
is to please stay engaged," Thomas said. "Be
a part of the conversation and drive solutions
and recognize we all must work together to
help Mount Vernon rise again."
Outgoing Mayor Ernest Davis, who lost
the Democratic primary to Thomas, pledged
to support the new mayor to ensure the continuing growth of the city.

Mount Vernon
Elections Winners
for 2016

City Council - Andre Wallace

Party lines: DEM.IND; Votes: 5,952 of 13,520


Man Pleads
Guilty to Sharing
Child Porn Online

Mayor-elect Richard Thomas and supporters celebrate on elections night

- Nov 3 at the Democratic Party headquaters in Mount Vernon

In 2004, Thomas graduated with a

bachelors degree in economics and history
from the New York University and is scheduled to complete an executive MBA at the
universitys Stern School of Business in January 2016.
He is the former Executive Director of
the New York Affordable Reliable Electric-

ity Alliance, a diverse group of more than

150 business, labor, and community groups
whose mission and purpose is to ensure that
New York has an ample and reliable electricity supply, and economic prosperity, for
years to come.
Thomas is married to Cherish Nina with
two children.

tims, striking and killing both men. The shooting was allegedly in retaliation for an assault
earlier that evening, according to testimony.

Brooklyn Man Convicted

Of Double Murder

rooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson
last Thursday (Nov 13) announced that a
60-year-old man has been convicted of two
counts of second-degree murder and seconddegree criminal possession of a weapon for
the 2013 shooting death of two men outside a
home in East New York, Brooklyn.
The District Attorney identified the defendant as Raul Correa, 61, of East New York,
Brooklyn. He was convicted on Thursday of
two counts of second-degree murder and second-degree criminal possession of a weapon,
following a jury trial before Brooklyn
Supreme Court Justice Neil Firetog.
The defendant will be sentenced on December 2, 2015 at which time he faces 50
years to life in prison on the top two counts.
The District Attorney said that, according
to trial testimony, on October 18, 2013 at approximately 8:30 p.m., outside of a home located at 202 Pennsylvania Avenue, in East
New York, the defendant fired shots at the vic-

36-year-old unemployed man of
Flushing, Queens, has pleaded
guilty to promoting a sexual performance by a child after hundreds of videos
and still images of children being sexually abused were found on his computer.
Gabriel Aaron, pleaded guilty recently before Queens Supreme Court
Justice Richard L. Buchter, who indicated he will sentence Aaron to 1 to 3
years in prison on January 12, 2016.
The defendant will also be required
to register as a sex offender upon his release.
According to the charges, the defendant used his Picassaweb photo sharing account to upload 49 files
containing child pornography on July
23, 2013, and another 7 files on July 26,
Google flagged the images and
filed a report with the CyberTipLine
which is operated by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
at www.missingkids.com. It receives reports from the public and electronic
service provides regarding suspected inThe
were not
in the earlier
sexual exploitation
of children.

The Safest & Best Way to Ship

The case was investigated by Detective

(Jamaica & Other Caribbean Islands)

City Council - Lisa A. Copeland

Party lines: DEM; Votes: 5,455 out of 13,520

Adopting this dog

Meet Chyna! Chyna is a 6 year old Rhodesian pit

mix. Chyna is such a sweet loving obedient girl!
Chyna came into the shelter when the home they
were renting from was being sold, Chyna had no
where to go.

City Court Judge - Adrian Armstrong

Party lines: DEM; Votes: 5,743 out of 6,934

Mt Vernon Animal Shelter

600 Garden Ave, Mt Vernon, NY 10550
Please call: 914) 665-2444 or visit:

Barrels Motor Vehicles Appliances Containers Household Goods Crates

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Door-to-Door- all 14 parishes in Jamaica
Weekly Sailing to Kingston & Montego Bay
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Man Wanted for Murder

in the US Extradited

orty-eight-year-old Michael Gifton, a
taxi operator of Regent Street, Denham
Town in Kingston, who is wanted in the
United States of America (USA) for the offence of murder in the second degree, was
extradited to that country on Friday.
A news release from the Jamaica Constabulary Forces Corporate Communications Unit said Gifton was arrested on
Tuesday, October 20, by members of the

Counter Terrorism and Organized Crime

Investigation Branch (C-TOC) and taken
before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrates Court where he waived his rights
to an extradition hearing.
Gifton was subsequently handed over
to a United States marshal at the Norman
Manley International Airport in Kingston.
They departed the island for Westchester County Airport in New York.

Guyana reaffirms Palestinian

statehood and Arab cooperation

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia:

uring his first visit to the Middle East as
president, to attend the fourth Arab South
America Summit (ASPA), and the first head
of state from Guyana to visit Saudi Arabia,
President David Granger reiterated his government's support of Palestinian statehood
and his countrys commitment to foster
stronger economic and political ties between
South America and the Arab world.
Granger's People National Congress
Party (PNC) has championed the Palestinian
cause since it came to power in the 1960s, and
hosted many Palestinian solidarity events in
Former PNC president of Guyana,
Forbes Burnham, threw Guyanas support behind the UN General Assembly vote that
equated Zionism with racism, cutting diplomatic relations with Israel, and supporting the
Arab oil embargo.
Such a position was incalculably expensive, according to Professor Festus Brotherson Jr.
Guyana was the first country in Latin
America and the Caribbean to recognize a
sovereign Palestinian dating back to this period.
Granger, in his address to the summit in
Saudi Arabia on Wednesday, reaffirmed his
deep "concern for the Palestinian people."


The Bahamas is number one

pick by travelers for Instagram

Presswire.com/--NASSAU, The Bahamas

usbud, the bus-booking travel site, analyzed the use of the Instagram hashtag
#NoFilter to see where people statistically use
it most. Their number one pick? The Bahamas!
According to BuzzFeed, which reported
the findings, its not surprising due to the popularity of the destination and its natural
beauty. The Islands Of The Bahamas are
blessed with exquisite turquoise Caribbean
waters, powdery white sand beaches, and colorful flora and fauna that travelers will want
to show off to their family and friends in its
natural state.
There is a piece of paradise here for
everyone to discover. After all, Its Better in
The Bahamas!
The Islands Of The Bahamas have a
place in the sun for everyone from Nassau
and Paradise Island to Grand Bahama to The
Abaco Islands, The Exuma Islands, Harbour
Island, Long Island and others. Each island
has its own personality and attractions for a
variety of vacation styles with some of the
worlds best golf, scuba diving, fishing, sail-

ing, boating, as well as, shopping and dining.

The destination offers an easily accessible
tropical getaway and provides convenience
for travelers with pre-clearance through U.S.
customs and immigration, and the Bahamian
dollar at par with the U.S. dollar. Do everything or do nothing, just remember Its Better
in The Bahamas.
For more information on travel packages, activities and accommodations, call 1800-Bahamas or visit www.Bahamas.com

Zika virus reaches the

Caribbean Community

President David Granger (L) with OIC

Secretary General, Iyad Ameen Madani

Granger said, "The Cooperative Republic of Guyana reiterates its deep concern for
the Palestinian people. We take the opportunity of this summit to restate our principled
position of support for the Palestinian people
in their just struggle for their inalienable
rights, including the right to statehood."
The Guyanese leader called for stronger
cooperation between the two regions, and he
urged that "promises and prospects of collaboration" be actualized.

PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad:

n Monday, the Caribbean Public Health
Agency (CARPHA) confirmed five case
of Zika virus in a territory of the Caribbean
Community (CARICOM). Earlier this year,
suspected cases of the mosquito-borne disease
were reported in Brazil and the Dominican Republic.
Zika is a viral disease, transmitted by the
Aedes aegypti mosquito, which is also the insect vector for dengue and chikungunya. The
symptoms are also very similar to these diseases and include fever, muscle and joint pain,
headache, nausea, and rash. There is no vaccine or treatment for Zika and symptoms last
approximately four to seven days. Complications are rare and no deaths due to Zika have
ever been recorded.

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Aedes aegypti mosquito

This is the first time Zika has been detected in a CARICOM territory. CARPHA executive director, Dr James Hospedales,
emphasized that prevention and control are
fundamental in order to prevent transmission
of the virus.
He said The best way to protect yourself
from this disease is to avoid mosquito bites
and to prevent mosquitoes breeding in and
around your home environment.

Foster son of Suriname

President Arrested

Romano Meriba (31), the foster son of Surinames president Desi Bouterse, was arrested
on Friday in Paramaribo after he reported to
a police station. The Public Relations Department of the Suriname Police Force released
a statement confirming the arrest.
According to the police, Meriba has
been arrested by officers of the Capital Offences Department, the police unit that investigate serious crime, including armed
robbery, murder, drug trafficking and money
laundering. Romano is believed to be a
member of the gang that was involved in a
robbery in Paramaribo-North, said the Suriname police.
The release further stated that Meriba
became a suspect after preliminary investigations revealed that his vehicle was involved in the armed robbery. A local
businessman was robbed of a large sum of
money last Monday.


Papa Johns Franchisee

Faces Jail Time

ttorney General Eric T.

Schneiderman on Monday announced the conviction and sentencing of Abdul
Jamil Khokhar and BMY
Foods, Inc., which together
owned and operated nine
Papa Johns franchises
throughout the Bronx.
Khokhar pled guilty to
failure to pay wages under
the New York Labor Law, a
misdemeanor, and BMY
Foods pled guilty to falsifying business records in the
first degree, an E felony.
Khokhar was sentenced to
spend 60 days in jail and to
pay $230,000 in restitution to
underpaid workers at his
Papa Johns franchises.
Wage theft is a crime
and a Papa Johns franchisee
is now going to jail for cheating his employees and trying
to cover it up, said Attorney

General Schneiderman. My
office will do everything in
its power to protect the rights
of New Yorks workers and
make sure that all employers
including fast food restaurants follow the law.
Both New York and federal law require employers to
pay workers at least the minimum wage for all hours
worked and overtime at oneand-one-half times their regular rate of pay for hours
worked in excess of forty in
any given workweek. New
Yorks current minimum
wage is $8.75 per hour, and
the federal minimum wage is
currently $7.25 per hour; employers in New York must
pay the higher rate.

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out of successive adverse representation may be waived by
informed consent, confirmed in writing by the former
client. But see N.Y. State 829 (oral waivers obtained before
April 1, 2009 need not subsequently be confirmed in writing).
Where successive representation is permitted, Rule 1.9
requires attorneys to refrain from disclosing the confidences
of their former clients or otherwise using them to the disadvantage of those clients. The following discussion pertains to lawyers in private practice only. Rule 1.11 governs
conflicts involving government lawyers and should be consulted for guidance in addressing conflicts in those circumstances.
Prior representation, Substantially related and materially adverse
In some instances, there may be a threshold question
of whether there has been a prior representation, i.e.,
whether the attorney formerly represented a person as a
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Bronx Lawmaker Salutes Nation's Veterans:

NYC Council Member Andy King (3rd l) poses with
keynote speaker Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, United
States Representative for Hawaii and guest speaker Capt.
Gerald "Jerry" Coffee, USN (Ret.), Vietnam War veteran
and former prisoner of war as the nation celebrated our
U.S. military men and women on Veterans Day,
-Photo Courtesy of Office of Council Member Andy King


Unable to work?
Denied benefits?
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Doping scandal puts

sport in dark place-Ennis-Hill

orld and Olympic champion Jessica

Ennis-Hill says athletics is in "a dark
place" after Russia was suspended over allegations of systematic doping.
"To have that huge shadow of doubt cast
is really disappointing," said the British heptathlete, 29.
Ennis-Hill came second to Russia's
Tatyana Chernova - later banned for two years
for doping - at the 2011 World Championships.
She has appealed to the IAAF to have her
silver medal upgraded to gold. Ennis-Hill's
coach Toni Minichiello is not sure Russia
should be banned from international competition.
"I'm not convinced that it is the right de-

cision," he said, citing the boycotts of the 1980

and 1984 Olympics by nations who were on
opposite sides in the Cold War. "I don't think
they achieved a great deal if I'm honest.
"I don't think it's an achievement for us
to be able to suspend a nation and then think
that everything is still rosy. What we have to
do is work with people and put in tougher
drug-testing regimes."
British sprinter Adam Gemili said banning the entire Russia athletics federation
would punish clean athletes from the country.
"I feel really bad for those guys that will
miss out if they do get totally suspended," he
said. "But the more people that are getting
caught, the cleaner the sport is, and I'm all for
a clean sport."

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka -West Indies ended their tour on a high with a
well-crafted victory over Sri Lanka in the
final T20 International on Wednesday night
at the Premadasa Stadium.
Led by allrounder Dwayne Bravo, the
Windies won by 23 runs. They batted first
and made 162-6 off 20 overs and then bowled
out the home team for 139 off the final ball.
Bravo hit a run-a-ball 31 in a crucial
fifth-wicket partnership of 41 with Denesh
Ramdin, who made 34 not out off just 22
Bravo returned to take career-best figures of 4-28 to better the 4-38 he took
against India at Lords in 2009.
Fast bowler Ravi Rampaul had good figures of 4-0-20-3. We won the game in the
field with some very good bowling at the top
and in the middle overs and some stunning

catches, captain Darren Sammy said. Overall it was a very spirited performance and it
is great to come away with something in this
Bravo was brilliant with bat and ball.
We planned it really well. We had positive
belief we would win the match here tonight.
We knew once we posted a competitive total
we would be able to defend it on that pitch.
We are very happy with the win and looking
for greater things ahead, Bravo said.
You look at my strike rate of 100... its
not all the time you will go for the big shots
and look to score at 140+ strike rate. My role
was the anchor and let the others bat around.
He added: Deneshs innings was very
important and gave us that momentum. My
run-a-ball 31 was like gold today. At the end
of the day we needed this win and Im happy
I contributed.

West Indies end Sri Lanka

tour with T20 victory

Reggae Plus TV

The Home of Multi-Cultural

Saturdays@10 pm CH 1104 - Goes out to
the Caribbean, NY, NJ, CONNECTICUT,
UK and Canada (Bell)
Also airs on
Thursdays @10 pm
Ch 68-Cablevision/Bxnet
Hosted by
Brenda B Lloyd d Stiff Sabrina
Contact info:



Westchester Knicks
Beats Red Claws

he Westchester Knicks, the official NBA
Development League affiliate of the New
York Knickerbockers, beat the Maine Red
Claws (Boston Celtics affiliate) in thrilling
fashion for the NBA D-League season opener,
the final score 105-103.
The Knicks tipped off the season with hot
hands, running up the score 8-0 over Maine to
start. Westchester guard Sean Marshall made
the first basket of the year with a fade away
jumper, a glimpse of what the veteran would
offer throughout the game. Maine struggled to
find its shots, shooting just 21.1% and trailing
by as many as 12 in the first quarter.
The Red Claws nipped back in the second with the help of recent assignee James
Young who had 12 points in the quarter.
Though they passed the Knicks twice, it
would be the last time Maine would hold the
lead in the game.
Westchester guard Travis Trice II lit up
the third quarter with 10 points, seven of
which came as the Knicks went on a 9-0 run.
Maine struggled to find the magic from beyond the arc, hitting just 2-of-13 three point
attempts and Westchester cruised into the final
quarter with a 12 point lead.


Jamaican female Boxer sets

Guinness World Record

Alicia Ashley Alias: Slick Born: 1967-0823 (Age:48) Birthplace: Jamaica Hometown: Brooklyn, New York, USA Stance:
Southpaw Height: 5 4/164cm Boxing

t 48 years, 81 days old, Alicia Ashley
set the Guinness Book World Record
for being the oldest female boxer to win a
major boxing title by defeating previously
unbeaten Christina McMahon for the vacant
WBC womens junior featherweight title.
It was Jamaica versus Ireland in Brooklyns Aviator Sports Complex as fans were
split between the two female fighters who
headlined promoter Dmitriy Salitas latest installment of his popular Brooklyn Brawl
The Jamaican Ashley (23-10-1, 4
knockouts) dominated McMahon (7-1, 3
KOs) en route to a 10-round, unanimous decision victory. The official scores were 10089 and 98-91 twice. Ashley scored the bouts
lone knockdown in the eighth round with a
straight left hand that sent McMahon falling
into the ropes. Ashley followed that up with
a dominant ninth round and almost scored a
second knockdown when the southpaw Ashley set up another left hand with three sharp
jabs. McMahon, fighting in her first bout
outside of Ireland, managed to hang on and
survive the round.

Reggae Boyz lose to Panama

Kingston, Jamaica WI:

amaicas Reggae Boyz made a losing

start to their CONCACAF semi-final
round 2018 World Cup qualifying campaign going down 2-0 to Panama at the
National Stadium last Friday.

The Panamanians scored on either side of

the half with Armando Cooper getting the first
in the 43rd minute.

After the break, Wes Morgan turned in an

own goal to seal the deal for the visitors.
Panama lead the group on goal difference
over Costa Rica who stopped Haiti 1-0 with
Cristian Gamboa's 29th minute goal.
In Group C, the United States slammed
St Vincent and the Grenadines 6-1 with a double from Jozi Altidore while Trinidad and Tobago clipped Guatemala 2-1.




Sounds of Reggae
Set for Dec 13

fter a roaring encore, Sounds of Reggae
is back again for Part 2 Shaggy &
Friends on Sunday, December 13th. Live in
concert is Grammy Award Winner, Shaggy
aka Mr. Bombastic, Legendary reggae ambassadors, Third World and Ky-Mani Marley
at Kings Theatre - Brooklyn.
Produced by Jammins Events, Sounds of
Reggae was the first reggae concert to take
place in Brooklyns own multi-purpose Barclays Center on December 12, 2012. With a
sold out show, live performances included Ali
Campbells UB40, Maxi Priest, Shaggy, and
Beres Hammond.
A portion of the concert proceeds to benefit the American Foundation for the University of The West Indies (AFUWI) scholarship
Jammins Entertainment possess a historic 28 years of experience in concert promotion and production in the US and on an
international platform. Lead by George
Crooks, founder and president, Jammins has
successfully evolved into one of the premier
event management and marketing companies
based in New York. The width and breadth of
the companys expertise in indoor and outdoor events grows every year.
Doors will open 6pm with Showtime at
7pm. Tickets for Sounds of Reggae PT.2 are

Summer Bhullar

Bhullar introduces
supreme reality art


Grammy Award Winner among the
headline acts at Sounds of Reggae

ON SALE NOW at the Kings Theatre Box

Office (1027 Flatbush Avenue., Brooklyn).
Tickets can also be purchased on
www.ticketmaster.com and www.kingstheatre.com. For further information and updates
contact Jammins Events at718.282.8041.

David 'Ram Jam' Rodigan and

Barry G for 30th Anniversary

elive epic moments in Reggae music and

sound system history all over again, as
we commemorate the 30th Anniversary of
legendary DJs David Rodigan and Barry G's
famed on air sound clashes!
This once-in-a-lifetime event will be
held at the Resorts World Casino, Queens on
Saturday, November 28, 2015
Two of the best to ever do it will deliver
an unforgettable evening of divine Reggae
music, fun and slice of an unprecedented era
in Jamaican music and culture. If you are a
lover of all things Reggae, Dancehall, Sound
Systems and Sound Clash, this 'big people'
event is not one you want to miss!
And enjoy top 80's and 90's selections
from ace selectors Rory of Stone Love and
Ninjacrown Crown.
Produced by Caribbean entertainment
tastemakers Irish and Chin, this 30th Anniversary will also feature Plus Rory/Stone
Love & Ninja/Mighty Crown.
So, put on your best and revel in the ex-

citement. If you were just a "pickney" during

this infamous time, no worries, it's never too
late for a piece of history! If you know like I
know, you won't delay with getting tickets to
this once-in-a-lifetime event!

lack Spectrum Theatre and the International African Arts Festival (IAAF) will
come together again for their 2nd Annual Spirit
and Harmony Festival presenting a holiday
This entertainment for this event will feature the legendary group Blue Magic, the Bambara African Dance and Drum Ensemble and
the Crossfire Steel Orchestra. Also a special
address will be made by Black Studies scholar
and prolific author Dr. Molefi Kete Asante.

Showtime will take place on Sunday, December 6, from 4pm to 7pm, at the Black Spectrum Theatre, located on 177th and Baisley
Blvd, in Roy Wilkins Park, Jamaica, Queens,
NY., 11434.
Doors open at 3pm for holiday vendor
shopping. Tickets are $25.00 in advance and
$30.00 at the door. For tickets and information
call (718) 723-1800 or (718) 638-6700 or go
to www.blackspectrum.com for online ticket

Legendary DJs
David Rodigan and Barry G's

Spirit & Harmony Festival in New York

By Kimmy Blair
Street Hype Writer
olo art exhibit debut of Summer Bhullar
and her new art genre named supreme
reality art, opened on Saturday (October
17) at Pound Ridge Library, 271 Westchester Avenue, Pound Ridge and runs
through November 28.
This new art genre will give a true
definition to art and redefine contemporary
art. It is the culmination of all human art
pursuits and processes so far. It takes the
view that art arises from love of the self to
feel and know the supreme reality hidden
behind life, by creating its beautiful qualities, says Bhullar.
Barbara Nessim, American artist, illustrator and educator describes Bhullars work
as, an original artist who comes to art quite
naturally. Her work moves through space
effortlessly while creating the energy released by the movements of her actions. She
has a rhythm of color that is uniquely hers.
I have seen no other artist that has created
artwork such as hers.
Currently, art experts categorized her
works under abstract expressionism and abstract impressionism. However, Bhullar

does not agree with this, she feels her work

is objective as real as the concrete realities
of the phenomenal world.
When asked, Who is your favorite
artist? The New York City-based artist
replies, the supreme being is the ultimate
artist. The themes of Bhullars paintings
are transcendental with titles like-Bondage
of Ignorant Thought, Search for the Soul,
The Diving Fire, Self in Worship, Bliss
of Surrender, and Humility of the Saints.
Originally from India, Bhullar was
raised in a spiritual family. This environment inspired her to live for the true purpose
of life and seek the supreme reality.
Her father is a mystic and her guide on
this journey. He explains , If Summer was
not a seeker of supreme reality, her unique
art would remain abstract to her all her life.
Since early childhood drawing, sketching and painting came naturally to her. She
came to New York in 2009 and began studying art formally at the National Academy
Museum and School, in New York City.
Bhullar has exhibited her work in several galleries and international exhibitions
since 2011. For more information visit

Jamaican Music Conference

for Nov 20-22 in Kingston

By Anthony Turner
Street Hype Writer
galaxy of reggae music industry luminaries will come together in Kingston,
Jamaica on November 20- 22 for the fourth
annual Jamaica Music Conference 2015.
This year's three day conference will be
a springboard for panel discussions on a number of hot button topics, issues and challenges
relating to reggae across the Jamaican Diaspora.

A wave of recording artists, producers,

songwriters, publishers, promoters, booking
agents, attorneys, journalists and entertainment executives are expected to be in attendance at this year's sessions which will put
focus on transformation and change within
the industry. The conference will also celebrate the many successes that the reggae
music industry has enjoyed over the past year.


Herman A. Clare, President of the Jamaica Ex-Firefighters Association presents their Annual Banquet at Antuns, 96-43 Springfield Boulevard, Queens Village, NY 11429 on Saturday, November 15 @ 9:00pm Contact: Herman at 201-925-7310
Barrington Harvey, Sr. President of the Cornwall College Old Boys Association of NY,
Inc. presents their Fundraiser and Awards Banquet, Astoria World Manor, 25-22 Astoria
Blvd., Queens on Saturday, November 22 @ 9:00pm 2:00am
Contact: Harvey harbbat@yahoo.com




Dr Neva Alexander


Images Media in New York City earlier this week hosted a welcome reception for students
of Ardenne High School from Kingston, Jamaica here for the United Nations UFUNA
Model Assembly. With them is Clive W Blackwood, executive vice president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (fourth from left). Others are (l-r) Devon Harris, author
and Jamaican Olympic bobsledder, Christian Allen, Jonell Campbell, Sarah-Lee Tucker,
Chelsi-Rae Buckley, Hugh Billings and Anthony Turner, president of Images Media.

Stop Creating 2 & 3 Yrs Old Drug Addicts?

By Daseta Gray, M.Ed,

Certified Infant/Toddler Specialist

top dumping out those books! Stop hitting

me! O no he just jumped off the table!
Stop throwing those toys! is this normal? or
does he need some drugs to interrupt this stage
of development?
When you have a baby it is normal for the
baby to move her body parts. Usually the first
thing that the baby does after birth is cry and
the make a fist with both hands and begin to
move them in a punching action.
You will observe that the baby will naturally move and try to hold up her head as she
gets more experience she will be able to pick
up her head as time goes on she will pick try
to get on her hands then add her knees to the
discovery. Once your baby begins to crawl she
begins to discover that she can move around
she will begin to explore.
Your infant/toddler learns through taking
risk and discovery. As the caregiver you must

create a safe space for your infant/toddler. Between the ages of zero to three years your toddler will be doing things that are normal part
of their brain development.
Here are a few things that a typical toddler
Your toddler will jump off furniture
Your toddler will hit you because she is impulsive
Your toddler will not cooperate ( will not
listen to you)
Your toddler is defiant you will ask her not
to do something and she will look at you and
continue the behavior.
Your toddler will randomly begin to throw
items that she can manage
Your toddler does not sit still they are constantly moving
Your toddler will not want to help clean up
her mess
Impulsive hitting
Dump things out
Toddler wants things now
I mentioned a few of these normal developmental behaviors because I recently read an
article in the New York Times about a research
that was done. This research found that over
10,000 children between the ages of 2/3 were
on various medication mainly for attention
Deficit Disorder (A.D.D) Mostly boys and it
appears that the poorer you are the more likely
to be medicated.
Within this group about 1 in 5 boys had a
diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ( ADHD). All the behaviors that I have
mentioned will be achieved through guidance
and providing age appropriate tools and adults
with knowledge of brain development.

Exposing our gifted and talented

pre-K through second grade children

he Black, Latino & Asian Caucus of the
New York City Council (BLAC) recently
held a press conference encouraging Black &
Latino families to request gifted and talented
testing for their pre-K through second grade
The Department of Educations gifted and
talented programs provide an extremely high
quality, free educational option to students who
perform at a high level on the gifted and talented exam. This school year, students will be
tested at their local public schools in late Janu-

ary & early February. However, children will

only have this opportunity if parents take the
first step and request the test by the November
9th deadline.
Black & Latino participation in NYC
DOEs gifted and talented programs has declined from 27% to 22% since 2012. Moreover,
all of the four community school districts without local gifted and talented programs are represented by BLAC members, further reducing
awareness. The BLAC links low participation
in gifted and talented programs to lower levels.


Thanks for Your Counseling !

Hello Dr. Neva:

am writing to thank you for helping and
counseling me on the college admissions
process in the USA.
You believed in me and I appreciate
that about you. I want you to know that your
hard work paid off. I am now in New Jersey
where I started my first year as an under-

Hello Shenar:
ongratulations on your achievement!
You should be very proud of yourself.
In order for me to motivate others I have to
touch on your life story.
I remember the day you told me that
basically have to take care of yourself and
other siblings in the garrison of Kingston,
Jamaica. As a seventeen-year-old-girl, that
is a big responsibility. Your mother moved
to a small Island to get work, but was unsuccessful for many months.
Crackers and tea was your dinner option many nights because you didn't have
the money. What I saw within you was that
you pushed through life's up and downs. I
recall the first day I met you. You were so

graduate. I received a full track and field

scholarship. I am taking four classes and it
is not easy, but I am determined to be successful. I want you to motivate other students the way you motivated me. Again,
thanks for your help.

Whatever you didn't understand you

tried to find the information and answer.
You didn't try to make your circumstances
hold you back. I remember at times you
walked ten miles to my center because you
didn't have bus fare or lunch money. You
had a vision and a goal, but the finance was
just not there.
I helped you because I saw a star
within you. You have warrior spirit for success, a determination like no other. We as a
people let life's obstacle hold us back, but
we should not become a victim of our circumstance. Shenar, your new challenge is
to complete college. Stay on the right path
and never lose focus. Utilize that track and
field scholarship and make your mother
proud. -Dr. Neva:

Boys & Girls Club to host benefit Show

Boys & Girls Club of Mount Vernon is pleased to announce that on Friday, November
20th at 7PM The Revelators will be having their annual performance to benefit the
Club. Tickets are only $10 with the proceeds going directly to the programs of BGCMV.
Contact: Mel Campos at 914 668-9580 or melvinc_2001@yahoo.com





Your Local Agent
14 E 1ST ST STE 1

Hot Spot Jamaica Resturant

Good Food,

Clean Place

Good People
Dine In & Take Out,


Weekend Special
Seafood Dishes

4120A White Plains Road, Bronx, NY 10466 718-708-6061


Fabian Marley heads to

France on promotional tour


onscious reggae singer, Fabian Marley,

is heading to France this week to officially kick off the European leg of an exciting
promotional campaign for his new single,
Nah Say We Poor, on the Massive Entertainment Group label.
This will be Marleys first time in Paris,
France and the singer is overflowing with enthusiasm and positive vibes as he sets out on
this all-important journey. He is keen on moving away from the drama associated with his
bombshell announcement two years ago that
he is the first son of Reggae icon Bob Marley,
and instead wants to focus on making a name
for himself. According to Fabian, who wears
many hats, including those of singer, songwriter, composer, arranger, producer and accomplished musician, he is ready to put his
career forward and let the public judge him
based solely on his talent.
I know that the media will want to pursue a particular line of questioning, Marley
said quietly, but the truth is that this is now
a family matter and such matters are best discussed behind closed doors. I want the world
to appreciate and love Fabian for the talent
that I was born with instead of who my father
or mother is.
However, I am also very aware that a
mans past is a crucial part in deciding his
own, individual destiny therefore in that
sense, you will never leave your past behind,
added Marley, who describes himself as a
loving youth who cares for people regardless
of race, colour or creed.

Get his new single, Dem nuh know bout Me

Distributed by VP Records

Host & Executive Producer
WVIP 93.5 FM The Money Train Radio

Caribbean Cross-over Music New Artists Interviews

Sundays - 5-6 pm Wednesdays - 9-11 pm
For Advertising and Booking:


He will be accompanied to France by his

manager, Clayton Thomas, CEO of Massive
Ent Group, which is based in the US. Quite
understandably, Thomas is Marleys
staunchest supporter, and although he admits
that he heard of the singer through music industry links, who were eager to include information on Fabians heritage, Thomas says
that it was the artistes own raw talent that
was the ultimate factor in making the management decision.


Serving the best cuisine with authentic

Jamaican breakfast, lunch or dinner our traditional
Fish; Jerked Chicken; Curried Goat; Salt Fish
Brown Stew; Rice & Peas, Etc.


4143 White Plains Road, Bronx, NY 10466



A place to feel special



cLarens Age Reversing Wellness

Center at 557 Main Street, New
Rochelle is a place to feel special, as the air
of comfort, gentle botanical scents on your
senses, low subdued lighting and ever so
gentle soothing music to pamper your soul
permeates the atmosphere.
Its a place to forget your worries, and
just relax in an air of solace and exuberance
all at the same time. Some say it feels as if
they are at a high-end spa or a Caribbean
Judith McLaren is a member of the Pastoral Medical Association and has been a holistic healer for 6 years in the USA, but
began in her native homeland in 1988.
McLarens offer the full complement of spa
services like: body wraps, Thai Massage,
Super Sonic Massage and Far Infrared Sauna
in addition to several Holistic Health &
Wellness Services.
Judiths real passion is healing the body
from the inside out. With Quantum physics
approach to explore total body systems and
tools to interpret your blood, urine and
saliva, McLaren can show you how well
each organ or body system is functioning, all
within the first visit. And when its not working optimally, she has all kinds of natural
remedies, therapies and techniques to support the healing process. Be reminded
that dis-ease develops over many years,
hence it will require the clients participation
to take full control of their health, once
again, because good continuous health is not
a quick fix.
Every plan is specifically designed for
each individual because each has a different
chemistry and if they follow the protocol,
their body will recover steadily, as it was designed to do because it is an intelligent system designed by the all- knowing powerful
Come with an open mind. This approach to healing is very different than the
traditional, Western Medicine methodol-

Judith McLaren tending to her client

ogy. Instead of addressing the effects of

imbalances and then prescribing medication
to fix the problem, Holistic practitioners support the bodys natural ability to heal itself.
Contrary to pharmaceuticals, there are no
side effects to detoxification or other herbal
To experience our full array of services
please call or visit for a consultation. For
those wishing to improve their physical temple (the body), McLarens Hot & Cold Laser
Contour is to cry for, as well as the other
non-invasive Lipo Laser, cavitation or RF
tools used to help those trying to lose the
bulge or trim that waistline, back, buttocks
or hip.
Please visit our website for video
demonstrations, pictures and information on
most of our services: www.McLarenswellness.com. Anyone can heal if not dead for
3 days, her flyer says, so theres probably
still hope for most of us.



Math Club


Funeral Home, Inc.
4035 Bronxwood Ave,
Bronx, NY 10466


Math Club launches Martin Luther

King, Jr. Math Competition 2016

nce again The Math Club Inc. is launching another Dr. Martin
Luther Jr. Math Competition its twelfth. The competition
will take place on Saturday, January 16, 2016. The event will start
at 10:00 AM, and the venue is Richard R. Green Campus, at 3710
Barnes Ave, Bronx, NY 10467. This has been the venue for the
past eleven years.

This competition may be the

most popular and reliable math
competition in our community,
and I am asking all members of
the community to give their support.
The children need events of
this nature to provide incentives
and motivation for them to push
themselves towards excellence.
We are providing laptop computers, trophies and cash prizes to
students who performed very
We are asking individuals
and businesses in and around the
community to step up, and make
the necessary contributions so we
can conduct a good competition,
that will have significant value to
the children. Presently our Children are not comparing well with
children in affluent or suburban
communities because we lack the

Can you solve

these problems?

Check our next issue for results

resources to aid our children in

getting facilities and instruments
conducive to effective learning.
Mr. James Alston, of McCalls Bronxwood Funeral Home,
has been a main supporter for the
past eleven years. Having raised
children and understanding the
slogan, A Mind Is a Terrible
Thing to Waste. He knows that
making meaningful, positive contributions to our children and their
education will have a big impact
on reducing the number of our
teenagers that will end up in prisons, or be killed by the police. The

positive contributions will help

our children to think positive, and
not on the quick money / get rich
quick mentality that they are
bombarded with every day on TV
and by their friends.
Other stalwart contributors
are: Mr. Adhiambo, Mr. A Tailor,
Dr. Kildare Clarke, Patrick Maitland of Streethype Newspaper,
Kingston College OBA, Immaculate Conception HS Alumni Association, Union of Jamaican
Alumni Associations USA Inc.
(UJAA), Dennis Shipping Company, 1199 SEIU, Attorney Donald Vernon, Attorney Owolabi
Salis and Mr. Irwine Clare have
all made good contributions over
the years.
For all the contributors who
we have not noted here and to the
group of volunteers, who show up

and ensure the children are registered, exam papers are marked
and all are fed, we say a hearty,
Thank You!
The needs of The Math Club
Inc. are as follows: 3 Laptop
Computers; 30 Trophies Lunch
for 200 children; $200 for PA System Rental; $150 for typing and

printing exam papers; $300 for

postage Stamps and Envelopes.
The Math Club Inc. is an IRS
501(c)(3) recognized not for profit
The contribution you make is
a legal deduction on your tax return.

Creating wealth in the Black & Latino communities


he topics of income gaps, gender wage gaps, and wealth gaps

are common and recurring themes in
many conversations today.
There are many examples of
these phenomena when you look at
CEO compensation compared to
rank and file workers; or the incomes of men versus women for
doing the same jobs; and the level of
financial security and wealth accumulation among Whites versus
every other ethnic group and demographic in the U.S. today. Whatever
the theories or causes for the stark
differences in income and wealth accumulation, Blacks and Latinos are
consistently at the bottom of every
According to a report in the
2010 U.S. Census Bureau's Survey
of Business Owners, from 2002 to
2007, the number of black-owned
businesses increased by 60.5% to
1.9 million, more than triple the national rate of 18.0% for all other
groups. Revenue generated by
black-owned businesses increased
55.1% to $137.5 billion.
Yet, our communities were hit
harder and have taken much longer
to recover from the Great Recession.
The Pew Research Centers recent
analysis of data from the Federal
Reserves Survey of Consumer Finances shows that wealth inequality
has actually grown: The wealth of
white households was 13 times the
median wealth of black households
in 2013, compared with eight
times in 2010. Likewise, the

OCT 18-31-NOV 1-18, 2015

Licensed Financial Representative
Guardian Life Insurance
Company of America

wealth of white households is now

more than 10 times the wealth of
Hispanic households, compared
with nine in 2010.
Its fair to say that for the last
few years, the U.S. has been experiencing an economic recovery. It
would also be fair to say that
whether were in boom times or
bust, Blacks and Latinos just arent
saving as well as their counterparts
in other demographics. Often, it is
because large segments of our communities work for employers who
dont offer 401K plans.
Our last resort, then, is to make
the most of the dollars and opportunities that we do have. The Social
Security System is set up to benefit
tax-paying American workers, their
dependents, spouses, ex-spouses and
widows. Social Security Retirement
Income is an important safety net,

especially for African-Americans

without additional savings, for
whom Social Security Retirement
income represents 90% of their total
income in old age.
However, there are still ways
that we have been short-changing
our futures by working off the books
and not paying into FICA, or by
under-reporting self-employment income. Data at www.SSA.gov shows
that in 2013 the average yearly in-


come for African American men 65

years and older was only $14,800,
compared to $12,540 for African
American women.
The problem is not in our efforts as we have been creating a
small business economic force of
well over $137.5 Billion. The problem is in our poor saving habits and
lack of planning. In my role as a Financial Representative and Advisor,
more than anything else, I encourage

my clients to become aggressive

savers. Your goal should be to save
10-15% of your take home pay. If
you cant save 10%, save 5%. And
if you cant save 5%, save 2. Something is better than nothing.
-Gillian K Mullings
may be contacted at
or call 914-460-1235


If you owe the IRS or state $10,000, $15,000 or more call us for a FREE, no obligation consultation.

Our FREE Consultation will help you:


Resolve your past due tax problems

End Wage Garnishment
Stop IRS Tax Levies

We know your rights and are here to protect you.

Our team of highly qualified tax attorneys deal with the IRS for you.
We have successfully represented
thousands of cases with the IRS.

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Dont Fall Victim to Financial

Distress Caused by Credit Card Debt
Credit counseling is the easiest, most effective way to explore the options for
credit card debt and identify the best solution for your needs.


PAYMENTS combined with even
higher interest rates can make it almost impossible to maintain control
over your credit card debt. Even with
your monthly payments you may not
see much of a reduction in debt no
matter what you do.
Whats more, as your credit card balances increase, it can also cause problems for your budget you end up juggling bills, choosing between expenses,
and putting off important purchases.
Luckily, theres a way you can find the
solution that works for your unique financial situation and even better, it
wont cost a thing to get the information you need.


FOR YOUR NEEDS. Speak with a
certified credit counselor at no charge
to analyze your debt and budget. They
will review your options to see what
solutions may work best for you. Your
credit counselor may be able to lower
high interest rates or even eliminate
them while consolidating your credit
card debts into one easy payment
through a debt management program.
Get Out of Debt Faster
As a result of those lower interest
rates more of your monthly pay-

ments go toward your debt instead of

adding more interest which means
you can get out of debt faster. Every
financial situation is different, but
most people see their total monthly
debt payments reduced by up to 30
to 50 percent as they get out of debt
faster. The program is usually completed in around 40-60 payments,
so you can be debt-free in just a few
years instead of taking decades to
eliminate everything you owe.

Its the fastest and easiest to

get professional financial
advice without incurring
another bill to do it.
Build a Positive Credit History
Additionally, consolidating debtthrough a certified credit counseling
service may help save your credit score
from additional damage. You stop future penalties and prevent further damage from missed payments and overdrawn credit lines. Even better, as you
work your way through the program,

youre able to build a positive credit history while reducing your overall
debt level. As a result, some people see
their credit score even increase over the
course of their time with a credit counseling service.
POSSIBLE! Dont spend another
sleepless night worrying about your
debt problems, or another day stressed
about your bills instead of focused on
your family and life.

Call Consolidated Credit now at

to speak with a certified credit
counselor today.

(Fees may apply for voluntary participation in debt management - all

counseling services are free.)





Located on
White Plains Road, Bronx

Clean, Busy
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New Barber Training School:

In photo (l-r) Westchester Square Business Improvement District Executive Director Lisa Sorin;
Bronx Community Board #10 District Manager Kenneth Kearns; Bronx Borough President Ruben
Diaz Jr.; Community Board #10 member Carmen Rodriguez; and Community Board #10 John
Morano at the grand opening ceremony for the borough's new barber training school held recently
in the Bronx. The school will provide hands-on job training, career services and other assistance
needed to prepare students for a successful path to become a licensed barber.


CALL Advert Rep




Certified and Licensed

Hairstylists for
Busy Bronx Hair Salon

Calling all


Good Working Condition and Salary


Kiddie Specialist

Call Carol


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by Tracey-Ann


Barber & Beauty Salon

Enhancing Your Perfect Image

3563 Boston Rd, Bronx, NY 10469

718-655-1348 hairpros_beautysalon@yahoo.com

Adults & Kids/Male & Female

The Haircare


Hair Care, Curl, Relaxers

Short & Long Hair Cuts


Appointment only:


Hot Hair Salon

Total Hair Care Services

Goddess Braids Braiding Curl

Relaxers Short & Long Hair Cuts
Cut Styles Ponytail
Call us today...

Violet - 718-652-9177
Gloriana - 646-982-5276
Leasa - 917-246-3530
Hot Hair Salon

3242 White Plains Road,

Bronx, NY 10467



OCT 18-31-NOV 1-18, 2015


Businesswoman Admits Swindling Clients Out Of Tax Refunds

with DAVID WARREN, fatforward@gmail.com

Toms River, New Jersey,
woman last week admitted filing false tax returns and using her
accounting business to cheat her
clients out of their tax refunds, U.S.
Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced.
Doreen Gentile, 61, pleaded
guilty before U.S. District Judge
Joseph H. Rodriguez in Camden
federal court to Count 2 and Count
27 of an indictment, charging her
with mail fraud and filing a false income tax return.
According to documents filed

in this case and statements made in

court: Gentile owned and operated
her accounting business, Doreen A.
Gentile & Associates, LLC (DAG
& Associates), out of her home in
Toms River.
Gentile admitted that as part of
her scheme, she would show her
clients a tax return that indicated
that they had no tax or refund due,
owed a minimal amount of tax, or
were due a refund that was far less
than the amount to which they were
entitled. Gentile then prepared a
second set of tax returns, signed
without her clients permission, that

she submitted to the IRS or the

State of New Jersey for the full tax
Based on the second set of returns, the IRS or the State of New
Jersey issued tax refund checks care
of DAG & Associates and mailed
them to the DAG & Associates post
office box in Toms River. Gentile
then deposited the tax refund
checks into the DAG & Associates
bank account without her clients
permission. Afterwards, Gentile
used the funds to pay for personal

hree Paterson NJ men face up to

20 years in prison after being
convicted on Monday of first-degree
drug distribution charges.
Jurors in state Superior Court in
Paterson deliberated for about three
hours before finding Michael Almonte, Harold Fermin and Ismael
Peralta guilty of possession of cocaine with intent to distribute and
conspiracy to possess cocaine with
intent to distribute. Peralta and Fermin also were convicted of one count
each of hindering apprehension.
Judge Scott Bennion revoked
bail for all three men after the verdict
and ordered them held at the Passaic
County Jail until their sentencing on
Jan. 8, 2016.

Several relatives of the three

men burst into tears while the verdict
was read. They later took turns hugging them before the defendants were
led out of the courtroom into a holding cell.
The United States jails people at
the highest rate in the world and
needs to make greater efforts to rehabilitate millions of former prisoners,
President Obama said November 2nd
during a visit to New Jersey. Speaking at Rutgers University School of
Law in Newark, Obama announced
several executive actions to help former prisoners secure jobs, housing
and education and he called on
Congress to follow up with even
more sweeping plans.

There are so many Americans

who desperately want to earn a second chance, Obama said in a 20minute speech before New Jersey
law students, law enforcement officials and leading Democratic politicians.
The problem were trying to
solve is not just catching people and
putting them back in jail, he said,
but giving them a foundation with
which they can then become productive citizens. Nearly 70 million
Americans have some sort of criminal record, Obama noted, and each
year more than 600,000 people are
released from state and federal prisons.

Gentile also admitted that from

2006 through 2009, she failed to report to the IRS all of her income
generated from DAG & Associates,
including funds she stole as part of
her refund scheme, resulting in tax
losses of approximately $188,811.
The mail fraud count to which
Gentile pleaded guilty carries a
maximum potential penalty of 20

years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

The count of filing a false income
tax return carries a maximum potential penalty of three years in
prison and a $100,000 fine. As part
of her plea agreement, Gentile must
also forfeit $905,004 representing
proceeds of her scheme. Sentencing
is scheduled for Feb. 22, 2016.

Men face up to 20 years in prison for drug


If you owe the IRS or state $10,000, $15,000 or more call us for a FREE, no obligation consultation.

Our FREE Consultation will help you:


Resolve your past due tax problems

End Wage Garnishment
Stop IRS Tax Levies

We know your rights and are here to protect you.

Our team of highly qualified tax attorneys deal with the IRS for you.
We have successfully represented
thousands of cases with the IRS.

Call now for your

free consultation






Dating Scene Is Frustrating

for Strong Young Woman

Dear Divine Diva:

am a young woman hoping to find "The
One." But I have come to realize that I'm
not the normal female. I don't get manicures or go shopping. (I hate shopping!)
When I meet a guy, he likes that I'm "me,"
but if we get serious, then I'm either "too
independent," "too outspoken" or "not
girly enough."
I don't want to change myself or pretend to be someone I'm not. One minute
they like that I'm independent and can fend
for myself; the next they don't like that I
don't depend on them to pay bills, etc.
Why is it always a double standard?
Men like strong women until they are with

one. Then they can't handle it. Maybe I'm

too much for the men where I live. Is it
possible for me to find someone?
-Independent Female, Charleston SC
Dear Independent Female:
Welcome to the wonderful world of dating.
While some may think of dating as a popularity contest, it's really more like sifting
for a gold nugget. It takes a lot of people
years to strike gold -- and it's the same with
dating. Is it possible to find someone? Absolutely! But it takes time, stamina and a
sense of humor to survive the process.
- Always Divine Diva

Please send your questions and comments to: divinestreethype@gmail.com




Get more
from your




reach your target for less


Wanted part-time
administrative or
clerical assistant
Contact: Mr Dunn

Send resume: info@montegobaylimo.com

or call 718-881-4290

Maitland Law is seeking a legal assistant to provide

top-notch client service at our Ansonia, CT office.
Responsibilities will include fielding calls
from clients, attorneys, and medical professionals,
scheduling appointments for our multiple
offices, and assisting with client case development.

Please email resumes and cover letters to


Interested candidates can learn more about the firm

here: http://www.mdmlawyer.com.

Brand Ambassadors,
Street Promotion Needed

IMC Media Group Inc. - a New York-based marketing agency, connecting Caribbean-focused brands
with New York Consumers, is seeking to build a team
of Brand Ambassadors, for Street Promotion, Supermarkets, Night Clubs, or select Caribbean events.
Must be available (Weekends), November & December: Email your Resume:

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Let the professionals at Mckenzie Decorating Center in Bronx, New

York, upholster furniture for your home or business. We specialize
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Jamaican Export Company combined
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record is now expanding and seeking a
business loan or private equity investors.
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vacation, a romantic get -a- way
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rooms/studios inclusive of AC, WIFI,
Cable Tv, and Utility.
To view rooms, Google:
Kings and queens Apartment Ja

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Lots and Farm Lands For Sale

Residential Lots and Farm Lands on 50

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Healthy, Affordable Food Choices Made Easy

(Courtesy of Family Features)
ts a common belief that eating healthy is
more expensive. In fact, keeping healthy
food affordable was among the top five most
concerning life issues revealed by an annual
consumer study by The Center for Food Integrity. The truth is, eating healthy can be
quick, easy and affordable. You can have value
without compromise.
However, the produce section can pose a
special challenge to grocery shoppers. Mixed
information about the value of organic foods
and confusion about the benefits of fresh versus canned or frozen produce make it hard to
shop smart, especially when budget is a factor.
Nutrition experts caution that while fresh
foods are always a treat for the senses, consumers should be careful to avoid making the
assumption that in-season produce or organic
are more fresh and, therefore, nutritionally
superior, to traditional fruits and vegetables
that are canned or frozen.

(woman grocery shopping)

We know we need to eat more fruits and vegetables, but when we think they have to be
fresh and organic, that just adds more barriers
to getting our fruits and vegetables, said
Melissa Joy Dobbins, mom, wife and registered dietitian. I hope my children learn that
nutrition doesnt have to be complicated. I
want them to enjoy, savor and celebrate food
with health in mind.

Use these smart shopping strategies from

Dobbins, the Guilt-Free RD, to save time
and money as you work your way toward a
healthier approach to eating within your
Look to the freezer and pantry to help
supplement and complement fresh produce
choices. Canned, frozen and packaged foods
are affordable, nutritious and convenient.
When youre reading food labels, look
for lower sodium or no salt added canned vegetables or fruit packed in its own juice instead
of added sugars.
Forget the crisper drawer. Put produce
on a top shelf so you can always see it and
know what needs to be eaten before it goes
bad, and you end up wasting not only food but
Focus on nutrient-rich foods and limit
the empty calorie foods, such as sugary snacks
that can swell your budget and your waistline.
Dobbins adds that having a plan when you go

Questions & Comments:

grocery shopping is also empowering when

balancing your budget with food needs.
Ive learned through counseling thousands of people and through my own experiences that feeling guilty about food is very
counter-productive, she said. On the contrary, when you feel empowered, you make
better choices, you feel good about those
choices and you are better able to maintain
healthier choices and behaviors.
Visit www.bestfoodfacts.org for tools to
help you make more informed choices about
your food.

Medical Marijuana Versus Recreation Marijuana

he acting chief of the Drug Enforcement

Administration Chuck Rosenberg called
medical marijuana "a joke" during a Q&A
with reporters. What really bothers me is the
notion that marijuana is also medicinal -- because it's not," he said.
His remarks ignited a firestorm. Medical
marijuana patients and advocates are calling
for his head in an on-line petition. Rosenberg's argument has rekindled the old debate
Medical Marijuana versus Recreation Marijuana.

In other words, is there medicinal value

in medical marijuana that takes precedence
over recreational use? New York State has
made medical marijuana available to parents
to give to their children but the federal government continues to label it as Schedule 1
drugs KMWjRa Such drugs are said to have
no currently accepted medical use in the
United States, a lack of accepted safety for use
under medical supervision, and a high potential for abuse.


For Quality Fish & Seafood
3376 B Boston Road, Bronx, NY 10469



West Indian Products

Steam Fish Roast Fish Fresh Fish

31 West Standford Blvd,
Mount Vernon, NY 10550

Call Earl: 914-665-2008



The truth is medical marijuana does effectively relieve pain and Ive seen the results
first hand. As the former Executive Director
of the Black and Latino AIDS Coalition, Inc.
I saw hundreds of people living with
HIV/AIDS using marijuana for stomach
aches, head aches, nausea, muscle ache etc.
The symptoms were also from the harsh side
effects of AIDS medicine. Many people with
AIDS went out and bought marijuana from
street dealers.

Some got high but many more got relieve from there aches and pains within just
seconds of smoking it. They didn't get high
from it; they just felt much better and more energetic. Most Americans believe medical marijuana works.
Plenty of Anecdotal evidence shows me
that people are helped by smoking medical
and/or using CBD oils. As a matter of fact,
Marijuana has of long history of being used as
But, the issue isn't as simple as "legalize
medical marijuana and everything will be
fine." In fact, right from the start, there were a
plethora of concerns. As of April 2015, 23
states and Washington D.C. have legalized
marijuana for medical use and though the results so far have been mostly positive, the
dope debate is far from over.




Caribbean-American Leader
To Be Honored In Philadelphia

Highlighting the opportunities and challenges of local business

By Bevan Springer,
aribbean-American nonprofit leader
Kwayera Archer Cunningham will be
honored in Philadelphia this weekend when
members of more than 350 community arts education organizations across the U.S. gather
for the 78th annual Conference for Community Arts Education.
The National Guild for Community Arts
Education, producers of the conference, will
present Archer Cunningham, Founder and
President Emerita of Ifetayo Cultural Arts
Academy, with the 2015 National Service
Award in recognition of her vision and lifelong
dedication to youth and family development,
community building and social justice; her
service to the field; and her commitment to
mentoring future arts educators.
"It's an honor to be recognized by such an
historic organization," said Archer Cunningham, who is currently President of Global Ase,
an international nonprofit organization that
promotes social transformation initiatives by
creating strong relationships between people
who want to help and those who need help.
"This award means a lot to me and I hope it
will serve to inspire the young creative and
artistic minds who are moving up the ranks in
this fascinating field."

Archer Cunningham,
Founder and President Emerita
of Ifetayo Cultural Arts Academy

Music schools, arts and cultural centers,

youth theaters, dance studios and museum education departments will be represented
among the more than 600 delegates converging at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown
this week.
The four-day conference (Nov. 11-14) is
featuring nationally renowned experts exploring innovative ideas for growing arts programs, strategies for providing more equitable
access to arts education, ways to increase financial support, and the arts as a force for social justice.
More than an international thought leader
on community transformation and an extraordinary community development expert,
Archer Cunningham is a dynamic nonprofit
executive who believes passionately in sustainable philanthropy and social transformation through the use of culturally-based values.
One of her primary goals is to increase the
level of excellence of philanthropy in the
Caribbean and African regions and communities of color in America through integrating
philanthropic activity and building organizational capacity.
Archer Cunningham has raised more than
$40 million in support of local programs, capacity building efforts and operations.



Tel: 914-664-7800 Fax: 914-664-8601
www.dalcofinancial.com dalcofinancial@verizon.net NMLS ID #131071

Mortgage Broker: Arrange mortgage loans with third party provider. Programs, Rate, Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice.
Registered Mortgage Broker with the NYS. R417121


22 STREET HYPE OCT 19-31-NOV 1-18, 2015


Singers Musicians Models Actors Dancers Make-up Artists 914-663-4973 advertising@streethype.net


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A Television Show about Lifestyle,
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MC Event Planner

You have been poshed


Lady Peace MN

Singer/DJ Stage Show Concerts Parties





Booking Information
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Jamaican born
Lady Peace MN is an
inspired singer with the
heart and soul of reggae
and gospel music. Love, Joy,
Peace and Happiness
is an inspired singer with the


Stage Show
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The Happy Family Banquet

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24 STREET HYPE NEWSPAPER OCT 19-31 - NOV 1-18, 2015


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