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Burch, James II H.

The Evolution toward Interesting Science and Evidence in

U.S. Department of Justice Agencies An Insiders Reflection. Cebcp:
2015: 4. Library Database. 3 Oct, 2015.
This magazine focuses on the movements and criteria used to improve the
criminal justice system with the help of the vice president of Strategic
Initiatives at the Police Foundation , James H Burch II. Burch will inform you
on the strategies he will use to improve the Criminal Justice System, and the
concepts the government will also use to expand the System. Concluding my
paper you will notice the significant improvements and goals that are used
as of today to make the criminal justice system more stable.
Career Education Corp. The Main Branches of Criminal Justice. Criminal
Justice Degree Guides. Career Education Corp. 2015. Web. 1 Oct. 2015.
This source informs you about the top three branches of the Criminal Justice
System law enforcement, courts, and corrections, and how each branch
functions. This resource also adds on to The Discover of Criminal Justice
Resource that I also used to expand the description of each branch of
criminal justice. Additionally this source gives more information about the
structural concept of each branch.
Dunning, Kyle. The U.S Criminal Justice History Resource Page. Criminal
Justice Degree Online. CriminalJusticeDegree.net. 2014. Web. 1 Oct.

This resource gives information about how Criminal was introduced to the
17th century. Criminal Justice goes back to the colonial era when citizens
were subjected to the laws and rules of the British. This resource also
describes the settling guidelines used to settle crimes, and procedures used
to protect the rights of society.
Sherrard, Melissa. Roles of the Three Branches of the Criminal Justice
System. Ehow. Demand Media Inc. 2015. Web. 1 Oct. 2015.
This resource mainly describes the three main branches of Criminal Justice,
which are law enforcement, adjudication, and the court system. Each system
holds an important responsibility so that the criminal justice system runs
properly. My project will contain the description of each branch and what part
they serve within the system of criminal justice.
Skoler, Daniel L. Criminal Justice Organization, Financing, and Structure:
Essays and Explorations. Washington: Daniel Skoler, 1978. Print.
This book interprets the structure of how the criminal justice system is
organized. It also a broader description of how the building blocks of the
Criminal Justice System are interpreted by using a collection of essays and
articles. Throughout my project you will be enlightened by how the different
systems such as law enforcement, the courts, and corrections are organized.

Walker, Jeffery. Et al. Federal Law Enforcement Careers: Laying the

Groundwork. Journal of Criminal Justice Education 19.1 (2008) 110135.Criminal Justice Abstracts with Full Text. Library Database. 3 Oct.
Mr. Jeffery explains the different types of careers and descriptions that most
students are interested in the field of criminal justice. This article gives
accurate details on what type of courses and duties each career obtains.
Throughout my project you will learn about the three most common careers
in criminal justice.

Walker, Samuel. Popular Justice: A History of American Criminal Justice

Second Edition. New York: Samuel Walker, 1997. Print.
This book focuses on the background history of the criminal justice system
and how it has reformed throughout the years. This book also informs you
about the years that violence swept the nation, which introduced the
criminal justice system. Throughout my project you will notice the different
history events and crisis that happened throughout the book. Majority of
Popular Justice educates you about the different crisis and reformation of the
criminal justice system.
What Type of Criminal Justice Degree Is Right For You? Discover Criminal
Justice. Discover Criminal Justice, 2013. Web. 1 Oct. 2015.

Throughout this source you will learn about the different academic
credentials and the extended degrees you can receive throughout your
education. This source breaks down each degree plan by organizing them
from the lowest to highest rank degree that you can receive. My project will
break down the meanings of each degree, and what types of requirements
are required in order for you to receive a great job or career.