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Avery Schlosser

Sheila Nice
GCU 114
Biodiversity and Cultural Diversity in Mexico
There is a crucial connection, which can be considered both
negative and positive, between biodiversity and cultural diversity
in Mexico. Over the years, the loss of cultural diversity, which
includes languages, and traditional knowledge, has contributed to
the loss of biodiversity within Mexico.
Biodiversity is defined as the variety of life in the world or in
a particular habitat or ecosystem. Mexico is considered a mega
diverse country, which means that it is one of the most diverse
countries in the world. Mexico possesses over 200,000 different
species, which makes it home to 10-12% of the worlds
biodiversity. Out of the 200,000 species that can be found in
Mexico, about 2,500 species are protected by Mexican legislation.
The Mexican government has also created the National System of
Information about Biodiversity, in order to study and promote the
sustainable use of ecosystems. Along with animal life, Mexico
also possesses many different varieties of plant life that produce

ingredients that are used every day all around the world. These
ingredients include chocolate, tomato, maize and corn, vanilla,
avocado, guava, etc.
Cultural diversity is defined as the existence of a variety of
cultural or ethnic groups within a society. Cultural diversity is a
source of innovation, creativity, and exchange, and the key to a
mutually enriching future for humankind. Cultural diversity works
along side biodiversity to create a sustainable and developed
environment. If one fails, the other fails as well. After the
revolution in Mexico, cultural diversity was lacking. The revolution
took many of Mexicos indigenous people, and therefore the rich
history and cultural aspects that came along with them. Because
of the lack of cultural diversity, biodiversity in Mexico suffered as
In Mexico, various species of fresh water fish, such as the
Potosi pupfish, have gone extinct. It is projected that future
extinction rates will be ten times more than recent rates, which
means that animals will go extinct at a rate ten times faster than
they are going extinct currently. Currently, Mexico does have
efforts in place to preserve cultures in the country, such as
specialized computer games to help combat young children

losing their Native languages. It is so important to keep

biodiversity and cultural diversity at a steady pace in every
country because if one starts to fail, the other will go right along
with it. There are many ways we as citizens can help prevent
biodiversity and cultural diversity from disappearing from our
countries, we just need to step up and take action towards doing
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