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The Filipino Family

A. Top 5 common Filipino Problems

a. Financial
b. Separation of parents
c. Angry outburst
d. Discipline
e. Alcohol or drugs
B. How they deal with the problems and what are the action taken to solve it?
a. Financial
Save money
Look for a sideline job or anything that they can earn something
Be contented on what they have
b. Separation of parents
Just follow what the parents decision.
Live with the relatives
c. Angry outburst
Just listen and be quiet
Just follow what the parents wants
d. Discipline
Having no choice but to follow
Just listen
Keep quiet
e. Alcohol or drugs
(if the parents are refraining their child to use it)
Just listen and follow
Stay away from friends having it
Just listen and keep quiet
(If the parents are the one taking it)

Letting the parents solve it

Not doing what theyve done
Just observing
Just keep quiet

All respondents are from the students of Malaybalay City National Science High School.

Prepared by:
Jamailah S. Pangcoga