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LDRS 801: Theoretical Foundation of Leadership

Peer Evaluation and Feedback

Your Name Amy Gade
Name of Peer Being Evaluated Todd Jackson
Complete one form of this survey for each of your team members. Indicate his/her
level of proficiency regarding each of the survey items. Then respond to the
qualitative items at the end of the survey regarding your perceptions of his/her
overall strengths and areas for needed improvement.
(1 = Well below the average student; 2 = Below the average student; 3 = average
student; 4 = Above the average student; 5 = Well above the average student)

Transfer of Knowledge LO1:

ability to reflect on learning experiences and connect
them to future leadership situations.

Empathy LO2:

Demonstrates ability to work

with people who are different from them; Empathetic to
other peoples feelings and ideas

Cross-Cultural Competence LO2:

student is able understand multiple cultural frames.
He/she is able to engage culturally diverse
interdependent relationships and grounds relationships
in appreciation of cultural differences.

Flexibility and Adaptability LO4:

student is able to see multiple ways of reacting to
changes in conditions. He/she can independently
monitor and adjust his/her own positions in response to

Feedback LO4:

Seeks extra help when needed,

& willingly accepts constructive criticism as part of the
learning process.

Growth and risk LO4:

The student sees

mistakes as learning opportunities. He/she at times
advocates unconventional or unpopular positions, and is
willing to tackle extremely challenging problems without
obvious solutions, despite the high potential for failure.

Vision and Change PlanLO5:

exemplary vision and change plan for project; Clearly
defined connection between the vision to resolve the
problem and the current situation; Shows persistence of
effort despite setbacks.


Shows persistence of effort

despite setbacks; Goes above and beyond to see a
project through to completion.

Working Across Factions LO7:

others in ways that facilitate their contributions by
constructively building upon or synthesizing the
contributions of others; Listens attentively to others;
Invites others to engage

Communication (Written) LO8:

style with clear ability to express point of view. Excellent
grammar, syntax, spelling.

Communication (Oral) LO8:

Strong style
with clear ability to express thoughts and point of view.
Excellent grammar, syntax, etc. Student maintains eye
contact with audience. Content and/or style are
consistently appropriate and targeted to audience and

Communication (Actively
Contributes): Gives positive and forward-focused
comments; Appropriately voices viewpoint; Accepts a
role and is open to rotation of roles

Communication (Actively Listens):

Listens attentively to others; Empathetic to other
peoples feelings and ideas.


Actively participates in
helping the team work together better. Involves the
whole team in activities; Always encourages all team
members to share ideas

Addresses Interpersonal Conflict

Appropriately LO9: Consistently seeks
positive solutions to conflicts; Always describes and
applies a collaborative (win/win) conflict resolution
process as called for by the circumstances; encourages
conflict as a source of positive outcomes.

Decisions and Consequences LO 10:

Considers all ramifications of decisions (personal,
ethical, professional, social, environment, etc.).
Effectively uses logical arguments to thoroughly explain
why certain decisions were made.

Creativity: Unique Ideas - extra:

student frequently sees links between seemingly
unrelated ideas. He/she is able to independently
produce results that are fresh, unique, original, and well

Ambiguity: Tolerance of and

Response to- extra: The student enjoys
operating in open-ended or ill-defined situations,
responding with spontaneity and ingenuity that leads
him/her to discovery and exploration of new ideas.

Credible (Takes Personal

Responsibility) - extra: Is on time to all team
activities; Gives positive and forward-focused
comments; Accepts a role and is open to rotation of
roles; Places highest priority on team success rather
than on personal benefits; Always does the assigned
work without having to be reminded.

Credible (Establishes Trust) - extra:

Always tells the truth and deals honestly with people;

Always treats people fairly and on an equal basis; Does

everything s/he promises to do


In reference to the above categories, what do you consider to be this

team members greatest asset? Provide a rationale to describe why you
selected this particular leadership capacity.

Considering all aspects of the above evaluation, I would say Todds greatest asset is
his active communication skills. Next to our team leader, Todd was likely the most
active member in our group. While juggling a lot of work responsibilities including a
stint away from technology, Todd still remained very much in touch with the group
process and progress throughout the semester. Todd was a major contributor to the
team having been responsible for the original case study idea. And while originally
requesting not to actually write the story, Todd quickly accepted the responsibility of
doing so after evaluating his need to be away in later months. Todd wrote a very
eloquent case study that involved personal experiences. He made sure the case study
was rich in theoretical connection opportunities and dynamics. Todd sought the
feedback of the group, made corrections and submitted this assignment for our group.
While away and only having access to an iPad, Todd still took the extra lengths to
provide us with professor feedback on our initial assignment. While initially agreed
upon, this was going to be Todds major contribution to the case study and teaching
notes assignment; however, as the rest of the group started working on the
theoretical application notes, Todd recognized other introductory and conclusion items
that needed to be addressed and went ahead and offered to complete those.

In reference to the above categories, what do you consider to be this

team members greatest need for improvement? Provide a rationale to
describe why you selected this particular leadership capacity.

To be quite honest, I had a wonderful group experience working with Mike, James,
Robert, and Todd. There were really no issues in our group or in our interactions with
one another. With that being said, it is extremely difficult to name an area of
improvement for team members who really seemed to full engage in the project. If I
had to list an area of improvement for Todd, while not specifically tied to the above
evaluation, I might say confidence in his writing abilities. As mentioned before, while
Todd suggested the idea for our case study, he quickly vocalized that he wasnt much
of a story teller and requested not to write the actual case. After reflecting on his need
to be gone during the thick of teaching notes preparation, Todd agreed to write the
case study. When he submitted the initial draft to the group, we were all blown away
by his eloquent writing style, storytelling abilities, and way with words. Todd should
not second guess his own abilities. As the primary proof-reader, I had to make very
little corrections to any portions he worked on. In fact, sometimes he corrected things
on his initial draft before they even were pointed out.
All in all, I cannot critique Todd much. He was probably my favorite team member to
work with. He was very active, communicated wonderfully, was quick to respond, and
even provided positive feedback to me as an individual team member. I would be
happy to be Todds teammate anytime!





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