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The Hawaiian alphabet

has only 12 letters

5 vowels and
7 consonants.

The city of Istanbul is the

only city in the world located
on two continents.

First novel ever written on a

typewriter: The Adventures of
Tom Sawyer by Mark
Twain (1876).

Bamboo plants can grow up to 36

inches (91,4 cm) in one day! They
are the fastest
growing trees
in the world.

In 1867 the USA bought

Alaska from Russia for 2
cents an acre. They
paid 7, 2 million $
for it.

Japan has approximately 200

volcanoes and around 100 of them
are active! That is
almost 10% of the
active volcanoes in
the world!

Leonardo da Vinci could write

with one hand and draw with the
other at the same time. He could
also write in mirror writing
(you can read his
texts by using a mirror).

There are 1,665 steps

to the top of the
Eiffel Tower.

At least 9 million other people

have their birthday on the
same date
as you.