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Gurbani Bedi

409 Ashlawn Ct. Troy, MI 48083

Tel: 248-835-7928 E-mail: gurbonbon123@gmail.com

Wayne State University- Class of 2019

Troy, MI

ACT Score: 34 (35 E, 34 M, 35 R, 30 S)


National Honors Society

Math Honors Society
National Merit Semi-Finalist
DECA State Champion
o Was the overall highest scoring competitor in the event of Apparel and
Accessories Marketing
First Place at HOSA States


Henry Ford Hospital Macomb (60 hours)
11th- Present)
o Worked as Transport and wheel chaired discharge patients out to their cars
as well as did lab runs for the various floors. This included helping mothers
with their new born babies, people just out of surgery, and carrying blood
samples and even placenta to be examined.
Oakwood Hospital Dearborn (52 hours)
11 )
o Worked at the welcome desk and located/escorted people to their
destination for 9 hours at a time. Because of the lengthy time that I was
working for, I was flexible in my position and moved around the hospital to
the various locations that needed assistance. This simple task proved to be
very meaningful, as people in a rush very much appreciated the guidance
around a confusing hospital.
Researched at the Wayne State Medical School under Dr. Akins lab
Shadowed Dr. Harjaneet Bedi (Family Medicine) (20 Hours)
o While shadowing Dr. Bedi I was able to see a variety of patients, ranging
from 17-80 years old. I was able to witness physicals, diagnoses for body
pains as well as prescriptions, regular check-ups, and diagnoses for cancer.
The range of patients that I saw in a day was eye opening and allowed me
to understand the degree of knowledge a doctor in family medicine must


Sunrise Senior Living of Troy (70 hours)

o Volunteer in either the main residential living center or the rehabilitation
center. In the residential living I help with bingo, in the kitchen to prepare
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Gurbani Bedi
409 Ashlawn Ct. Troy, MI 48083

Tel: 248-835-7928 E-mail: gurbonbon123@gmail.com

the senior citizens, and doing any tasks that the staff requests to help both
them and the residents. At the rehabilitation center I help residents that
need memory care or have Alzheimers. I usually keep these residents
company by doing puzzles or baking treats with them, trying to keep
conversation as best as they can.
International Academy East School Beatification (8 hours)
Relay For Life (20 hours)
(10 -11th)
o Volunteered at this event in both Clawson and Troy. I helped set up booths
for our school and sold goods in which the money was donated to the Relay


Anthropologie (80 hours)

o Work as a sales associate at the retail store Anthropologie



DECA (Business Marketing Competition)

o Attended the International Career Development Conference in Atlanta,
Georgia, 11th Grade
o Competed in Apparel and Accessories Marketing, 11 th-12th Grade
o Attended the Leadership Conference, 11th Grade
o Competed in Retail Merchandising, 10th Grade
o Attended DECA States, 10th-11th Grade
IASA (Indian American Student Association)
o Board Member, 12 Grade
By being a board member I essentially run the club with three other
board members and two sponsors. We have put on a Diwali dinner
and are currently planning out second semester show where dances
from all around India are showcased.
o Choreographer, 9th-12th Grade
o Dancer, 9th-12th Grade
HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America)
o Attended HOSA Nationals in Orlando, Florida, 11 th Grade
o Competed in Public Service Announcement, 11 th-12th Grade
o Attended HOSA States, 10th-11th Grade
o Competed in Public Health, 10th Grade
Model United Nations
o Will be attending National High School Model UN in New York, New York,
12th Grade
o Attended Semmuna conference, 10th-12th Grade
o Attended CASC conference in East Lansing, Michigan, 10 th Grade
Relay For Life

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