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Civil. ENGINEERING STANDARD METHOD folate aN ag Ed. e ee Publiched forthe Institution of Gil Engineers by Thomas Telford Services Li, 1 Heron Quay, London E14 AID First ection 1976. ‘Second edition 1985 “Third ection 189% FReptisied wih corrections 1992, 1995, 2000 Reprinted 2001, 2002 2008, 2005, 2006 IMPORTANT NOTE Since CESMM3 was published in 1991, several errors have been identified and.she ‘portunity at beon taken to correct iheao erare inthis reprint. For ease of rolerence the ‘changes between this second printing andthe iret printing sre given below. Page Reterence change 6 32 Intines 4 and 5 the words “pain round mild steel bar’ ave replaced ‘mild etael bat 6 3a Intine 3 the same change as above has been mace. n The word ‘CESMM3' has replaced “the CESMM', ” ‘Thetarm Cartiicate of Substantial Completion’ has bbeeninsertedin rule" 2 ‘Adionat The word ‘and’ has been inserted between ‘pits! and Description ‘wenches in place of the comme Rule ar2 1s Measurement ‘Anew rule’M11"has been inserted andthe previous ule Mit rule MIT’ hasbecomerule M2. 16 Reference RE¥S ‘The numbex‘S‘has been insertedin front of “Transition® inthe Trird Division. n Coverage Rule C4 The roferance to rule M0" has ceplaced the relerence to rule MY, 8s ‘Additions! ‘A.comma which previously sppeared after ‘masonry” Deseription has eon deleted, ule a2 103 Additional A bractet has been insered ater ‘trusses’ and 8 Deseiption bracket which appeated alter joinery hes been Rule Aa seloted var: Getintion RuleOd? —Theword ‘pipe has been inserted in front of “nines. var Note a oat of ‘The move as been extended with the warding page’ beginning ‘provided that” {©The insttrton of Cit Engineers and The Federation of Civil Engineering Conuecors, 1991 “unwrap th nan nyt rae en ‘ou sr wien semis bag hue tes be pte (ret ra oven Gt Bean by MPS ke BoameCae CIVIL ENGINEERING STANDARD METHOD OF MEASUREMENT REVIEW COMMITTEE ‘THE INSTITUTION OF CIVIL ENGINEERS New CESMM3 Guidance Notes - MAY 1996 Although the Civil Engineering Standard Method of Measurement third edition was published in 1991 and has been used extensively since, there are still a few misunderstandings which the Review Committee have been requested to explain. The Committee has therefore produced the following Guidance Notes to assist users of CESMM3' in the compilation of bills and measurement of construction work. Paragraph 5.6 - Dayworks There has been considerable misunderstanding over the effects of a percentage addition or reduction as applied by CESMM to the Schedules of Dayworks carried out incidental to Contract Work issued by the Federation of Civil Engineering Contractors. The example below will assist in demonstrating the result of a 10% addition and a 30% reduction tothe Schedule:- Addition Deduction Hourly Rate £5.00 £5.00 ‘Schedule of Dayworks Rate ~ add 148%. £7.49. £7.40 Total before adjustment E1240 1240 Adjustment addition of 10% £1.24 : eduction of 30% : (3.2) Total Rate for Daywork £13.68 £8.68 Class G - Concrete Ancillaries G1-4,*,* - Formwork. The measurement of formwork for concrete components of constant cross-section is referred to in the Note at the bottom of Page 43 for CESMM3' or Page 41 for CESMM2'. In a situation where there is @ requirement for inserts, intrusions etc. in the linear measure, it should be dealt with by applying the principles of rule M6.