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November 25, 2015

To whom it may concern,

This letter is written in support of Ms. Carlie Capponi, who is applying for a teaching
position at your school district. It has been my pleasure to serve as Carlies
University Student Teaching Supervisor during the fall semester of the 2015-16
school year. Ms. Capponi completed her student teaching experience at Yough
Elementary School in two seven week sessions. The first half of the semester she
worked under the direction of Mrs. Kelly Bergman and during the second half of the
semester Carlie was supervised by Ms. Helen Hughes in a Special Education K-4
The feedback from Carlies co-operating teachers and my own interactions and
observations are all very positive. She had the opportunity to teach Kindergarten
and in her Special Education component had experiences with pushing into regular
classes and pulling students out for their subject instruction in addition to various
general support situations. Whether Kindergarten or Special Education Ms.
Capponis instruction was engaging and challenged students to reach their fullest
Ms. Capponi thoughtfully planned her lessons to reach the highest functioning
Kindergarten students and those who may have less ability. She was very capable
in meeting the wide range of learning styles of her Special Education students.
Carlies planning and execution provided her students with a wide range of effective
instructional strategies designed to enhance their learning and achieve at the
highest levels possible. She has a strong grasp of all the content areas she was
asked to teach and she is able to clearly communicate this information to her
Carlies focus on learning along with a positive rapport created for her students an
educational climate of high expectations for success. Ms. Capponi established
routines for time management and learning which helped students reach their
potential. Her supportive actions helped motivate and encourage students to
perform to the best of their ability. Ms. Capponi has been able to effectively assess
her students understanding then use the assessment information to advance their
learning or provide remediation.
Ms. Capponi is a bright, personable and flexible young lady who worked well with
her students and with the schools faculty members during her student teaching
experience. She has shown the willingness and ability to act on suggestions for
improvement and continuously enhance her teaching skills. Carlies ability coupled
with her desire to improve will make her a successful educator. I recommend her
for any available teaching position you may have in your district.

Edward J. Federinko, D.Ed.

Student Teaching Supervisor
Seton Hill University