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Tali Magidson

October 12th, 2015

Honors 100 B
Assignment 1
A Mosaic of Adventures Past, Present, and Future
My life story is a wonderfully winded and colorful one, because in a sentence Im an
Ukrainian Jew who was born in Israel, speaks Russian, and lives in the US. My path to the UW,
however, was fairly straightforward, since this university started out as my top school and ended
up as the most approachable and comprehensive choice that I could make. UW is a stones throw
away from my eleven-year-home Issaquah, WA and I love that I get to stay in contact with
my family and with the Pacific Northwest while pursuing a rigorous and challenging university
experience. The Honors Program was the final enticing touch when I applied. I had spoken to
several Honors alums, and already it seemed like this was such a warm community of openness,
intelligence, and curiosity. The application prompts were relatively fun to respond to; they let me
reminisce over exciting events from my future and past.
I am a bit too shocked to look forward at my time at the UW. It took me all of two weeks
to completely fill out my schedule, and yet I have no desire to limit my opportunities and social
circles by setting in stone the clubs, study groups, and pastimes that I participate in. How does
one deal with this plethora of interesting stuff that is available to us here, from Robotics Club
to Symphonic Band and Salsa Club? From Honors, I expect a driving academic motivation and
an enthusiastic and supportive community. I am excited for this chance to dig deeply into topics
that I wouldnt otherwise have studied, and to discuss things foundationally rather than debate on
surface-level stereotypes. I hope that Honors will also help me get in touch with off-campus
opportunities like internships exposure to current research.
Further on, I want most of all to lead a multifaceted and adventurous life, one filled with
daring research and innovative communication with the scientific and general populaces. I aim to
go into biological research, and one of my ultimate mandates for university is to gain the
vocabulary necessary to interact with a variety of field experts. If I could act as a bridge of
interest and communication between fields like mathematical analysis, computer science, and the
natural sciences, I would be able to lead complex investigations and be led by all the inspiring
minds around me. Nature cannot be studied from one perspective only that is why it requires
such a complex medley of investigators. Not only would I watch waves of ideas and knowledge
as they wash over me but Id also start building sand castles myself - start molding my thoughts
and discourse into experience.
In a nutshell, I want my life to be a mosaic of adventures, a canvas of different social
spheres, of numerous fields of study, of sports and of music. Through UW, I want to have my
eyes opened to global challenges that I can realistically have an effect on. And whatever paths I
take that trigger my interest and kinetic energy, I want to consistently deepen my understanding
of my full potential and pursue inner growth.