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Strengths Scan

Shelby Odom (Coworker)

1. What are my standout strengths?
Your standout strengths are your lively personality, your sense of humor, your
perseverance to never give up, and your persuasive nature.

2.What are my moderate strengths?

Your moderate strengths include you being honest and respectful and that you are
good at generating ideas.

3. How would people describe me?

I would describe Kaylee as being athletic, friendly, compassionate, and flexible.
Kaylee has played sports for many years and has developed physical strength and
learned what it means to be on a team and work with others. Kaylee is very easy to
work with and connects with individuals easily. Kaylee shows care and compassion
in her actions and the extracurricular activities she involved herself in. Kaylee is
flexible and able to make changes without becoming distressed.

4. What are my overdone strengths?

Kaylees social skills are very strong so if she were looking to improve she would
not need to focus on this skill. Kaylee is also very independent and tries to do more
than she should.

5. What are two skills I should strengthen? How would it help me, given what I want
to do?
Kaylee could work on her organization skills. She manages to keep up with her
tasks, but could do them more efficiently and time sufficiently if she organized her
tasks and space. As a future PT, Kaylee will appreciate organization in her daily

schedule as she meets with various clients and provides them with a tailored therapy
plan. I believe creativity would also be a skill Kaylee could improve on. With
physical therapy the trainer may have to be creative in the workouts they create
based on the equipment they have available.
MaryLauren Castelloe (High School/College Friend)


What are my standout strengths?

In my opinion, one of your standout strengths is social intelligence, meaning that you
have the ability to get along well with others, as well as the ability to get them to
cooperate with you. When in a large group, you are often seen as someone who can
round up the others and lead them to follow your given direction. Another standout
strength that is applicable to you is that you are authentic, meaning that you stay true to
yourself and to others, without being easily swayed. You are determined and strong
willed when it comes to pursuing your goals, and you take every initiative to accomplish
whatever you set your mind to.
2.What are my moderate strengths?
Your moderate strengths in my opinion would include independent, bold, and flexible.
You are independent in that you will accomplish what needs to be done without being
told to do so. You are bold in the sense that you light up a room when you walk into it by
your energy and individuality. You are flexible in the sense that a change of plans on
short notice does not seem to strongly affect you, and you are willing to adjust schedules
and plans as needed.


How would people describe me?

People would describe you as a hard working, compassionate person. You show
dedication and loyalty in all that you do and you strive to be the best that you can be in
every situation. You are someone who is easy to talk to and a good listener and that is
why you make such a great friend and soon-to-be employee. You are open and honest and
you always give 100% to help others. You are a giver and a genuine person all around.
Your clients will be lucky to have you as their pt and you will be successful, just like you
have been thus far.
4. What are my overdone strengths?
One of your overdone strengths is that you are very open and opinionated when it comes
to expressing yourself. In your particular area of study, you may have to use more of
textbook type knowledge rather than personal opinion. Another overdone strength could
be that in some situations you are a perfectionist. I feel that often times in the workplace,
you have to balance efficiency and effectiveness, where sometimes you have to choose
between simply getting the job done in a timely manner or taking your time and doing the

task perfectly right. Most people either see one side of this spectrum or the other, so
being on the perfectionist side, you may have to sometimes switch to the other viewpoint.
5. What are two skills I should strengthen? How would it help me, given what I want to
Two skills that you should strengthen given what you want to do are observant and
empathetic. Observant meaning that in the workplace, your clients may not always
accurately tell you what they are going through, so you may have to have a watchful eye
to pick up on details. Empathetic meaning that you will have to be able to sympathize
with your clients so that you have a better understanding of how they are feeling and
what they are going through.
Rebekah Jarret (Childhood friend/coworker)

What are my standout strengths?


stand out strengths that very few others are as good as you at are working with kids
with disabilities. I personally witnessed you at MDA camp with a child with muscular
dystrophy. Throughout the week you had to help her with her stretches, bathe/dress her,
put her braces on her legs, push her around in a stroller, and do daily camp activities-you expressed a ton ofpatiencewhiledoingthis.Younevercomplained,alwayshada
2.What are my moderate strengths?
I think that your moderate strength is time management. You always plan ahead in order
to execute the task at hand (whether it be homework, studying for a test, applying to grad
school, or a social life). You are very good at managing your time and keeping yourself
on track, but many others are also good at that task.
3. How would people describe me?
People would describe Kaylee as caring, kind, funny, loyal, reliable, and best all around
4.What are my overdone strengths?
Softball (sports)- you are an awesome softball player. You have played forever and are
very athletic. I dont think it is a strength that you are interested in using in the future so I
wouldn't focus on that. You are also very independent and I think you will get burn out if
you dont learn to depend on others more verses trying to get something done by

5. What are two skills I should strengthen? How would it help me, given what I want to
The first skill you could improve upon is to expand your knowledge from the business
aspect in rehabilitation settings: since you want to be a PT you need to know all aspects
of PT, not only the therapy part. You need to understand the business side of things (ex.
how facilities run, insurance, scheduling, etc.). As an exercise science major, you are
taught little about those things and that could really help you in the future.
The second skill you could strengthen is your public speaking: in a work setting you
will have to be able to effectively communicate with the staff and with your patients.
Again, exercise science does not necessarily cover things like that. If you aren't
comfortable speaking in front of people or get nervous/intimidated easily you should
work on this skill. You need to be able to be confident in the information and therapy you
are providing to clients or when questioned by co-workers.
Beth King (Family)
1. What are my standout strengths
Kaylee is very determined and strong willed. With her determination she succeeds at
everything she attempts.
2. What are my moderate strengths?
Kaylees moderate strengths include a considerate and respectful personality and her
ability to get along and work with anyone.
3. How would people describe me?
I would describe Kaylee as very polite and friendly and hard working . She puts pride in
all she does and never gives anything less than 110%.
4. What are my overdone strengths?
Kaylees overdone strengths is that she worries about things to much as she will get tired
of stressing over things being perfect and worrying what others will think if she fails.
5. What are two skills I should strengthen? How would it help me, given what I want to
She should work on her tidiness and self organization skills. The 2 skills could help her
too succeed in all she wants to accomplish in life.
Brodie Key (College friend)
1. What are my standout strengths?
2.What are my moderate strengths?
3.How would people describe me?

4.What are my overdone strengths?

5. What are two skills I should strengthen? How would it help me, given what I want to
Common Theme
There were a few strengths and weaknesses that showed up multiple times among the
different responders. Three different people said that one of my standout strengths was
that I am hard working and strong willed. Another common theme among my moderate
strengths was that I am independent and athletic. In terms of my weaknesses the common
theme was my lack of organization and creativity.

Talents Inquiry
Things naturally good at:
Caring for people- I have always had a heart for helping and caring for others no
matter the age nor the person. I have worked in all kind of settings from
working at a daycare, special needs camp, nursing home, and
even volunteering at the Hospitality House in Boone. I have
always had a passion for people. I love to listen and empathize
with people and am always willing to help anyone in need. From
a young age I always wanted to go into the medial field because I
know no matter what profession I chose in this category it would
entitle helping others in some form or another.
Hard working-I am also naturally hard working and determined to
get everything I set my mind to accomplished. If I commit to
doing something then I will get it done no matter the
circumstance. I put a lot of effort into doing and completing tasks
whether it be a task I have been asked to do while volunteering
or for an assignment at school.
Authentic-I am also naturally authentic in that I stay true to
myself and am not easily persuaded by the crowd. I have never
been one who yearned to fit in with the crowd as my main
concern is being happy with the person I am and want to
Athletic-I am also naturally athletic and can easily pick up on any
new sport or physical activity I try. From a young age I began
playing softball and continued playing until I was a senior in
college. Through out high school I also ran cross country and

played tennis which were things I had no previous experience

with and just decided to do to keep in shape for softball season,
but fell in love with both. I have continued to play on intramurals,
run 5ks, and exercise nearly every day in college. I am also the
events coordinator for the exercise science club so I encourage
people to go out and get active almost every week.
Encouraging-Another strength I have is my motivating and
encouraging attitude, which comes natural to me. I am
constantly motivating myself to face new challenges and work a
little harder. I also love encouraging others to believe in
themselves and know they can accomplish whatever they set
their mind too as well.
Communication- I love putting myself into social situations, which
requires me to communicate with people no matter the age. I
would much rather work in a job where I was around people all
day than one where I was stuck at a desk unable to communicate
with anyone from 9-5. It is easy for me to make relationships with
people because communicating with others is so natural to me.

Things not naturally good at

Creative-I have never been creative nor had a creative mind set.
I have always leaned on friends or the Internet in any given
situation requiring me to use my creative ability. When asked to
undertake in a creative project my first instinct is to cringe.
Organized-I am not naturally good at being organized either.
More often than not disorganization congests my life and as a
result I get very scattered and frustrated. My things tend to be
scattered around on my desk in no order at all which leads me to
losing things quiet frequently.
Public Speaking-I have also never been good at public speaking,
as it is one of my biggest fears. I would prefer to talk in small
groups rather than talk in front of a large crowd any day. If I have
to talk in front of a large group I tend to get very shaky and
nervous and stumble over my words losing my train of thought. If
I have to talk in front of a group I immediately look for a podium
or any object that I can somewhat hide behind.
Brushing things off-Another weakness I posses is my sensitive
nature. I want to please everyone especially those I work around
because I hate drama and confrontation. If I ever disappoint
someone I really take it to heart and it will be on my mind for a
while, which will often cloud other things that I should be paying
attention to instead. So it goes without saying I am not naturally
good at brushing things off easily.

Writing papers-I am also not naturally good at writing papers. It

is something I have always struggled with as it takes me hours to
write a paper and my roommates can write the same paper in an
hour and get a 99. I would much rather take a test any day than
to write a paper.

Putting it all together

I have always been inspired by a quote from Leo Buscaglia
stating Your talent is Gods gift to you. What you do with it is your gift
back to Him. Everyone has things that they are naturally good at as
well as things you are not naturally good at. As you grow older you
discover ways to use these talents to your benefit. To help me discover
my strengths and weaknesses I asked two coworkers, two friends and a
family member a series of questions describing my standout strengths,
moderate strengths, overdone strengths, weaknesses and to just
describe me in general. Using the strengths scan they collectively
provided for me and the talent inquiry I will continue to build upon my
personal leadership model to help me grow as a future healthcare
From my personal list and the list that my employees, friends
and family have created for me I have identified my strengths and
weaknesses. Reflecting on my responses from the talent inquiry and
strengths scan it is evident that one of my standout strengths is my
determination and diligent attitude. Naturally I fully commit to
anything I set my mind too and will stop at nothing to get it done,
pouring 110% into whatever it may be. This will truly benefit me in my
future career, as it is not going to be easy to get into physical therapy
school. But I wont give up till I get in and become a physical therapist.
And once there I will be determined to never stop improving. Another
strength I posses is my authentic nature. I have never been one to
follow the crowd as I like to stay true to myself and be genuine. Being
authentic is an important aspect that will set me apart from the rest as
a future healthcare leader. Many leaders come and go but I want to
leave an unforgettable mark on any organization I am in.
In my strengths scan I also asked my responders to list my
moderate strengths. My responses for this included being honest,
respectful, flexible and empathetic. There are many other people who
have these same qualities. This strength scan has helped me to
become more aware of these moderate strengths and the need to
improve upon them as they are all important characteristics a health
care leader should posses. Along with the moderate strengths I asked
for feedback in regards to my overdone strengths. My overdone
strengths include my independence, my attention to detail, and that I

can be a perfectionist at times. I need to learn to balance these so I do

not burn myself out in the future.
On the other hand I also have many weaknesses that offset my
strengths. One thing I have never had a natural act for is being
creative. I tend to find myself needing the support of others or the use
of another source such as the Internet in any situation that requires me
to be creative in any sense. Another weakness of mine is my lack of
organization. I rarely make a list of tasks that need to be accomplished
for a particular week or even right down future events in a calendar.
This negative effect of disorganization has consequences such as
losing track of time and failing to complete tasks on time. One other
weakness I have is my fear of public speaking. The thought of having
to speak in front of a group of person gives me anxiety followed by
uncontrollable nervousness that usually results in me having a shaky
voice and stumbling over my words. I have tried to overcome this fear
more and more though as I have volunteered to speak in front of my
club on certain matters as well as in class. I want to become proficient
in this weakness because I would love to be able teach classes on
physical therapy one day and/or be able to go to events and speak on
PT related topics. I must use my weaknesses to complement my
strengths in order to become a well-rounded future healthcare leader.
My strengths have shown through in a variety of work, volunteer,
and school settings in my life. Last year I heard of an opportunity for
the summer of 2015 to work at a camp for children with disabilities. I
did not have much experience with children with special needs, but I
was determined to get the job. With 100s of applicants and only 88
spots (of which half were going to previous summer workers) I was
persistent in calling, emailing and even attending the camp for a tour. I
knew I would need to stand out from the other applicants who applied
so I displayed my authentic personality over two phone interviews. I
was able to prove my passion for kids and diligent personality, which
proved I could handle the job and so they accepted me. This job
entitled me to care for children and facilitate physical activities for
them all summer, as I was the sports and rec counselor. This job was
very demanding but very rewarding at the same time as it taught me a
lot that I can take into my future career.
Another example in which my strengths were exemplified was in
the many ways I have volunteered and given back to my community.
Last school year I volunteered at the hospitality house in Boone. The
hospitality house is blessed with a plethora of volunteers, but I didnt
want to just be another volunteer I wanted to stand out. I took initiative
to begin tasks such as cleaning windows, floors and the dining area
without being told to do so. I would also ask other staff if there was
anything I could help them do rather than just sit at the front desk and
wait for someone to come to me. Shadowing at the hospitality house
granted me the opportunity to be able and engage with people in a

different culture than I was used to. I was able to talk to those living
there temporarily and make friendships as well as try to be a voice of
encouragement as many people staying there are facing hardships.
My talent inquiry, strengths and weakness scan and experiences
I have had with them will help guide my personal leadership model. My
personal leadership model explores my transformational leadership
style. This leadership style allows me to focus on some of my key
strengths such as encouragement, hardworking, respect and empathy.
Being a transformational leader will also challenge me to work on my
many weaknesses including organization and creativity among my
followers. I need a leadership model that will continue to challenge me
and help me to continue to grow as a leader so I dont become
stubborn and stuck in my ways.
The talent inquiry and strengths scan enabled me to be able and
examine my strengths and weaknesses from my own perspective as
well as the perspective of family members, friends, and coworkers.
Realizing how I have already applied my strengths and talents in
previous experiences foreshadows how I can apply them in my future
endeavors. I will use my strengths and weaknesses to help guide my
personal leadership model and shape me to be a successful health
care leader.