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Volume 1, Issue 1

April 2015

Information and Communication Technology

15th Elementary
School of Patras

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Page 2

Technology For Life


Almost in every social situation, it is
Although mass communication techeasy to see that peonology has made it
ple are more coneasier than ever to
nected to each other
connect to people, it
than ever before. For
has paradoxically
years humans have
made us more distant
used technology as a
in other ways; such
tool for making suras:
vival an easier enLess personal contact
deavor. Technology is
via phones and other
moving away from
non- direct communibeing simply a means
cation methods.
to survival, it is now
Caption describing picture or
Too many friendships
becoming a means to
as a result of social
pass time; in other
networks but no real
words, entertainment.

,meaningful relationships.
A culture that gets pleasure from
communication technology to the
point of distraction from reality.
These things lead to, among other
things, the ability for people to be
lonely, using technology as a way to
not feel lonely. The young generations in our society are participating
in a massive, unintentional social
experiment the results of which are
not entirely predictable.

Too Many Friends? Less Real Friends

As we use the tools for communication more than we actually
communicate face-to-face, the
ability to communicate nonpersonally to large numbers of
people increases. This means
that as we try to maintain connection with more and more
friends online through social
networking sites like twitter,
we have less time to spend on
real relationships in person.
Communication with a large
fan base can easily overcome
the appeal of a deeper and
more complex personable relationship. This is when our society begins to get into trouble.
When we move towards being

less personal in our interactions

because of communications technology, we tend to forget the very
purpose of the technology itself.
The designed purpose of these
inventions is to bring us closer
together and not farther apart.
The problem is that social media
makes it easy to establish casual
relationships, but difficult to establish lasting and meaningful
ones. In addition, when people
spend most of their time catering
to a large amount of casual relationships online, they are left
with little time to cater to intimate relationships offline.

Volume 1, Issue 1

Page 3

An Addiction to Technology
The final problem with mass communication technology arises when people are willing to dedicate most of
their free time to the online world,
and perhaps even more worrying is
when people dedicate time that isnt
free time to the online world. This is
perhaps the most destructive aspect
of the intoxication with communications technology in the modern society. Young people believe that Inernet will provide an effective substitute for face to face interaction. But
the move towards virtual reality
tends to destroy our experience of
the real in several ways. One way is
to make denatured and artificial ex-

periences seem real. Another way in

easy to obtain escape from present
which our experience of
reality, but at the price
the real can be deof the ability to deal
stroyed is by the use of
with that reality. So
communications techthe only thing left to do
nology as a way to igis understand that
nore reality. A good
mass communication
example of this is the
technology is a wondercommon act of texting
ful tool for the advanceduring class. This proment of humanity, but
vides a very effective
we cant allow it to
way of blocking out
dominate our lives and
unwanted information,
prevent us from conbut at what price So we
tinuing to be able to
are left with the sugCaption describing picture or form meaningful relagestion that technology
tionships with each
has provided a very

Social Media, Mass Communication Technology, and Being Lonely

In the early 20th century, the emergence of new forms of communication
brought a new age for mankind. For
roughly the last century humanity
has been exposed to increasingly efficient forms of communication. As it
becomes easier to communicate with
others, so too does it become easier
to communicate in a less personable
manner. We are lonely but fearful
of intimacy. Constant connectivity
offers the illusion of companionship

without the demands of friendship.

We cant get enough of each other if
we can have each other at a distance
and in amounts that we can control.
The tools used to get closer to others
is in fact preventing us from being
able to get closer to others, as ironic
as that is.

Caption describing picture or


Volume 1

Page 4

1. Solar power generates electricity from what

16. What science fiction writer wrote the three

laws of robotics?

2. Did the Apple iPhone first become available in

2005, 2006 or 2007?

17. True or false? In computing, keyboards are

used as input devices.

3. In terms of computing, what does CPU stand


18. What does the abbreviation WWW stand for?

4. True or false? Nintendo was founded after the

year 1900.
5. The Hubble Space Telescope is named after
which American astronomer?
6. Is the wavelength of infrared light too long or
short to be seen by humans?
7. Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari and Explorer are
types of what?
8. True or false? Gold is not a good conductor of
9. The technologically advanced humanoid robot
ASIMO is made by which car company?
10. True or false? Atomic bombs work by atomic
11. In terms of computing, what does ROM stand
12. Did the original Sony Playstation use CDs or
cartridges to play games?
13. What is the Earths primary source of energy?
14. IBM is a well known computer and information
technology company, what does IBM stand for?
15. Along with whom did Bill Gates found Microsoft?

19. Nano, Shuffle, Classic and Touch are variations

of what?
20. True or false? DNA is an abbreviation for
Deoxyribonucleic acid.

Volume 1, Issue 1

Page 5


Apple, HP, Google, Microsoft

were all started in garages

There are approximately

1.06 billion instant
messaging accounts

Facebook pays atleast $500

if you can find a way to
hack the site

One of every 8 married

couples in the US last year
met online

In the Year 2012 There was

approximately 17 billion
devicies connected to the

Computer programming is
currently one of the fastest
growing co occupations

On eBay, there are an

average of $680 worth of


4. False - 1889


3. Central Processing


2. 2007


The Sun


5. Edwin Hubble
6. Long
7. Web browsers
8. False
9. Honda
10. True
11. Read Only Memory
12. CDs
13. The Sun
14. International Business
15. Paul Allen
16. Isaac Asimov
17. True
18. World Wide WeB
19. The Apple iPod
20. True

Volume 1, Issue 1

Page 6

Once upon a time...

500 BCthe invention of an
abacus (calculator) in


When we think about computers, we think about our home computer,
our laptop or even a notepad. Our home computers can do everything
from send a letter to plan our next vacation. We can download music
and watch movies! Computers are capable to store data and perform

CENTRAL UNIT / SYSTEM UNIT (the body of the


with the motherboard)

Hard disk is a magnetic disk

CPU (central processing unit
or processor) is the brains of
the computer where most

on which you can store computer

1642Blaise Pascal, French

calculators that ran with
gears and wheels.
invented all the parts a
modern computer uses, but
they werent used.
German engineer made the
first freely programmable
computer, Z1.

As computers run, they get hot.

Computers have


to keep them

Memory/RAM, which stores items on

1944Howard Aiken, an
A m er i ca n
pi on e er
computing, designed the
first electromechanical
computer, Mark I. It was
16 m long and 35 tonnes
1946ENIAC was the first
electronic general-purpose
which used
vacuum tubes.
1947the invention of the


Keyboard and mouse are the input

devices of the computer, we use them

Monitor is a display
screen, which shows the


1948John von Neumann, a

Hungarian born American
mathematician, who was
called the father of the
modern computer. designed
the first stored-program
1952UNIVAC computer,

Text: Zoltn Molnr, Angelika Barnov and Nomi Gecso, illustration: Mikul Kapuvry, (computer chip) invented by
Zkladn kola tefana Kohriho II. s vyuovacm jazykom maarskmII. Kohry Istvn
J. Kilby and R. Noyce.
Alapiskola, Fiakovo, Slovakia

8 1, Issue 1

Techmates Page
issue 1

Be careful on the web

Hello! Our names are Sanna and
Kajsa. We are going to tell you about
when an odd man started to chat
with us.

that. His username on Kik was

Sandra and he said that he got the
account from his sister.

that someone wants to talk to them

and want them to send pictures on

Everything started on Kik. Its a

chat channel where you can chat
with friends for free. Its a good app
but its very easy for creepy men to
search on girls and start asking for

First he said that he was 18 years

old, then he said that he was 16
years old and after that he said that
he was 23 years old and that was
very weird. He asked where we live
and then we though it has gone too
far so we blocked him.

Girls and boys that become exposed

to this kind of abuse can be damaged
for life. That was everything that we
wanted to tell you.

He started to chat with Sanna and

about one hour later, he started to
chat with Kajsa too. And with other
friends to us too. He wanted us to
send pictures of us but we didn't do

This has happen to us some other

times too and we really want it to
stop because its wrong that a man
can use a girl like that. We think it's
bad that some girls think it's cool

Skype is actually Swedish

Hi, Im going to tell you about
a Swedish social media called
Skype. Skype was created in
Sweden 2003 by Niklas
Zennstrm from Sweden and
Janus Friis from Denmark.
In 2004 Skype had over 11
million users. In 2005 Ebay
bought Skype for 25 million SEK
(Swedish money). In 2011 Microsoft
bought Skype from Ebay for 8.5
billion dollars. Skype is used for chat

and talk to each other.

On Skype you can film
yourself so that the
person you are talking
to can see you. You can
have contact with
people all over the
world. You can talk to
your friends but you can also get to
know new people. Skype is free to
use but you have to make an
account. If you want to call to

someones mobile or telephone you

have to pay money. You can use
Skype on your computer, your mobile
or on your tablet. You have been able
to use it in privet and now in this
first half of 2015 you are also able to
use Skype for business. When you
use Skype or any other social media,
you can never be mean to someone
else because it hurts as much as in

When I met a friend.

S napchat

It started when I played on my

Minecraft server.A player named
micraboy007 joined in. He played on
my server and after a few days I
asked him if he had Skype? He is
from the Netherlands. He had Skype
and we chatted nearly every day. I
helped him with his Minecraft server
and he helped me with my Minecraft
server. Other friends helped me too,
on my Minecraft server. Sometimes
he ask me for help on his server,

mostly I could help him. We build big

statues and big buildings and we
also fix plugins. Plugins are extra
commands and helping tools, so you
can fix things easier. You choose
which plugins you want and you
dont need to have plugins on your
Minecraft server. At last people were
joining and we were mostly finished.
Its fun to play on the server and I
like it and so do my friends.
By Lucas

Skyp e
F aceb ook
Instagr am
R ad io
Mo bile ph ones

Telephon e
Intr an t/skolans nt
Inter net search





This diagram shows how

frequently used the different ICT
channels are in class 4-6 in Sweden.

Volume 1, Issue 1

Page 9

Means of Communication
Communication means sharing of ideas, thoughts
and opinions among two or more people. It can be
done verbally or in writing.
There are many ways to communicate ; telephone,
radio or television and other media, letters, emails, books, magazines, the Internet or via other

In ancient times people used smoke, homing

pigeons, or messengers to communicate with each other.
Then people began to use postal services (letters, postcards etc
), telegrams. The postal services needed a lot of time. And
telephones became the easier and quicker way of
communication. We can use phones and mobile phones

For a large scale of communication we can use newspapers, radio,

A newspaper has something for everybody. It gives opinions, information
and news of interest from every corner of the world.
Those who cannot read or write listen to the radio or watch programmes on
television. These two means of mass communication have revolutionized our
everyday life. Now we can listen to news, discussions and enjoy the different
programmes of entertainment without leaving home. On radio and
television, there are programmes for students and farmers. Now we can see
films at home with our family. We can even watch events as they are
happening in any part of the world sitting at home. We can also learn about
the habits and culture of the people of different parts of the world.

And the recent way of communication is sending

messages through computer in the form of email.
We can send message by electronic-mail (e-mail)
through the internet to any part of the world on
the computers. The internet is a worldwide
computer network, by which a user can connect
his computer to another computer in any part of
the world. E-mail is a very inexpensive means of

Essay by Tuba Pars

Pictures by Nilay Ylmaz, rem
Ela Gencay

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