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SAINT CLARE OF ASSISI CATHOLIC CHURCH 250 EAST HANCOCK STREET SAINT CLAIR PENNSYLVANIA 17970 (570) 429-0701 (570) 429-0370 (570) 429-0630 [FAX] SCAssisi@otd net 16 October 2015 To whom it may concern: Thave been asked to write a letter of recommendation for the portfolio of Ms. Lindsay Hand. I have known Lindsay for the past seven years. I am Lindsay’s pastor and have watched her grow up. She is a hard-working, mature young woman. She exhibits a great deal of common sense and is dedicated to her family and her faith. She is quite appreciative of the talents, gifts, and abilities that she has been blessed to bear as well as sharing them firstly with her family and friends and then to the community. Thave come to know Lindsay through her volunteer service to the parish’s young people in particularly in our vacation Bible school program. She started seven years ago as a teen helper but now serves as one of the adult coordinator’s spending many hours in preparation and with the program itself. Lindsay helps around the church; she is not afraid to get her hands dirty. She is always very pleasant and affable even the most mundane and mediocre of tasks she performs with a smile upon her face. She is kind and compassionate with both the little children and the elderly. She is most respectfully of the elderly and relates to them very well. She is encouraging to little children but ‘most especially her younger brothers. Lindsay is genuinely a wonderful human being! Her personality exudes warmth and a positive, can do attitude. If] may be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. (Rev. Msgr.) William P. Glosser M.A., M.Div. pastor