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Widener University

School of Education, Innovation,

and Continuing Studies

April 12, 2013

Dear Review Committee,
I am tremendously pleased to provide this letter of recommendation for Ms. Alycia
ieves. I have known Alycia in the context of her coursework here at Widener University
since August 2011. Alycia has completed several of her special education courses and a
research project with me. She was enrolled in the following coursework with me: ED 551
Introduction to Special Education , ED 623 Literacy Interventions for Students with
Learning Disabilities, and ED 664 Education of Students with Physical and Multiple
Disabilities. Our research project focused primarily on the preparation ofpreservice teachers
through service learning experiences. This project was funded through a faculty research
grant and Alycia's role included analyzing data and presenting the project at the Council for
Exceptional Children, Teacher Education Division Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Alycia is an extremely poised and mature young woman. She is a self-motivated Ieamer
who continuously remains engaged with her coursework for the purpose of ensuring that she
learns every possible concept. She is reflective and insightful and easily makes connections
between theoretical constructs and the various practical field and professional experiences
she has had. Alycia is intellectually curious, often asking questions which facilitate engaging
discussions. She is an excellent writer and collaborator. Peers who have worked with her on
group tasks have consistently indicated that she is well-prepared, receptive to their ideas,
and respectful in her interactions. She is highly responsible and her coursework has always
been completed in a timely and conscientious manner.
Through her coursework, Alycia has demonstrated a strong ability to present information
using a variety of instructional methods and is able to provide students with sensory
experiences to ensure that their learning preferences are acknowledged. Her lessons are
creative and engaging. She recognizes the importance of being a careful and systematic
assessor. She has designed curriculum based assessments that reflect sequential learning
progressions and can be practically applied.
Additionally, Alycia has completed a research project with me. Alycia's involvement in
this project included analyzing survey data and presenting the study at a professional
conference (Council for Exceptional Children's ational Convention for Teacher Education,
Grand Rapids, Michigan in November 2012). Alycia exhibited very poised and professional
behavior throughout the presentation. She was able to respond knowledgeably to all
questions about the project.
As a result of my experiences working with Alycia, I feel very confident in my
recommendation of her for any position in the field of general or special education. Alycia
will positively contribute to the learning experiences of her students and to any educational
team she becomes a part of.

Widener Unive rsity, O ne Unive rsity Place, C hes te r. PA 190 13 -5792

t: 610 -499 -4294 f: 6 10-4 99 -4623 www.widene r.edu

Please feel free to contact me should you have any additional questions regarding
Alycia's academic work, character qualities, or teaching potential. I can be reached by email
at mlstaulters@mail.widener.edu or by phone at 610.499.4225.


Pt. D.


Mimi Staulters, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Special Education
Director of Special Education Programs