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Ejercicios de vocales

b, fn, bl, pt, p, pl, plv, gn, ns, ps, f, kt, kn, blb, juz, lbm, mnt, pk, nntrst, pmpk
n, kmpjut, skl,dk, plg, bg, mjuzk, lg, ngt, junvsti, junn, mbrl, nbrd, nmb, njumrl, d
jud, djuk, bri, gli, b, bt, blt, bgl, bg, bst, fn.
ejercicio de vocales 2:
gd, ru, blum, d, bk, glu, ft, fud, wl, b, dju, wd, wd, kul, p, frut, spun, luk, lk, wmn, pl, pul, stjud, pt,
skul, bl, blu, tul, g, tu, fl, ful, rul, sjut, kk, tk.

We are often told to maintain eye contact when

speaking with others. But a new study is
poking holes in the theory that looking deep into
someones eyes shows interest and
boosts persuasion. In fact, researchers report that in
the midst of an argument, looking
the other person in the eye wont get them to agree
with you. It actually may do the

wi r f()n tld tu menten a kntkt wn

spik w z. bt nju stdi z
pk hlz n ri t lk dip ntu
smwnz az z ntrst nd
busts pswen. n fkt, rsz rpt t n
mdst v n gj mnt, lk
i psn n i a wnt gt m tu gri w
ju. t kli me du i