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Weekly Update

Nov. 30th to Dec. 4th


Dec. 1
Dec. 4th
Dec. 11th
Dec. 16-18
Dec. 18th

Up Coming Fifth Grade Events:

Book Reports are due
Energy Hog Presentation for FIF
Talent Show
Early Outs
Last day of the semester

o Math:

We are on Unit 7: Dividing Decimals. Look for nightly homework.

o Spelling:

Students have individualized lists this week. Copies of the list were sent
home with this update and the words can be found when the student logs
into SpellingCity.com and clicks on his or her assignments.
None this week.

o Writing:
o Reading:

Book Report is due Dec. 1st.

Keep reading at least 2 hours a week at home.

o Enrichment: Work in Khan Academy towards mastering your fifth grade math goal or
work on computer programming.

Thank you!

Jeffrey Lesseig
Barnette Magnet School Room 211
Email: jeffrey.lesseig@k12northstar.org
Phone: 456-6072 ext. 20251
Website: lesseig.weebly.com