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Micro Teach Lesson Plan

Sabrina Mata
Jazmyne Maldonado
October 5, 2015
English/Grade 7
Common Commas
Objective: The students will apply the command of conventions of punctuation by
demonstrating the use of a comma to separate coordinate adjectives.
College and Career Ready Standard: 7.L.2.a
English Language Arts 7.L
Apply and extend previous understandings with group activity exercise:
2. Demonstrate command of the conventions of Standard English capitalization,
punctuation, and spelling when writing.
a) Use a comma to separate coordinate adjectives (e.g., It was a
fascinating, enjoyable movie. He wore an old, green shirt).
b) Spell correctly. (7.L.2)
Anticipatory Set:
Recalling upon the three grammar rules taught, take a second to think about what
you know about each rule. On a piece of paper, copy down the sentences, and use
your prior knowledge to add in the missing commas.
1. I like cats dogs monkeys and elephants.
2. Jorge Torres our senator was born in California.
3. Robert Frost states the best way out is always through in his collection of
Give the students 25 seconds to check their answers with their elbow partner. Using
the popsicle sticks, call on students to correct a sentence. (Four to six people will
Today we are going to learn one of the eight common rules of commas.


This handout will be provided to every student to use as guided notes throughout
the Prezi presentation. Within the Prezi, the teacher will go over rule number: six the most common comma rule that needs more practice. Students will be able to
answer questions based on the information and examples presented on the slides.
The comma rule, to separate coordinating adjectives, will have various sentence
examples demonstrating the specifc rule. Students will be able to ask questions,
and are encouraged to participate throughout the presentation.

Short activity:
Texting Commas Correction
After students have found their colored partners, they will sit together and I will
hand them their comma phone handout. The students should have their notes,
Eight Comma Rules handout, and a pen or pencil out on their desks to use
throughout this activity. The students will be given two minutes to add the commas,
on the highlighted sentences, based on the rules we have learned. In their groups,
each student must mark down a comma. The person with the longest hair will add
the first comma and then hand the phone to the next person, so they can add the
next comma. The students will continue to pass along the paper until all of the
commas on the highlighted sentences are accounted for. After two minutes, I will
use the auditory signal of 1,2,3 eyes on me and will let students know that their
time to work is up. Once I have all of their attention, the students will be able to
check their answers up on the board, or be called on to state their answer,
depending on time.

How are we going to group up?

Who will go first?
What items should you have out on your desks?
How long do you and your partners have to complete Texting
Can someone please summarize what we are doing for this activity?

Teacher will check for understanding and clarify any misunderstandings.

On a piece of paper, students will pick one of the four comma rules that they
learned, and create a complete sentence using the chosen rule. The students need
to specify which rule they used for the sentence. This will be their ticket out the
Example: Rule #6 To separate coordinating adjectives
I am really looking forward to a stress-free, relaxing weekend.
Materials and Resources:

Popsicles sticks with names

Basic Comma Rules handout
Text Message Comma Correction activity
Colored squares
Colored pencils/pens


Add in the missing commas.

Miss Maldonado and Miss Mata my English teachers taught me how to separate coordinating
adjectives with a comma. I learned what a comma is how it is used and where to place it within a
sentence. My teachers gave me some great advice about commas. They said when in doubt,
leave it out. With their help I already finished my homework! Now I can have a stress-free
relaxing weekend.