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Grade 7 Social Studies: Diverse Peoples

Life in the Fur Trade

Throughout the unit we looked at how the Aboriginal, French, and British peoples
have interacted and influence each other throughout the fur trade. The purpose of
this assignment is to analyze the life of a person from 1600 to 1870 and
how they impacted the world around them. In pairs, look through the text book
and decide on a person you would like to create a journal/scrapbook on displaying
their life and who they all their people (British, French, Aboriginal). Some ideas
could be a voyager for the Hudson's Bay Company or a middleman Mtis man.
When thinking about who to choose for you project consider the following questions
that should be answered in the project:
Science: (Unit A: Science, Technology and Society (STS) and Knowledge)
How did the human activities affect ecosystems?
o Think about animals, landscape, and the overall environment.
What were some of the conflicts or impacts on First Nations or Mtis?
Were they treated fairly?
What were some of the challenges they faced from the environment and
other people?
Why did they come to Canada?
o Economic possibility?
o Religion?
o Land?
Information and Communication Technology: (C.1 - Computer searching and
C.2 - Alternate viewpoints)
Include at least two other references other than the text book.
Language Arts: (2.3 - Understanding forms, elements, and techniques and 3.1 Plan and Focus)
Include 2 items of symbolism and explain their meaning
Include a planning outline