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Mahdi Alzaki
Composition 2
Cover Letter
These writings mean a lot to me. They represent my real feelings as I came to stay in
America and they have come out of the depth of my heart. They represent my fundamental
beliefs and values. I hope to make use of these writings one day to let the larger world know the
processes and challenges I have been through and how I evolved.
While I consider all my submissions valuable and important there is a sense in ordering them.
Those that are closer to my nature and important to me are placed in the order of priority from
the first to last. The first one, small money donation according to me is the most important
method to implement social collaboration. Second, I strongly believe in collectivism as opposed
to individualism. Third, it is an example of comparison between my culture and American
culture. Fourth, this one talks about how my recent experience in the US is changing my
These writings reflect my development and growth as a writer. Much of the growth and
development have to do with my experience and evolution. There was a time when I first landed
in America. I was timid, not very confident and immature at the time. Slowly and gradually I
began to experience greater autonomy and well being. I also began to take a stand and argue why
something is important to me and to the society. For instance, I have argued why donation is
important or why society is valuable to everyone. This change did not take place overnight but

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was a result of reading, personal experience and interaction with others. While most of these
writings are based purely on my personal views and understanding, there are writings in which I
have engaged in considerable research. For instance, while describing the foods in different
cultures, that is, Saudi Arabia and the U.S.A, I have engaged in greater depth that could not have
been possible without using several external references. After completing this writing, I felt
confident about my research abilities. In other words, it was through my writing that I was
evolving. Yet, it would be too early to see myself as a writer because I feel I have a lot to learn
and a lot to read before I can begin writing at an expert level and with the felicity needed to
compose the pieces like an expert.
Yet I can see evolving as a writer. I can also see how my writing has evolved over time
and the process of my writing in the beginning and now. I have begun to understand the power of
words, and the impact an effective writing can make on readers. One of the most important
lessons I have learned from observing the writing process is that it is not just the great facts and
ideas that make you a good writer but the presentation of those ideas make a bigger impact. In
addition, I have come to appreciate the importance of writing grammatically correct sentences
and the importance of revising your writing to overcome grammatical errors and typos. If I had a
writing tool box, I would include (i) vocabulary (ii) Grammar and (iii) Active vs. Passive voice
in it. In addition my tool box would include economy of words and clarity of expression.
My development as a writer has been gradual and steady. The greatest challenge for me
as a writer was to learn English language which is not my native language. However, learning
this language is critical to success in the professional world. As a writer, I need not just to learn
the language but develop it to the extent of gaining familiarity at a deeper level. My academic

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career and exercises in course of this career have proven immensely valuable for me to get a
better grasp over the language. One of the important steps in learning and writing better English
is to build a huge repertoire of words so as to make effective expressions. For someone coming
from a different culture, the vocabulary and usage pose a real challenge. Vocabulary is pretty
much a function of the cultural setting. In other words, the cultural environment determines the
vocabulary. For instance, in our language there are words for nearly every member of the
extended family but in English, all you have are the words for two parents and for grandparents,
but there is just one word for all uncles, aunts and cousins. Therefore, I had to get familiarity
with the new culture, build up my vocabulary, learn grammar before I could begin writing
clearly. But this was not enough, I had to learn how to write effectively, that is, write short, crisp
and meaningful sentences. I am still evolving as a writer and I am learning every day. Reading,
writing and learning from new sources are the tools that I am effectively using to improve myself
every day.
I need to decide where I go from here. In other words, what do I do next? Writing is a
lifelong process and so is learning. I need to ask what milestones I have achieved and what other
milestones do I need to achieve. So far, I have learned to write with clarity and I have learned to
use grammar without errors. This is the first milestone. I learned to organize my points and
express my views and facts. That is the second milestone. But that is not the end. I need to
influence the readers. I need to connect with the readers. So, I need to learn what the readers
expect from the writers when reading their articles. And one lesson I have learned and I am
trying to apply in my writing is the clarity of expression. When readers read a piece of writing,
they are going to lose their interest immediately, if something is not clear, no matter how good
this writing is otherwise. I am also learning to use devises of writing that adds value to it. I

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addition, the writing must use lots of information and facts and they must be backed by evidence
to make a point effectively. Therefore, I am also learning to use diverse sources in writing. Yet, I
also understand that this is a nearly endless journey and all I can hope is to continually improve
my writing.

Mahdi Alzaki
4599 N Washington st, Stillwater 74075 Ok 25k.