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2nd Slide - Introduction

The Government Service Insurance System created by

Commonwealth Act No. 186

When does a contractual have e-e relationship with his

1. Person was selected and engaged by the employer
2. Employer pays the salary
3. Employer has the power of dismissal
4. Employer has the power to control the means and the result
of the work to be done

3rd Slide - Objective and Scope

Classes of GSIS
4th Slide Effectivity
Approved on May 30, 1997
15 days after it becomes effective June 25, 1997
5th Slide Coverage

Regular Members employed by the government of Phils

Special Members- Con com, members of the judiciary
Active- members of GSIS whether regular or special, still in govt
service and required to pay contribution
Inactive- member who is separated from service either by
retirement, resignation, disability, dismissal retrenchment or
deemed retired

Employer The national government, its political

subdivisions, branches, agencies or instrumentalities,
including government-owned or controlled corporations, and
financial institutions with original charters, the constitutional
commissions and the judiciary;

Separation from service does not terminate GSIS membership

- GSIS member who is separated from service continuous to
be a member
- Therefore entitlesd to whatever benefits he has qualified to
in event of any compensable contingency.

Employee or Member Any person, receiving

compensation while in the service of an employer as defined
herein, whether by election or appointment, irrespective of
status of appointment, including barangay and sanggunian

7th Slide Effective date

The moment na nagsimula sa trabaho

SECTION 3: COMPULSARY obligatory, mandatory, essential


6th Slide Compulsory membership


Temporary - only for the duration of the particular undertaking for

which a particular employee is hired;
Casual employee not civil service passer
Per diem - per day
Honoraria payment in election

8th slide - Are elective officials still covered after their term
of office expires?
9th slide - Employees not subject to compulsory coverage
- Who are receiving basic pay or salary

10th Slide - When does a contractual have e-e relationship with his
Penal Provision

Heas od of officer