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Julia Sansom

Morning Intervention Log

Fall 2015




September 15th

Cafeteria Duty

For morning duty today I helped monitor the cafeteria during

morning drop off. I watched over a table of first graders. I loved
getting to talk with them about what they were learning in class and
what their favorite subjects were in school.

September 22nd

Cafeteria Duty

I monitored the cafeteria again today during morning duty. I sat with
the same table of first graders. It was great to hear them talk about
how much they loved having Samford students in their classroom!

September 29th

Gym Duty

October 6th

2 Students

I helped monitor the gym today during morning drop off time. The
gym is where third, fourth, and fifth graders go and wait during drop
off. The students are allowed to read, talk quietly, or play on their
Chromebooks. Today the teachers had a special surprise for the
students. The teacher looked for a few students that were displaying
good character and celebrated them by awarding them with a coupon
to Chick-Fil-A!
Today was the first day of morning intervention. I met two out of my
three students. I asked the some questions about themselves and
explained that we would be working together this semester on
reading. Then I had the students fill out a survey about how they felt
towards reading.

October 20th

3 Students

During morning invention today I conducted a choral reading with

all three of my morning intervention students. We read Magic
School Bus Inside the Earth. We read out loud together to practice
the students prosody and expression.

2 Students

During morning intervention I reviewed synonyms and antonyms

with two of my morning intervention students. We reviewed what
they are and formulated examples of both. Then my students
completed a synonym and antonym practice where they had to
determine if two given terms where a synonym or antonyms.

October 27th

November 3rd

3 Students

November 17th

1 Student

December 1st

11 Students

Julia Sansom
Morning Intervention Log
Fall 2015
Today I assessed my students spelling aptitude by administering the
Spelling Inventory. I assured the students that this test would not
affect any of the grades and that I just wanted them to try there best.
They both had great attitudes about taking the assessment and we
were able to get through all 25 words. Then we concluded our
session by finishing our read aloud of The Magic School Bus Inside
the Earth. My third morning intervention student joined us for the
read aloud but I did not have enough time to give her the spelling
I only had one student today for morning intervention. I worked with
my student on vocabulary practice. I brought a vocabulary graphic
organizer with me and we selected a word from the book The Magic
School Bus Inside the Earth and filled out the organizer on the word.
I think this practice was very beneficial for the student, and she
asked me a lot of great questions about using the vocabulary word in
a sentence and synonyms and antonyms.
Today was my last day of morning intervention and my author study
group and me planned a story time activity for our students. We had
a mixture of third, second, and first graders and we read the book
Hop on Pop! We switched gears a little from what we had planned
due to time, but I think the kids really enjoyed listening to the book
and clapping out the syllables of the rhyming words. We sent them
off with some holiday surprises and I think they really enjoyed that!