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4250 Wimbledon Dr Apt #7

Grandville, MI
(616) 375-4917


BA Art Education Secondary

Grand Valley State University

Minor in English Education Secondary

2008- 2014
Allendale, MI


2014- 2015
Art Teacher
Roseville, MI
Reach Academy

Designed and delivered lessons to Y5-8th grade that revolved around

personal connections, student culture, current social problems and
current events

Integrated general subject matter such as math, science and English

into the art curriculum by the use of technology and class activities

Demonstrated effective classroom management skills through the use

of various techniques including but not limited to proximity control,
questioning, CHAMPS

Practiced consistent classroom procedures with students in order to

ensure a structured learning environment

Utilized parent teacher conferences, phone calls, emails and written

notes to both develop positive relationships with parents and to
provide clear communication if student concerns arised

Adhered to multiple different learning styles in a highly multicultural

environment in order to meet the diverse needs of my students
Instructional Assistant
Grand Rapids, MI
Grand Rapids Public Schools

Strengthened comprehension skills for all age groups through the use
of mini lessons, tutoring, inquiry based questiong techniques,
interventions and student-centered activties in order to prep students
for both MAP and MEAP

Proctored and aided in adminstration of MAP testing computers

Assisted with classroom management, grading, lesson delivery, and

both literacy and mathematical interventions

Worked closely with English Language Learners and high risk


Carly was well

prepared from start
to finish and was
professional in all
areas of teaching.
Her work ethic and
her passion for
teaching made a
positive difference
in the lives of her
Steven M. Lewis
Secondary Field Supervisor
Grand Valley State


Student Teaching
2006 - 2007
Walker Charter Academy
Walker, MI

Taught multiple different forms of media including clay, painting,

drawing and sculpture

Collaborated with other teachers to ensure the art curriculum touched

upon common core and state standards that are being assessed in
other classes

Shawna Turnbull
(616) 826-3364
Shannon Zanetti
(616) 944-6533

Steve Lewis
(616) 520-1076

Professional Development

Certifications & Awards

Chen Hsiao-Ping
(616) 331-3486

Katalin Zaszlavik
(616) 331-3486

Art Education Secondary LX (exp. 2017)

English Secondary BA (exp. 2017)
Highly Qualified in Art
Highly Qualified in English
CPR and First Aid certified

Behave with Care Training

(November 2014)
CPI Training (March 2015)