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Stephan Barnes

Mullins Library Assignment


The Separation of Technology and Ethics in Business Ethics

September 2004
Kristen E. Martin & R. Edward Freeman
This article directly relates to that of technology in regards to business ethics. Martin
and Freeman have come to a conclusion that people in society often separate business and
ethics into distinct concepts. First, they look at the way people view technology in a
traditional sense. In regards to this, the authors state that practitioners and academics are
trying vigorously to bring these concepts back together. Many believe that people are
slaves to technology and that it often times influences standards and ethics. This is
causing movement for people to use technology hand in hand with values and for learning.
Martin and Freeman point out both sides of the argument in that in many ways
technology also brings the community together through learning and social media. They
show us that with anything, you will have positives and negatives. The authors tell us to stop
putting everything in what they call a black box and to analyze it. They explain to us that
not everything has to be labeled as good or bad. Technology, like anything else has its fair
sure of positives and negatives to choose from.

Post-Implementation Evaluation of Collaborative Technology: a Case Study in

Business Education

January, 2010
Piki, Andriani

This article gives reports about a study regarding post-graduate

business education majors. The students were using a high-tech video
conferencing system for their workshops and group discussions. The system
would allow the students to video conference with hundreds. The students
responded well although they were unaware of what or how the conferencing
system worked before the study. Many of the students were able to work the
system technologically. Although, the students who were not comfortable
with speaking in front of people still had the same issues through the video
Piki gives examples of how the students responded to using the
technology as well. One of the interviewers asked the students the following
question: Do you think that if you use it more times it would be even
better? The answer to this question was almost Yes across the board. The
author tells us that these studies showed that the development of
technologies like this are helpful in the work place, as long as the people
using it are willing to learn. Piki also points out that some of the students
even started to excel and were able to use shortcuts to help them develop
their skills with the system.