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Listed below you will find a variety of questions to ask yourself as you read the book you have chosen.
Your task is to utilize the questions to help you gain a better understanding of the text. As you read the
text, you will need to reword the questions as it applies to the subject matter. Be sure to include the page
number. On the other side, you will need to write a response to the question based upon the text and your
own philosophy/experiences. You will need to have at least 10 entries. The entries need to be spaced out
so you have roughly 3 from the beginning, middle, and end of the book. You can only use each

question a maximum of twice.

a)What is the main idea or underlying value in the text?
b)What is the authors purpose or perspective?
c)What does (a particular phrase) mean?
d)What might be a good title for this portion of the text?
f)What is the most important word/sentence/paragraph?
g)Is there something in the text that is unclear to you?
h)Has anything in the text changed your way of thinking?
i)How do the ideas in the text relate to seniors who are about to graduate?
j)What do they mean to you personally?
k)Why is this material important?
l)Is it right that.? Do you agree with the author?

When the Game Stands Tall By Neil Hayes



c)What does the phrase, a philosopher is

a person who meets all events, whether
favorable or unfavorable, with calmness
and composure. (23) mean?

This phrase means that those who truly enjoy learning,

are willing to take a step back when events happen and
try to understand what has taken place, and how it may
impact them in a positive or negative manner.

What is the authors perspective when

saying that De la Salle is the best program
in the country? (pg 56)

The authors perspective is of one who has been around

the program for some time and has deep respect for all
the work the kids put in.

Why is the material important of the head

coachs background? (pg 84)

The material is important because it shows where he

came from and the importance of upbringing and work

The material speaks tome on the personal

level when speaking about work ethic (pg

The material speaking bout work ethic speaks to me

because it shows that its all about personal motivation
in order to get things done

Is it correct to talk about race in this book?


Yes it is because the streak was during a time of

racial turmoil in the concord area and in the
surrounding parts.

Has the text changed my way of thinking

about this program (pg 162)

Yes because I have played this team I have respect for

them but because I read this book I now have more
respect for the amount of work they put in.

What might be a good title for the

The Streak Breaker
portion of the text about the big game
against bellvue when the streak
ended? (pg 178)
What is the main idea in the area
The main idea is to show that it wasnt the streak
where the book talks about how to get they had to worry about. It was about what kind
the streak back on track? (pg 204)
of people they were and how they would come
together as a team in order to make the best of
the situation presented to them.
How do the ideas relate to seniors who The ideas relate to seniors because its the notion
are about to graduate? (pg 247)
of one last time to make an impression on the
place you go to school. Its the chance to leave a
legacy and the chance to stay immortal in a
terrific program.
What is the main or underlying idea in The underlying idea is that no matter what other
the text in the section about the big
people think is going to happen you can shock
game in Hawaii?
the world with a group of guys the truly believe in
each other.
(pg 278)
What is the main purpose of the text
(pg 301)

The main purpose is to explain that family is the

most important thing you have.