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Emily Trucks
Education 316
7, 2015

Students Present


Today, in Morning Intervention, I worked with all three of our students on the initial assessments.
One student was able to complete the second required assessment; one was able to start on it; and
the other, who
was absent
was able to finish the first. All of the students worked very
nicely and diligently. Although we started late, they were able to complete their tasks with ease.






Today, in Morning Intervention, I worked with one student to finish up the Spelling Inventory that
Amanda McKay started with him yesterday. While I did this, our other student read a book quietly
at her seat. I was then able to work with both students individually to complete the Yopp-Singer
Test of Phoneme Segmentation. Both students completed this without error! Tomorrow, Mary
Kathryn Gates will have to complete the assessment with our missing student. Then, they will all
be able to move on to something new.
Today, in Morning Intervention, I did two interactive read alouds with one of our students. Two of
our students were absent. The student who was present today was actually absent last week, so it
was nice to get to spend time with him one-on-one. Two of our students have been working to
complete the Names Test. One student has been absent each day this week and will need to
complete that tomorrow. Amanda McKay has done a good job getting us started each week. Mary
Gates and I have been able to finish her started tasks.
Today, in Morning Intervention, I chose to teach a minilesson on phonics. I was so excited to see
all of our students present and attentive so early. My lesson focused on irregularly spelled words
that students should know at a third-grade level. I picked ten irregularly spelled words and had
each student read them aloud to me on flashcards. When this was finished, I gave each student a
passage of reading with six blank spaces throughout it. They were assigned the task of filling each
blank with the appropriate irregularly spelled word from a list at the top of the page. All words
used were discussed when flipping through the flashcards. Each student completed his or her
assessment with 100% accuracy!
Today, in Morning Intervention, I completed the final Garfield assessment with all three students. It
was a success. While the students were at work, I could not help but notice a stark difference in
each of their speeds. One of our students, a female without reading trouble, works very quickly, yet
accurately. Our second student works at an average pace. Our third student takes his time,
reflecting on each answer carefully before submitting his final product. I allowed all three students
to read their independent reading text after the assessment was completed. This allowed me time to
speak with each student about what they had chosen to read and why. It was very interesting to
hear all about each students interest and get to know them at a deeper level.
Today, in Morning Intervention, Ellie Knox, Whitney Locke, and I presented our story time as a
part of our Author Study on Mo Willems. We had eight students: four second graders and four third
graders. We read Dont Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! The third graders were responsible for
reading the bus drivers first part together; Ellie read as the Pigeon; and the second graders read the
bus drivers second part. The students seemed to be engaged, as they truly do love Mo Willems
books. When we were through with the reading, we gave them their Christmas treat and sent them
on their way.

In addition to the following assessments, I administered the Garfield Assessment and the Student Interest Inventory.
These are samples from one of the three students in my triad. Please know that I did, in fact, administer assessments to all three.
Elementary Spelling Inventory: Part 1

Elementary Spelling Inventory: Part 2

Yopp-Singer Phoneme Segmentation

Names Test

Work Samples from Taught Minilesson